95 Reasons Why we Need a New Reformation

After some of the feedback I have received I decided to take the 95 reasons alone and make them a stand alone post. Feel free to print and turn this in with your resignation from a Neo-Calvinist church. Or in the spirit of Martin Luther you can nail or tape  these to the door of your local church. For those that do so please take a picture and email me about the experience. I was out traveling this past weekend so this will fill until the next post. Also for those inquiring…it’s not an accident that Jonathan Leeman is listed four times. The corruption in 9 Marks justifies a new Reformation alone.

95 Reasons Why we Need a New Reformation

  1. For this bastardized statement by D.A. Carson, Justin Taylor and Kevin DeYoung where they attack a Sovereign Grace rape victim while defending CJ Mahaney. What a disgrace.
  2. Kevin DeYoung.
  3. Jonathan Leeman.
  4. 9 Marks.
  5. For Mark Dever being exempt from church discipline when he let CJ Mahaney in all of his manliness flee Covenant Life Church and hide behind his skirt at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Eagle still wants to know…will Mark Dever ever face church discipline for violating 9 Marks? Or does church discipline apply only to the pew peons and not the leadership?
  6. Dave Harvey’s atrocious leadership while his family’s life is a wreck. For the people Dave Harvey hurt and disciplined while he couldn’t control his own son from what I read at SGM Survivors. This is the sixth reason why we need a new Reformation.
  7. For how Sovereign Grace Fairfax treated Noel and Grizzly as well as Happymom and Wallace.
  8. For CJ Mahaney bragging of how he demanded sex from Carolyn Mahaney after she vomited from morning sickness.
  9. Mark Prater. BTW…is it me or do pictures of Mark Prater show the Kool-Aid glazed look?
  10. D.A. Carson giving Mark Driscoll a pass on his plagiarism because Driscoll is a Neo-Calvinist. Eagle would like to know if D.A. Carson has been involved in discipline of any students at Trinity for plagiarism? If Driscoll gets a pass, while some student is sent packing…then we have a problem.
  11. Mark Mullery.
  12. CJ Mahaney’s alleged blackmail of Larry Tomczak.
  13. Justin Taylor.
  14. As Dee Parsons and Deb Martin have documented at The Wartburg Watch, Al Mohler taking money from CJ Mahaney while families in SGM were eating oatmeal for dinner.
  15. Eagle wants to ask this question…since CJ Mahaney gave money to Al Mohler, and since it is written that Wayne Grudem also allegedly received money from CJ Mahaney; did Mark Dever ever receive money from CJ Mahaney? It’s just a question but if it happened that is yet one more reason for a new Reformation. I am wondering if the Senior Pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church can be purchased? Is that possible? I’m just thinking out loud.
  16. Jonathan Leeman.
  17. David Horner’s tyrannical reign and corruption at Providence Baptist in Raleigh, North Carolina; Dee Parsons’ home church. Also David Horner’s inability to apologize to Bill and Dee Parsons for how they were treated.
  18. Mark Driscoll.
  19. How Mark Driscoll treated Bent Meyer and Paul Petry in that infamous trial in 2007 at Mars Hill Seattle.
  20. Mark Driscoll’s sermon on the “Biblical basis for oral sex.”
  21. Mark Driscoll’s 7 or so books that are plagiarized.
  22. Mark Driscoll’s “pussified nation” and his lewd talk of women.
  23. Ray Outland exonerating CJ Mahaney.
  24. The Gospel Coalition which is a spiritual version of Tammany Hall in all its corruption.
  25. Josh Harris and his “courtship books,” how many destroyed lives does he leave in his wake? It’s also my understanding that he never followed his own teaching in regards to how he got married.
  26. Owen Strachan.
  27. Thom Reiner.
  28. Matt Chandler.
  29. The cases of spiritual abuse at The Village Church which have yet to be rectified from what I am hearing.
  30. “Ministries” which give rise to blogs like SGM Survivors, Spiritual Sounding Board, Wartburg Watch, Thou Art the Man, and others. If your ministry is leaving destroyed lives in its wake…then something is seriously wrong.
