Crossway Fellowship in Manassas, Virginia Gets a New Senior Pastor, and a Look at the EFCA in the Washington, D.C. Area

Crossway Fellowship in Mansass, Virginia installs Kyle Brenon as the new Senior Pastor. This post over looks the changes in Crossway and wishes Kyle well. At the same time The Wondering Eagle does an overview of the EFCA in the Washington, D.C. area and illustrates that the problems of Neo-Calvinism are deeply entrenched. In conclusion, if you are not a Neo-Calvinist, you are going to be a refugee from the EFCA in the D.C. area. The D.C. area is an indicator of the greater problem of Neo-Calvinism in the EFCA denomination.  Continue reading

Two Recommended Reads in The Washington Post: Messiah’s John Fea on how Donald Trump is Corrupting Modern Evangelicalism; and an Inside Perspective on Pat Robertson’s Ministry

Two recent articles in The Washington Post are being promoted at The Wondering Eagle. One deals with a first hand perspective inside Pat Robertson’s empire. The second article is by John Fea who is an academic historian who teaches at Messiah College in Pennsylvania. John writes about how Donald Trump is corrupting the evangelical Christian faith and how “Court Evangelicals” respond to Trump.  I hope these articles cause Christians to do some self reflection.  Continue reading

Do Evangelicals Make Studying the Bible Idolatry? Some Thoughts from the Senior Pastor of First Free Lincoln

The Wondering Eagle looks at a post by Mark Brunott’s First Free Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska. In this post I want to ask the question. Do evangelical Christians make the Bible an idol and worship scripture instead of God? After all some Christians have a good knowledge of the Bible and yet their life is just bland of love. I hope we can have a discussion on that topic today.  Continue reading

Young Life Statement on Eric Nickle Being Employed at Fairfax Community Church Despite Eric Being on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry

Young Life in Colorado Springs, Colorado emailed me a statement on the ongoing situation at Fairfax Community Church with Eric Nickle being on staff. Eric Nickle is on the Virginia Sex Offender registry and Rod Stafford’s church has not been forthcoming about this information. You can read the statement below and feel free to discuss it.  Continue reading

How the Secularization of the United States will be Good for Atheists, Secular Humanists, the Christian Church and the Nation; Some Pushback to Tim Massaro

This is an article about why the secularization of the United States is going to be a good for the nation. The beneficiaries of secularization are atheists, secular humanists and non-theists; as well as the Christian church and the nation. This post also challenges and pushes back on an article that Tim Massaro wrote at a Christian blog. As a Christian I look forward to the secularization of the United States and believe it will do a lot of good on many fronts.  Continue reading

Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson Discussion: Why are People Still Attending Steve Estes’ Church? Plus Results of the June 12 Business Meeting

Brief update on the situation at Steve Estes Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania. Many people keep asking the question why are people still going to the church in light of all that has occurred? Plus these are the results from the June 12, 2017 business meeting. Its also my understanding that there are people inside CEFC who do not want to leave the EFCA. Is the Stoltzfus clan going to respect their wishes?  Continue reading