Evangelicals and Art: Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot is a musical that has been quite popular on both sides of the Atlantic. It is composed by Elton John and it opened on the West End of London in 2005, and came to Broadway in 2008. This musical is about a boy who gives up boxing to become a dancer. Its set against the 1984 and 1985 Miners Strike in the United Kingdom. Two songs that are touching are “The Letter” and “Electricity.” Enjoy your weekend!  Continue reading

Recommended Read: Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post on Donald Trump’s Disasterous Presidency and Evangelical Christian’s Role

Jennifer Rubin, the conservative columnist in The Washington Post writes a hard hitting column I want to promote. As Trump debases the Presidency the scandals get worse and darker; where are the evangelical Christians? Or do they agree with the behavior which includes what the former White House Communications Director said about Steve Bannon and Reince Preibus?  Continue reading

Is the EFCA Aware of the Divine Appointments Around Them? Borrowing From Todd Parish of Redemption Church in Houston, Texas

A look at divine appointments as written about by Todd Parish of Redemption Church in Houston, Texas. Todd’s post compliments another post that I read on the Eastern District blog earlier this year by Peter Johnson. My post, which I hope the EFCA will find both encouraging and challenging, is this aspect. Does the EFCA realize the divine appointments that are around them? In this unpredictable and uncertain era, does the EFCA realize the opportunities that are around them? Its an exciting time to be a pastor, do many in the EFCA fully comprehend this?  Continue reading

Evangelical Free Church of Salt Lake City, Utah…Trading the Gospel of Joseph Smith for the Gospel of Jonathan Leeman?

Today The Wondering Eagle is looking at the Evangelical Free Church of Salt Lake City, Utah. This hard core Neo-Calvinist church is in the 9 Marks network. My question is does Steve Clark understand Mormon culture? Why would a person leave Mormonism only to get involved in a 9 Marks church and then face “church discipline” and be shunned a second time? Steve Clark’s church is one that The Wondering Eagle hopes it can close in the course of time. The EFCA should be embarrassed that in ground zero of Mormonism, this is the church that represents the denomination.  Continue reading