  31. Harvest Bible Chapel.
  32. The mansion that James MacDonald purchased from the previous United States Senator of Illinois Peter Fitzgerald.
  33. CJ Mahaney publishing “Humility” while he allegedly practiced blackmail.
  34. Wayne Grudem.
  35. The ESV has an agenda to it, and is the cornerstone for some of this corruption. Given the issues with the ESV, can one put it in the same league as the Book of Mormon?
  36. Questionable church discipline that is being practiced that is causing great harm.
  37. Church covenants that are modern forms of slavery. Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever are leading the Neo-Cal part of the SBC back to its roots in slavery. How appropriate.
  38. T4G.
  39. CJ Mahaney preaching again when he is being dogged by allegations that he allegedly covered up child sex abuse in Sovereign Grace. Mahaney is no longer above reproach. Does scripture matter to these individuals?
  40. John Folmar of United Christian Church Dubai and his treatment of Todd Wilhelm.
  41. Thabiti Anyawbile and his comments on Bill Cosby and rape knowing that he will support and mount the podium next to a man who allegedly orchestrated a cover up of child sex abuse in Sovereign Grace, none other than CJ Mahaney.
  42. John Piper.
  43. John Piper’s horrific teaching on women submitting to their domestic abuser.
  44. John Piper’s poem on John Calvin…can I just come out and say it? It’s not that great.
  45. Parts of Acts 29.
  46. The inability of most of the men on this list to be able to repent and say, “I’m sorry…I screwed up…I was wrong.”
  47. Gene Emerson of SGM Kingsway.
  48. Jonathan Leeman.
  49. Karen Hinkley and the way The Village Church treated her when she got an annulment from her husband who was sexually attracted to children, and addicted to child pornography.
  50. The Reformed Industrial Complex which shows how many celebrity pastors are slaves to money.
  51. That bastardized statement at T4G by Al Mohler, Ligion Duncan, and Mark Dever in support of CJ Mahaney.
  52. The destruction of Countryside Church in Michigan City, Indiana by Kevin Galloway as told on The Wartburg Watch.
  53. Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.
  54. Garrett Kell and Del Ray Baptist Church in nearby Alexandria, Virginia.
  55. Ed Stetzer.
  56. Matt Schmucker.
  57. Tim Challies on teaching us how to think “Biblically” about CJ Mahaney and Sovereign Grace Ministries.
  58. Mars Hill Seattle using RSI and cheating the New York Times.
  59. John Catanzero.
  60. A Care Group Leader from Redeemer Arlington, Andrew White,  who gave birth to a false accusation that took aim at my name, employment and reputation. By abusing his authority this Air Force Captain and 2005 graduate from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado taught me why rape and sexual assault is a serious issue in the United States military.
  61. Doug Wilson.
  62. Doug Wilson marrying a pedophile Travis Sitler to Katie Travis despite the concerns by the State of Idaho.
  63. Doug Wilson believing that blacks benefited from slavery.
  64. The fact that many Neo-Calvinists act and live like Jonah in that they flee rather then face their problems. Mark Driscoll, CJ Mahaney and so many more are not men. Instead they are cowards!
  65. Neo-Calvinism using Peacemakers which is fraudulent arbitration more about controlling the outcome than bringing justice and seeking peace.
  66. Mars Hill Albuquerque doing “demon trials.”
  67. Southern Baptist, and Evangelical Free churches being theologically hijacked. Is Neo-Calvinism more spiritually representative of God? Or Al Qaeda?
  68. Bruce Ware.
  69. The fact that many Neo-Calvinist bloggers and leaders can’t absorb different points of view and close the comments on their blogs.  This is the reason why Jon Bloom got an email from me letting him know that he is free to comment here as I do welcome differing points of view.
