In a Small Little Country Church Outside Gettysburg, Pennsylvania You Can Learn Why Evangelical Christianity is Permanently Broken

In order to understand why evangelicalism is broken all you have to do is go to the back of a small evangelical church outside Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This church and thousands like it which do Franklin Graham’s ministries help support the questionable minister. Evangelicalism which is an emotion driven movement will continue to fall prey to ministries like Operation Christmas Child. Franklin will always have his platform and evangelicalism will always suffer. Continue reading

Pornography is Not the Problem. The Real Issue is Pastors Like Roy Fruits of Rockpoint Church in Minnesota

This post looks at the two messages that come from the EFCA’s Roy Fruits at Rockpoint Church in Lake Elmo, Minnestoa. In one context pornography is sinful and destructive. And yet in another context it appears to be overlooked so Fruits could support Donald Trump. This post is a look at how Christian nationalism can change how sin is defined. In the end this blog believes that Roy Fruits is a wolf and a conman and similar to Jospeh Smith. Continue reading

Did the Wondering Eagle Force Bethel’s Bill Johnson to Address the Theological Issue of Grave Soaking? The Evidence Suggests This is the Case

This blog has produced a post about Beni Johnson and her alleged practice of “grave soaking.” This blog learned that Bethel’s Bill Johnson addressed the issue of whether or not the controversial Redding, California church believes in it. This blog wants to ask the question, was the #WonderingEagleEffect proof once again of how this blog is influencing religious policy?  Continue reading

The Flaws When an Evangelical Proselytizes. It’s Not to Reach the “Lost.” But to Justify Their Own Arrogant “Us” vs. “Them” Mindset

Why do evangelical Christians proselytize? Is it to fulfill the Great Commission? Or is it to confirm bias and create the “us” vs. “them” world view that evangelicals need for their faith to survive? A fascinating blog post was emailed to me, and I want to use it for the basis of discussion on evangelical culture. Continue reading

Michael Sean Winters on the Morality of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Anti-Vaxxers

Recently at the National Catholic Reporter Michael Sean Winters wrote an interesting column on morality and anti-vaxxers in the COVID-19 pandemic. He looks at how morality is being redefined in a more selfish way that is not considerate of those who are vulnerable. But what is worse is when the person has a platform, and they misuse their position.  Continue reading

The Sovereign Grace Sex Abuse Scandal Hits the EFCA with Trinity Evangelical Professor John Woodbridge Teaching at the Sovereign Grace Pastor’s College

In the 2021-2022 Sovereign Grace Pastors College a disturbing situation is learned by this blog. Trinity Evangelical Divinity professor John Woodbridge is teaching this May church history. Woodbridge becomes one of the people who helps give credibility to C.J. Mahaney’s organization – which is known for covering up child sex abuse.  Continue reading