Guest Post: A Local Perspective on the Situation at Steve Estes’ Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania

Andrea McHenry the Director of FREE writes about the situation at Community Evangelical Free Church. Andrea writes this post not only as a director of an organization combating human trafficking, but also as a concerned resident. This is a local perspective on Steve Estes practicing church discipline on an alleged sexual assault victim. Continue reading

Jon Bloom, If Discipline is so Crucial for Spiritual Growth, Why hasn’t C.J. Mahaney Faced Discipline for His Alleged Criminal Activity?

A disturbing post at Desiring God is the subject of today’s article. Jon Bloom a Sovereign Grace pastor and co-founder of Desiring God claims that disicpline is crucial for spiritual growth. If true,  when is C.J. Manahey going to face discipline for his alleged criminal activities, blackmail and the alleged cover up of child sex abuse? This response to Jon is going to be very blunt.  
Continue reading

An Open Letter to Cru Staff (Regarding the Criminal Allegations from Bryan Loritts Fellowship Memphis)

This is an open letter to Cru staff in the United States  who work for Cru which was formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ.  This letter is regarding one of their well known speakers and the incredibly serious allegations of the cover up of voyeurism, and the alleged destruction of child pornography in Bryan Loritts Fellowship Memphis. The negligence of the Fellowship Memphis leadership led to a large number of victims (conservative estimate I would say 1,500 over a three year period) at Downtown Church in Memphis. Continue reading

When Fundamentalism Comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy; Situations that Put Life in Perspective

Fundamentalism causes trauma and pain. All one has to do is look at a situation in Elverson, Pennsylvania; Memphis, Tennessee as well as a former Sovereign Grace Ministries church here in the D.C. area that I was unsuccessfully recruited. Fundamentalism destroys and tears people and lives apart. As Christians we need to confront and deal with this plague. Likewise when atheists point out the harm that religion can cause we need to admit that they are right especially in cases of spiritual abuse. The reality is that it shouldn’t take cancer or a medical crisis to put life in perspective. This post is inspired by someone I knew who had a massive stroke and brain bleed who passed away at 38. Continue reading