Evangelical Free Church Neo-Calvinist Project

These are the results of the growth of Neo-Calvinism in the Evangelical Free Church of America. I have a feeling that at the end of the year I will be reading and writing about a denomination that is being theologically hijacked. The results are in the links as they are worked.

  • Allegheny District 35 (Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, some NY)
  • Central District 135 (Iowa, SD, Missouri, parts of Arkansas)
  • Eastern District 134 (Central & Eastern Pennsylvania, Eastern Maryland, D.C., Virginia to Eastern NY and NJ)
  • EFCA SE District 87 (Kentucky, Tennessee, N & S Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Puerto Rico)
  • EFCA Texas – Oklahoma¬†District 65 (Texas and Oklahoma)
  • EFCA West District 213 (Utah, NM, Southern Idaho and Nevada; Arizona, Southern and Central California)
  • Forest Lake District 115 (Wisconsin and Carney, Michigan)
  • Great Lakes District 188 (Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio)
  • Hawaii District 8 (Hawaii)
  • Midwest District 106 (Nebraska, Kansas and Kansas City metropolitan area)
  • NE District 65 (Vermont, Massachusetts, NH, Connecticut and Maine)
  • North Central District 156 (Minnesota, and Osceola, Wisconsin)
  • Northern Mountain District 28 (Montana, Idaho and E. Washington)
  • Northern Plains District 37 (NW Minnesota, North Dakota, Northern South Dakota, and Eastern Montana)
  • Pacific Northwest District 43 (W Washington, Oregon and Alaska)
  • Rocky Mountain District 80 (S Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado)
  • Western District 54 (Northern California and Northern Nevada)