  70. John MacArthur.
  71. Neo-Calvinism embracing the shepherding movement despite its problems and issues.
  72.  Steve Hardin at The Village Church Flower Mound campus texting Karen Hinkley late at night when she wanted to be left alone. Now that is stalking. But remember its in Matt Chandler’s church so its okay. Has Steve Hardin ever repented of that behavior?
  73. Matt Younger at The Village Church, and his effort to put Karen Hinkley for church discipline for annulling her marriage to a pedophile addicted to child pornography.  Has Matt Younger repented of his behavior toward Karen Hinkley?
  74. The fact that ministries like Soverign Grace have perfected the personality cult in ways Communism could not. For example to know that there are men and pastors who shave their head to look like CJ Mahaney is disturbingly reminiscent of the way men in North Korea get haircuts to look like the ‘Dear Leader.’ That said there is one key difference between North Korea and Sovereign Grace – men in Sovereign Grace do this voluntarily….not under the threat of being executed unlike individuals in North Korea.
  75. Jonathan Leeman.
  76. Joe Carter thinking he’s a pit bull for The Gospel Coalition when in reality he’s more like one of those annoying Laso Apso’s constantly yapping.
  77. Carolyn Mahaney…have you not heard? Did you not know? The Lord your God suffocated at Calvary so that your kitchen counter can be clean.
  78. Andy Davis of FBC Durham who called a lovely lady who I had the distinguished honor of meeting and hugging an unregenerate in a church coup with politics that belonged more in Africa or Latin America. The reality is that Andy Davis is the unregenerate, and the Neo-Calvinists Cousin Eddy (See Christmas Vacation to understand) and the 78th reason why we need a new reformation.
  79. J.D. Greear.
  80. Jen Wilkin at The Village Church who said in response to the Newtown shooting with Adam Lanza,  “I have not pulled a trigger, but I have harmed my share of victims. The killer lies dead, but I live on to harm again.” My claim then, and now, especially with the Paris terrorist attacks…Jen Wilkin if you’re capable of going into an environment of crowded people and participating in mass violence, again I say turn yourself into the Dallas police. I don’t want to read about another massacre. I know some people refer to Neo-Calvinism as the Islamization of Christianity…but do we need jihad as well?
  81. The fact that some define suffering and persecution as fleeing from Gaithersburg, Maryland to Louisville and establish a church in the Louisville Marriot. Have you not heard? True suffering is getting the wrong coffee made!
  82. King Sutton Turner of Mars Hill Seattle
  83. How the Acts 29 network  and Mark Driscoll treated Ron Wheeler.
  84. Books that have titles of “waste” in them. Such as “Don’t Waste Your Sports” or “Don’t Waste Your Life.” The reality of the situation is reading a book from a celebrity pastor who in all likelihood is never the author anyway is a waste of time, and a wasted life.
  85. Conferences, conferences, and conferences. The Money changers are in charge of the Temple.
  86. John MacArthur’s strange fire conference in which he ranted about charismaticism while then going to participate in T4G with CJ Mahaney sitting next to him.
  87. A denomination, Sovereign Grace, which forces 3 year olds to forgive their molesters.
  88. Mark Mullery of SG Fairfax barking at Grizzley to “get your wife (Noel) under control.”
  89. Again, did I mention Jonathan Leeman?
  90. Covenant Fellowship Church.
  91. “Biblical” counseling that doesn’t treat needed mental health issues and creates more problems in the long run.
  92. Celebrity Pastors which are nothing but an oxymoron.
  93. The cover up of child sex abuse while focusing on other sexual sin. Isn’t child sex abuse sin as well?
  94. Neo-Calvinism as taught is nothing but pure determinism which makes the problem of evil worse.
  95. The best reason why we need a new Reformation I saved for last. The fact that two women in North Carolina, Dee Parsons and Deb Martin have more balls then many of the men on this list speaks volumes about Neo-Calvinists lack of charachter and leadership.

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