Recommended Blogs & Websites

This is a list of blogs and websites that I find interesting. Some of these I have processed over the years, others I discovered in my faith journey or afterward. They represent different stages of my faith life.


I am an Ex-Mormon 
Recovery from Mormonism 
Utah Lighthouse Ministry 
FAIR Mormon (LDS Apologetic Site)

Free BYU (Helping those struggling with he LDS Faith at BYU)




Freedom From Religion Foundation (Dan Barker)
Greta Christina 
William Lobdell (Former Religion Writer for Los Angeles Times)
The Thinking Atheist 
Hemant Mehta (Friendly Atheist)
Richard Dawkins 
Landover Baptist 
Mrs Betty Bowers  (America’s Best Christian)


Voices of Deconversion 

Godless in Dixie – Neil Carter




Christian Monist
Way of Improvement Leads Home – John Fea
Phoenix Preacher
Desiring God
Warren Throckmorton
THE Gospel Corporation
THE Gospel Coalition
Thou Art The Man – Todd Whilhelm
9 Marks 
Wenatchee The Hatchet
Musings From Under The Bus 
Joyful Exiles 
We Love Mars Hill 
Repentant Pastor 
Bill Kinnon  
Brad Sargant/Futurist 
Internet Monk
Matt Redmond 
Roger Olson 
Scot McKnight 
Michelle Van Loon 
SGM Survivors 
Spiritual Sounding Board – Julie Anne Smith
The Pajama Pages 
Under Much Grace – Cynthia Kunsman





2 thoughts on “Recommended Blogs & Websites

  1. Sounds to me like the song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” kind of describes your experience. Have you found your place yet?


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