Rapture Theology Has Led to Mental Health Issues For Many Evangelicals. Its Time to Discusses This Failed Theological Belief

I was first exposed to the rapture in Campus Crusade for Christ. Over time I came to realize that the rapture is garbage. While it didn’t affect me as much with other people its led to mental health issues in former evangelicals. CNN recently had an article that looked at the mental health issues that occurred in former believers of the rapture. Continue reading

Pastors Such as Ricky Jenkins and Bryan Loritts Are Profiting Off Racial Tension and Pain. Here’s How

Pastors Ricky Jenkins and Bryan Loritts are profiting off racial pain and tension. Both Jenkins and Loritts are exploiting racism and justice to advance themselves. Both Ricky Jenkins and Bryan Loritts who came from Fellowship Memphis in Tennessee did not report a disturbing sex crime to law enforcement. This post is about how a shady African-American pastor involved in scandal lacks the character to preach and teach due to their alleged involvement in covering up a crime. Continue reading

Gerald Sharon Writes About How He was Forced to Resign From the EFCA’s Southwest Church in Indian Wells, California

Gerald Sharon used to led Southwest Church in Indian Wells, California. About fifteen years earlier his son came out as being gay. His views slowly shifted over time and his elders wanted him to harshly condemn homosexuality. He instead resigned knowing he couldn’t say what they wanted him to expressly state. Continue reading

Philip Yancey Speaks About the Racist Church He Grew Up In. The Evangelical Author Also Says The Evangelical Mainstream Still Exists and Claims That Evangelicals Did Not Support Trump

Philip Yancey gave an interview to CNN that other day. In the interview he expressed his belief as to how evangelicalism mainstream still exists. He also claimed that evangelicals did not support Trump and said no one he knows supported Trump. This post is about the cognitive dissonance of Philip Yancey. Continue reading

Champion for Christ? With Bob Good’s Q Anon Beliefs is Liberty University Going to be a Breeding Ground for the Q Anon Conspiracy?

It turns out that Bob Good, Congressman from the Virginia 5th Congressional District and the only Liberty University alumnus elected into Congress believes in Q Anon. Bob Good’s ties to Liberty are well established, he was once the athletic director at the well known evangelical school. This post seeks to raise the question. Is Liberty University a breeding ground for the Q Anon conspiracy theory? Is Liberty about “Champions for Christ” or “Champions for Q?” Continue reading