An Open Letter to Glen Schrieber EFCA Superintendent of Southeast District (Did The Lord Will my Mom’s Painful Death for my Sanctification?)

A horrific Tweet from Glen Schrieber’s EFCA Southeast creates today’s post. Does the Lord intentionally bring about pain to conform people to the image of Jesus? My Mom recently passed away after a long illness. My question to Glen Schrieber and EFCA Southeast is the following: Did the Lord will my Mom’s passing for my sanctification? Is that what the EFCA teaches and believes?  Continue reading

The United States Department of Defense Recognizes Humanism; How Long Before Humanist Chaplains can Finally Serve?

The United States Department of Defense recently acknowledges humanism as a faith system. This is a major development for the secular and atheist community which has been pushing for this to occur for years. This likely came about due to the hard work of Jason Torpy’s Military Association of Atheist and Freethinkers. This also removes a roadblock and will open the door for humanist chaplains, allowing fine individuals like Jason Heap to serve those troops who are secular in the military. This post is an analysis of this monumental change in the secular world and United States government.   Continue reading

A Third Open Letter to Joe Blow (On Becoming a Dad while Mourning the Loss of my Mom)

An open letter to Joe Blow. Telling him about the grief I am experiencing with my Mom’s death. Against all that I learned that he became a Dad recently. This is a letter expressing both emotions of mourning and joy. Life goes on even amidst the pain. And in my season of mourning I am grateful for Joe and Ellie’s excitement in becoming parents.  Continue reading

Cherrydale Baptist and The Gospel Coalition; Plus Why Would a Victim of Sexual Assault want to Call Steve King’s Church Home?

This post looks at Cherrydale Baptist which is an independent Baptist church in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Arlington, Virginia. This post looks at this Gospel Coalition church and asks the question…why would a victim of sexual assault want to attend Steve King’s church? After all when The Gospel Coalition seeks to defend C.J. Mahaney when all the allegations of criminal activity pour of out Sovereign Grace, why would a victim of sexual assault want to attend a Gospel Coalition church?  Today’s post marks the beginning of The Wondering Eagle writing about Cherrydale Baptist Church as issues develop.  Continue reading

Evangelicals and Art: Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is a musical by Stephen Sondheim. It first appeared on Broadway in 19790 and has had multiple productions over the years and made into a movie. It has also been the subject of stage concerts. Angela Lansbury originated the role of Mrs Lovett. The musical is about a barber who murders people and his girlfriend who turns them into meat pies and runs a successful business in London.  The musical has several gems that I have posted below. Recommended songs if you are pressed for time are “Not While I’m Around”,”Johanna” and “Pretty Women.” Have a great weekend guys!  Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Eddie Cole’s Article in Christianity Today on Sharing the Gospel with those Who Do Not Think of Death or Eternity

The Evangelical Free District Superintendent for the Eastern District Eddie Cole writes a solid article for Christianity Today. The article is about sharing the Gospel with those who are young who do not think of death. This post looks at some of the issues in the modern evangelical church when it comes to death. After all I have attended three funerals in the time span of about a month. Continue reading