The Shooting at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the Disturbing Response by DeForest Evangelical Free Senior Pastor Chuck Gaston

A tragic shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the response by Chuck Gastron of DeForest Evangelical Free in DeForest, Wisconsin brings about today’s post at The Wondering Eagle. This looks at the epic fail that the senior pastor committed in light of a horrific tragedy, and what he could have done that could have been unique and brought about some healing to this Planned Parenthood clinic.  Continue reading

Evangelicals and Art: Do I Hear a Waltz?

Do I Hear a Waltz is a musical by Richard Rodgers and Stephen Sondheim. Its about a love story in the context of an affair in Venice, Italy and is based off a film that Katherine Hepburn once acted in. It debuted on Broadway in 1965 and it was not a success and didn’t recoup its investment. For songs that I would recommend, check out “Do I Hear a Waltz” , “Someone Woke Up” and “Take the Moment.” I hope you enjoy your weekend!  Continue reading

Because of Fundamentalism Do Evangelicals Miss Opportunities of Grace and Closure When it Comes to the Topic of Death?

A personal post asking if during the grieving process if fundamentalists miss opportunities of grace. Reminiscing on some strange situations in my family since my Mom’s death, and the follow up discussion with a pastor. Heaven is not a vault, instead its to be thought of as a screen door. This is a post reflecting on my ongoing grieving process.  Continue reading

Indicators and Warnings of McLean Bible’s Theological Hijacking that Would Culminate with David Platt Becoming the Teaching Pastor: An Overview of the Changes Chronicled by The Wondering Eagle from 2015 Until 2017; Plus What I Believe is Coming Down the Pike

This post is an overview of the issues that popped up at McLean Bible (MBC) a mega church in the Washington, D.C. area in the 2015 until 2017 time-frame that revealed MBC was being theologically hijacked. The Wondering Eagle picked up on many of the issues over the course of time. This post also contains a list of questions that need to be answered and what I believe is going to happen to MBC in the 2018 to 2020 time-frame.  Continue reading

Evangelicals and Art: Sunset Boulevard

Its the story of a famous Hollywood actress who has fallen from fame and can’t deal with changing times. In the process she meets a struggling writer who can’t break through in Hollywood. Sunset Boulevard is based off a classic film by Billy Wilder. Andrew Lloyd Webber turned it into a spectacular musical in 1993. Those who have played Norma Desmond include Glenn Close, Patti LuPone, Betty Buckley, and Elaine Paige.  This is a musical that is rich in songs and orchestrations. The best songs from this gem are “With One Look” ,  “As If We Never Said Goodbye” , “Sunset Boulevard” and “Too Much In Love to Care.” Have  a great weekend and enjoy yourself!  Continue reading

The Dangerous Biblical Counseling Program at Pleasanton Evangelical Free in Pleasanton, Nebraska; The Wondering Eagle Would Like to Know Can this Program Leave Someone Dead?

Looking at the Biblical Counseling program at Chris Boucher’s Pleasanton Evangelical Free Church in Pleasanton, Nebraska. The Wondering Eagle believes this is a dangerous program that could result in exacerbating someone’s mental health situation, or possibly in someone’s death. Its time for the modern evangelical church to reject Jay Adams and Biblical Counseling and embrace psychiatry, psychology and science.  Continue reading