Trinity International University Complies With Illinois Governor Order Requiring COVID-19 Vaccination. In the End it Took JB Pritzker to Require Trinity to Love Thy Neighbor

In order for the EFCA’s Trinity International University to love thy neighbor in a pandemic, it took an order from a secular government leader. In late August, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker issued a vaccination mandate for students, faculty and staff in higher education settings. That moved Trinity to require vaccination or for students to submit to weekly COVID-19 testing.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Josh Black (Senior Pastor of First Free Wichita) and a Response to His Narcissistic Dress Down

After getting a dress down on Sunday morning at First Free Wichita, this is the response to Josh Black the senior pastor. In dealing with a likely narcissist I have low expectations but just want to state my case and refute what Josh Black said. This blog is staying for the long term and will be writing more about First Free Wichita. Continue reading

Recommended Read: A Former Pastor Rejects Evangelical Vaccination Exemptions in the New York Times

Some American evangelicals are claiming religious exemptions from vaccination. There is little basis for this claim and this blog disputes the idea of religious exemptions. The other day in the New York Times a former pastor wrote an op-ed explaining why religious exemptions should be rejected. Its a solid read and this blog is promoting this essay.  Continue reading

A Visit to First Free Wichita in Kansas and Some Thoughts

On Sunday September 5, 2021 this blog visited First Free Wichita in Wichita, Kansas to audit a church service and write a review of the experience. First Free has a reputation for its authoritarianism in the EFCA’s Midwest District. After sitting through a service I introduced myself to Senior Pastor Josh Black where I got an earful. This blog, due to First Free’s 9 Marks connections and Josh Black’s leadership does not recommended this EFCA church. If you attend, caveat emptor! Continue reading

In Driving Across the Heartland and Observing Evangelicalism One Aspect is Clear: American Evangelicals Are Lost

American evangelicals are a lost people. This past week in Kansas taught me again about the sad state of American evangelicalism. As I traveled and explored I saw evangelicalism on full display. And it is profoundly ugly. From Christians who refuse to wear masks to those who wear their faith on their sleeve. Continue reading

This Blog is Looking for Sources for Larry Osborne’s North Coast Church in Vista, California

This blog is wanting to do much more work on Larry Osborne’s North Coast Church in Vista, California. In order to do this blog needs to develop sources so I can penetrate the organization and get the information needed to study North Coast Church. If you have information on this EFCA church please reach out to me at Continue reading

Wade Burleson and the Whoring of the Southern Baptist Pulpit

As Wade Burleson goes more and more off the deep end, this blog believes he is pivoting for a run for political office in Oklahoma. The pastor from Enid is showing us why the Southern Baptist Convention is deeply corrupt. And as he whores out the Baptist pulpit his behavior helps one understand why Jesus liked to hang out with prostitutes and not the religious. In the end a prostitute has far more character and integrity than Wade Burleson. Continue reading