As a Native Californian I am Deeply Troubled by how COVID-19 is Impacting San Francisco, California

This is a personal post about a city in my home state of California. San Francisco is a place  I adore. Watching the city be hit by the COVID-19 situation is heartbreaking and then on the flip side you have the economic effects of the virus. This is a brief post about a city I love and my hope to see it come roaring back when this crisis is in the history books.  Continue reading

Liberty University is Dealing With COVID-19. Did Falwell Needlessly Expose Students to Harm? And Why Didn’t Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Advocate to Close the School?

COVID-19 has arrived at Liberty University. This happened after Jerry Falwell Jr. allegedly misled the Lynchburg, Virginia local government in saying the dorms would be closed. Its this blog’s belief that Falwell is being negligent. This post also looks at Dr. Thomas W. Eppes who refused to close the university, and asks the question why is he practicing medicine in Virginia? When students from Liberty start to show up in the morgue a group of parents should band together and file a lawsuit against the school. Much of what I am writing about today could have been prevented. Continue reading

Another Reason Why Evangelicalism Needs to Die and Disappear into the History Books. According to Pew Most White Evangelicals Don’t Think COVID-19 is a Medical Crisis

A Pew Research Center poll came out in late March that surveyed white American evangelicals. According to the survey most white Evangelical Christians think COVID-19 is not a serious health situation and that it is overblown. This information helps remind me why I have pushed back from evangelicalism Continue reading

A New York Times Photo-Essay on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Bergamo, Italy Helps Explain Why Freedom of the Press is So Vital

A photo-essay in the New York Times about the COVID-19 pandemic in Bergamo, Italy is the source of this brief post. Its a must read and helps make the coronavirus deeply personal and explain what is happening in Italy. The press has often been attacked these days, but remember the press has often throughout history been in the epicenter of the challenging times. What the Times conveyed form Northern Italy is as valuable as Andy Rooney reporting on D-Day from Normandy or of the journalists that risked their lives to cover September 11, 2001. The free press is a pillar of  healthy and stable government.  Continue reading