Franklin Graham Speaking at Liberty University’s Convocation Reveals Why Liberty Will Most Likely Not Change Nor Learn

Liberty University held its first convocation on Wednesday September 16, 2020. And its first speaker was Franklin Graham. The choice is troubling because of Graham’s controversy and did Liberty need such a polarizing individual after Jerry Falwell Jr’s departure? Franklin Graham has not repented for a number of issues that this post looks at. The selection of Franklin Graham sends an ominous message that Liberty has not learned from the problems of Jerry Falwell Jr.  Continue reading

Senior Pastor Paul Van Noy of Candlelight Christian Fellowship in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Did Not Believe in Face Masks. He Then Contracted COVID-19 and Ended Up in the ICU

This is the story of Paul Van Noy and Candlelight Christian Fellowship. Its the story of a pastor who didn’t believe in face masks who then contracted COVID-19 and ended up in the ICU. While he was in the ICU he still called for his church to meet in person, and his wife shared Q Anon postings on Facebook during the medical crisis. Pastors like Paul Van Noy should be prosecuted in this blog’s opinion. And it begs the question who is the actual virus? Is it COVID-19 or is it places like Candlelight Christian Fellowship?  Continue reading

A Significant Number of Liberty University Students and Staff are in or Scheduled to Quarantine Due to COVID-19. Will Liberty be Transparent About COVID Data in 2020?

Liberty University launched a COVID-19 dashboard that revealed that over 1,000 students and staff are in or scheduled to quarantine due to the coronavirus. There are gaps and questions that remain however. For example what is the COVID-19 rates prior to this COVID dashboard? What are the COVID-19 infection numbers in the spring of 2020? If anyone has that information please contact this blog so it can be explored and analyzed.  Continue reading