Why Josh Harris’ Deconversion From Christianity is a Positive Development, and How Evangelical Christians Are Responding to Him

Recently on Instagram Josh Harris explained that he is no longer a Christian. Harris’ deconversion from Christianity has created a buzz on the internet. This post looks at what happened and explains why this is a positive development for Josh Harris. A faith crisis can be healthy and good and this blog hopes that each reader who processes this post will go through one in their life. The real tragedy in the perspective of this blog is how Josh Harris is being mocked, ridiculed and and attacked by evangelical Christians. This situation shows the insecurity of many evangelicals. Continue reading

Do You Want to Write? I Would like to Build a Diverse Independent Team that Can Write The Wondering Eagle

The Wondering Eagle would like to transition from a one person blog to a team that can write about a number of issues. Those issues include atheism, doubt, Neo-Calvinism, the EFCA, Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Baptist Church and issues in evangelicalism. I would like to bring on a diverse set of people in time who would have freedom to publish what is on their mind. If you are interested please drop me a note and let’s figure out a way forward.  Continue reading

Is Wil Owens, the Senior Pastor of Clovis Evangelical Free Still Drooling Over C.J. Mahaney?

Sovereign Grace erupted into scandal in 2011, when the Christian church found out about the allegations of criminal activity about C.J. Mahaney. Those allegations still dog him today and hang over his “ministry.” Against all that Wil Owens the Senior Pastor of Clovis Evangelical Free Church embraced Mahaney and recommend a wolf to his congregation. This post asks the following question…does the Senior Pastor of Clovis Evangelical Free have the ability to practice discernment and protect his flock? Continue reading

Is Neo-Calvinism Creating Mini Popes and a Misapplication of Scripture?

A comment by Daniel Roueche at Nate Sparks Facebook page leads to this quick and brief post. Its an honest question about how sustainable is Neo-Calvinist application of  theology in the end? What is its legacy for abuse, poor theology, and in the process creating a mini-Rome? I’ll let you guys discuss this below. Another post is going up later today. Continue reading

An Overview of the Situation at Covenant Life Church (CLC) Involving Larry Caffery, Efforts to Change Maryland Statute of Limitations Law, and Terry Mayo and Charlotte Ennis as CLC Tools

An overview of the current situation at Covenant Life Church involving Larry Caffery. This touches on Mark Mitchell’s communications and asks who knew what and when? Plus the timing of Larry Caffery is especially stunning in light of Pam Palmer’s efforts to change the statute of limitation laws in Maryland. This also looks at two tools that exist from Covenant Life Church – Charlotte Ennis and Terry Mayo.  Finally I ask a question that eats me about Terry Mayo’s claim of a false accusation in light of my own false accusation from a Care Group Leader from Eric Simmons’ Redeemer Arlington.
Continue reading