The Wondering Eagle Joins the Boston Globe and Other News Sources in Celebrating Press Freedom While Reminding People that the Press is Their Friend

Today I am side stepping religion to talk about the importance of the free press. This blog joins other sources to write about why the press is not the enemy of the people. We must remember our roots as Americans and what the founding fathers created so that the experiment that started in Philadelphia continues for future generations.  Continue reading

Franklin Graham is Upset that Walmart Sold “Impeach 45” T-Shirts. Plus Graham Believes that Trump’s Affairs with Porn Stars is Nobody’s Business

Franklin Graham has been in the news recently. He supported the boycott of Walmart when they sold “Impeach 45” t-shirts. Then in May of 2018 he came out and said that Trumps’ affairs with porn stars are “no one’s business.” The Wondering Eagle believes that Franklin Graham is a fraud. And that at the end of the day Stormy Daniels honors the Lord when she strips in a strip club, where as Franklin Graham brings disgrace. Why do I say that? Because Stormy Daniels is not professing to be a born again Christian, where as Franklin Graham is.  Continue reading