The Allegation of Child Pornography and James MacDonald. Also a Question for Garrett Higbee

Mancow Muller played an audio tape of someone saying that they wanted to plant child pornography on the computer of the CEO of Christianity Today. The audio tape sounded none other than James MacDonald. This is an extremely difficult post but I want to ask some questions that need to be raised. Has James MacDonald planted child pornography on someone’s computer before? Has he been entangled in child pornography? The voice on the audiotape sounded so casual and laid back about the topic. Continue reading

Anne Green Explains how James MacDonald Inappropriately Touched her on a Flight to California on the Mancow Muller Show. What About Female Worship Leaders Such as Lindsay McCaul, Meredith Andrews and Others? Did They Deal with Sexual Misconduct?

On the Mancow Muller show on February 18, 2019 Anne Green claimed that James MacDonald touched her inappropriately on a private jet on the way to California. This is the story of what happened as told by Anne Green. Also given the nature of those who commit misconduct this blog would like to ask an open question.  Were other females from Harvest Bible Chapel’s worship team also deal with sexual misconduct from James MacDonald? What about Lindsay McCaul, Meredith Andrews and others? They should be supported so that others can come forward as well.  Continue reading

Why Mancow Muller Should Consider a Class Action Lawsuit Against Harvest Bible Chapel to Open up the Black Budget. Plus Why Capin Crouse and ECFA Should be Included

Mancow Muller spoke about a class action lawsuit against Harvest Bible Chapel if James MacDonald doesn’t resign. Its my hope that Mancow along with many former members from Harvest will file a class action lawsuit to open up the black budget. That is the only way Fred Adams will speak. In a class action lawsuit Capin Crouse and ECFA should be included. Both organizations enabled James MacDonald amidst shady behavior, massive financial problems and a black budget.  Continue reading