The EFCA’s Eddie Cole on the Challenges of Pastoring During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Eddie Cole from the EFCA wrote an article the other day at the blog that looked at the challenges of pastoring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Allegedly 50% of all pastors plan to leave the pastorate, and he discussed the situation. Its a challenge, yes there are bad pastors and churches that this blog has written about during the pandemic. But to be fair, there are many churches that are doing a good job. Leading a church and doing ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult. Continue reading

Beni Johnson of Bethel Church and Conflicting Messages Regarding Face Masks During COVID-19

Beni Johnson creates confusion in Bethel Church in Redding, California when she mocks or questions the need for face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bethel meanwhile releases a statement of support for face masks. Yet when one digs deeper a new question arises, is Beni Johnson encouraging Sean Feucht to break of violate the law by encouraging his events when Feucht rejects face masks? Finally if there are concerned citizens of Redding that want to tell stories about Bethel this blog can be used by them.  Continue reading

Knox Thames Reminds Evangelicals in Christianity Today That they are Not Being Persecuted in the United States During COVID-19

Knox Thames from the Department of State wrote an op-ed in Christianity Today explaining why evangelicals in the United States are not being persecuted during COVID-19 with church closings. Thames who worked on the topic with religious minorities who faced persecution from authoritarian governments pointed out that it was no a concentrated effort to prevent people from worshipping at all. And he said that Christians in the United States cheapen persecution when they proclaim it.  Continue reading

As Assortment of Videos Dealing With Christian Nationalism. New Lincoln Project Ad on Evangelicals, Divinity of Donald Trump and More Evangelicals Speaking Out Against Trump

This is post that compiles a number of videos that deal with the topic of Christian nationalism. The Daily Show is humorous, and The Lincoln Project last week released another hard hitting ad about evangelicals. Over at Republican Voters Against Trump more evangelicals spoke out, including a missionary from abroad who talks about how Trump is harming the church.  Continue reading

My Brainwashing and a Personal Reflection on When I was Under the Kool Aid in Campus Crusade for Christ at Fresno State

This past weekend I was cleaning at home and fond something that was a window into my past. It was when I was involved in Campus Crusade for Christ at Fresno State. An article in the local Fresno State newspaper explained the role Wicca played in a person’s life. In response I had to write an evangelical response in a letter to the editor which caused controversy. Someone later on called me out. Today’s post is about my frame of mind when I was under the Kool Aid. And its something that I deeply regret.  Continue reading

Large COVID-19 Outbreak at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Northern California

At Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California a large outbreak of COVID-19 took place. The event affected the county and Bethel advocated for temperature checks, social distancing, moving worship outside an wearing face masks. So when will Sean Fecuht get the memo to wear a face mask and cease challenging authority and endangering people’s lives?  Continue reading

In Having Jason Dees on the Church Planting Podcast New City Network’s Clint Clifton Validates Mark Noll’s Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

Clint Clifton from the New City Network had Jason Dees from Christ Covenant Church in Atlanta, Georgia on the Church Planting Podcast recently. In having on Dees its clear that Clifton cares nothing about abuse. But when you look at other people that Clint Clifton has given airtime to, its clear that his lack of critical thinking skills proves that Mark Noll is correct about the scandal of the evangelical mind. Also is Clint Clifton ever going to acknowledge the Scott Woods situation from McLean Bible in the New City Network? Woods allegedly groomed teenager buys for planned sexual abuse. Continue reading