How Elmbrook Church Should Respond to the Painful Situation in a Way that Helps the Brookfield Megachurch, Jason Webb’s Family and the Greater Milwaukee Area

Jason Webb resigns as the Senior Pastor of Elmbrook Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This post at The Wondering Eagle advises Elmbrook how to proceed forward. I draw from my experience in writing about the dark side of evangelicalism to offer advice and help Elmbrook move ahead.  Continue reading

The Wondering Eagle Book Review: Fear, Lust for Power and 81%. A Look at John Fea’s “Believe Me – The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump”

John Fea, a history professor from Messiah College outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania writes a book that is quite talked about in social media. In “Believe Me – The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump” you learn about the relationship between Donald Trump and many evangelicals.  The court evangelical is explained and one understands how fear has always been an issue for American evangelicals. Fear can be traced back to the Puritans in the 1600’s and carries on through fear of immigrants, other races, Catholics and modernism in the 20th century. The Wondering Eagle reviews this book with joy and is grateful for what Professor Fea contributes to the conversation of evangelicals, history and politics.  Continue reading

Richard Rieves Returns from Sabbatical. Plus is Downtown Church in Financial Distress?

Richard Rieves is back in the pulpit at Downtown Church in Memphis, Tennessee after being away on a sabbatical. Meanwhile this blog would like to know if Downtown Church is experiencing financial hardship? Downtown is pleading for money and I am wondering if the church is hurting from the Rick Trotter scandal. Plus Fellowship Associates, which John Bryson is tied to is planting Immanuel Fellowship in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is being done with the help of Bryan Lair’s Trinity City Church. This is deeply disturbing especially as I write that many evangelical churches need to be closed. There are many churches where criminal allegations have occurred, and if people cared about the Gospel they would walk away from them and shut them down.  Continue reading

Recommended Read: Ronald Reagan’s Simple and Private Faith

The Washington Post had an article recently that looked at Ronald Reagan’s faith. A recently discovered letter in the Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Archives reveal a simple and yet private faith of Reagan. Christian nationalists like Robert Jeffries often use Reagan’s divorce as a means to support Donald Trump. And yet, as this letter shows its very much reveals a Reagan who was intimate about his faith and importance of marital fidelity. This letter as I interpret it is a strong rebuke to the court evangelicals.  Continue reading