The Autocratic Reign of Todd Nathan and the Troubling Story of the Evangelical Free Church of Blairstown, New Jersey

Todd Nathan became the Senior Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Blairstown in 2014. Situated in Northwest New Jersey this is a good size Evangelical Free church that served the Blairstown Township for decades. Problems began to develop in the course of time and Todd could not deal with people challenging or asking questions. Many members slowly came to see the new leader of Blairstown as autocratic. A church that was once loving and kind was starting to deal with deep issues. In November of 2017 a credentialed EFCA pastor used a loophole in the church by-laws to allegedly target at least 22  members and throw them out of the congregation. Continue reading

Jill Monaco on Processing Out from Harvest Bible Chapel

Jill Monaco wrote a post at her blog the other day about those who leave an organization like Harvest Bible Chapel. This post writes a response to Jill and points out that people from former leadership positions who leave Harvest need to own their role in propping up James MacDonald. Plus I don’t think many people understand how harmful Harvest is…its too recent and they are too close. When its 2030 and former members of Harvest are done with God or church because of the scandal then people will grasp it. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Glen Schrieber (Regarding Compass Bible Church and John Secrest in the EFCA’s Southeast District)

An open letter to the Southeastern District Superintendent Glen Schrieber on the newest church added to his EFCA District. I am talking about John Secrest’s Compass Bible Church in Naples, Florida. Glen Schrieber and the Southeast District can learn a lot from John Secrest and I hope they listen to the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal. This open letter looks at John Secrest’s church from the lens of the EFCA. The EFCA can learn a lot and abuse and church corruption and it will help the denomination. Continue reading

Goldfinger and the James Bond Franchise and When People Lose Interest in Life. Another Post Dealing in Grief

My parents saw Goldfinger in Missouri when my Dad taught at the University of Missouri in Columbia. It started a family tradition where we saw the next James Bond when it was released. I was born into this and it rubbed off on me. This post is another in the process of dealing with my parents deaths. One thing to be concerned about when people age is when they lose interest in subjects or topics that give them meaning and pleasure in life.  Continue reading