Franklin Graham Says Donald Trump is a “Defender of the Christian Faith.” Plus Newsweek on Young Evangelicals Abandoning Faith Because of Politics

In an interview recently Franklin Graham said that Donald Trump is a “defender of the Christian faith.” That received a lot of attention and a response from the atheist community. Shortly after that took place Newsweek had a cover story that examines the dying relationship between younger evangelicals and politics. Young evangelicals are walking away from the church in bulk because they are sick of the politics.
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Being Intellectual, Supporting Science and the Establishment While Empowering People to Think for Themselves

This blog outlines some more of its goals. While I want people to think for themselves I also want to explain the challenges and problems of the internet. This blog is a supporter of science, academics, and intellectualism. In an era of fake news and false websites I want to define this blog more. This blog wants people to be enlightened and empowered. That comes through thinking for themselves. This post is meant to build upon another post I did in 2017. Continue reading

Guest Post: A Person’s Experience in Two Evangelical Free Churches in the La Crosse, Wisconsin Area

This is a guest post about someone’s experiences in two separate Evangelical Free churches in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. In this post you will see two churches through a younger person’s perspective. From dealing with authoritarianism, favoritism, to observing how her Mom was treated and much more. This made an impact on her and not in a positive way. She hopes that in telling this that a discussion can be started about church culture and corruption because in the end this person cares enough to share what transpired 
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Shaun McDonnell on Twitter About James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel Orlando and Harvest Bible Chapel Winter Garden

On Twitter this afternoon Shaun McDonnell told a story in a series of tweets. It is about how James MacDonald would not support Harvest Bible Chapel Orlando and supported the launch of Harvest Bible Chapel Winter Garden. What happened you ask? Orlando’s elders removed their senior pastor. For James, Scott Pierre and his family foundation  remained one of his biggest financial supporters having given at least $35 million dollars to his ministries over a ten year period.
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Julie Roys Through World Magazine Writes About Alleged Financial Misconduct and Abuse at James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel

Julie Roys article about James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel has been published. This article MacDonald sued to prevent being released. As MacDonald has failed to stop this article going forward may the world and people in the Chicago area process much of this damning information and walk away from Harvest Bible Chapel. Continue reading