David Platt’s Troubling View of Church Membership

David Platt wrote an article at his website about why we date the church. He starts out by discussing dating and then marrying his wife. I believe that this article is flawed as people do not date in high school for the planned purpose of marriage. From my perspective its a flawed analogy. This article also looks at the other issues and reminds people that one of the reasons why you never enter into a membership covenant at McLean Bible is because you will be subject to church discipline. In contrast people like David Platt will not as they are above church discipline.  Continue reading

Saudi Arabia Targets Jamal Khashoggi and Assassinates and Dismembers him; Pat Robertson Meanwhile is Worried About the Multi-Billion Dollar Arms Deal

A Washington Post columnist disappears and was dismembered inside a Saudi Arabia consulate in Turkey. As the shocking and gruesome details emerge Pat Robertson takes to the 700 Club to defend Trump and a multi-billion dollar arms deal saying people are killed all the time in the Middle East. This is another reminder as to how spiritually bankrupt many parts of evangelical Christianity is.   Continue reading

Tyler Chernesky of Christ Community Church in Kansas City on Friendship and Proverbs. Seeing What was Taught in a Sermon Play Out in Kansas and Missouri

Tyler Chernesky at Christ Community Church in Kansas City gave an interesting talk about friendship and Proverbs at the Downtown location on October 7, 2018. This post looks at Christ Community Church and Tyler Chernesky as well as the man who is the driving force behind this EFCA church movement in the Kansas City metropolitan area – Tom Nelson. The amazing aspect of Tyler’s talk is seeing it play out in a challenging trip to Missouri amongst a couple of friends who I have known for years who validated what was taught.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Merle Stoltzfus (Formerly Community Evangelical Free in Elverson, Now Brick Lane Community Church

This is an open letter to Merle Stoltzfus of Brick Lane Community Church, formerly Community Evangelical Free Church of Elverson, Pennsylvania. This communicates my thoughts about Merle. From his own small group to other small groups, Elverson and the greater EFCA at the time, Merle has quite an anger problem and its my understanding that a number of Stoltzufs children were embarrassed over how Merle worked to protect Brock. This is a letter I have been meaning to do for a long time.  Continue reading

Contemplating My Mom’s Last Words to Me

“Save your money” were the final last words from my Mom. Those words came two days before her death on April 1, 2017.  But what do those last words mean? How can I honor my Mom’s memory and save my money as she desired? My Mom’s last words are almost like a command to do the right thing. Going forward that is how I am going to live out my life. Saving money to honor my Mom’s memory.  Continue reading