Analysis of The North Central District of the Evangelical Free Church of America

This is an overview of the North Central District of the EFCA. This post commences with The Wondering Eagle writing about the EFCA in Minnesota. In addition to looking at Brian Farone who is the district superintendent I look at some of the churches in the district. There are problems with Trinity City Church, Pine City Evangelical Free and Trinity Evangelical Free in Plainview. There are also some positive developments in the North Central District which are highlighted in this post.  Continue reading

Analyzing the Growth of Reformed Theology/Neo-Calvinism in the Evangelical Free Church of America: North Central District

These are the results of the growth of Neo-Calvinism/Neo-Puritanism in the Evangelical Free Church of America’s  (EFCA) North Central District. The North Central District includes Minnesota and one EFCA church in Wisconsin.  As I continue to work through the EFCA this research continues to show that this denomination is slowly being theologically hijacked by Neo-Calvinists.  Continue reading

Lake Wisconsin Evangelical Free in Lodi, Wisconsin on Why the Church Should Avoid Politics

Lake Wisconsin Evangelical Free in Lodi, Wisconsin has stated that politics will be avoided in the church for the purposes of unity and creating an environment that is welcoming.  This is a deeply encouraging policy in Scott Larson’s church and has been this way for an extended period of time. In the evangelical movement which struggles to divorce itself from politics, the actions by this EFCA church could be a model inside the greater EFCA as to why politics must be separate from faith. After all the only way evangelical Christianity can work is if its apolitical.  Continue reading