David Platt is Resigning as the Head of the International Missions Board. What Does this Mean for McLean Bible?

David Platt announces that he will resign the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Missions Board. Quite simply David cannot lead the IMB and also teach at McLean Bible (MBC) simultaneously. This post asks how will this decision affect  MBC? Will the cannibalization of MBC continue on pace or will it speed up?  Continue reading

Before there was Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, Matt Laurer and Others there was Brock Estes and Elverson. Was this Small Pennsylvania Town Ahead of the National Issue When it Comes to Sexual Misconduct?

A post about the situation in Elverson, Pennsylvania with Brock Estes. Is Elverson, ahead of the national curve when it came to disgust and anger over the issue of sexual misconduct and abuse? While I believe Elverson was ahead of the national movement in the United States the following question remains. If Harvey Weinstein lost his job over alleged sexual misconduct, will Brock Estes at one point also lose his job? What about the role Steve Estes or Merle and David Stoltzfus played in the situation?  Continue reading

The Disturbing Blind Spot with The Bridge Fresno Which Will Leave People Hurt

Concern about The Bridge Fresno’s prayer policy leads to this post. This came about after a conversation with David Peters in front of the sound booth on Sunday morning. By being such a church that is so small group centric and not contacting people in regards to prayer leaves the door open for people to be hurt or leave a bitter taste in their mouth when it comes to Christianity.  Continue reading

The Wondering Eagle for 2017, The Year in Review, My Assessment and What is Coming in 2018

This is the final post at The Wondering Eagle for 2017. In a year filled with pain and loss I wrote 300 posts about the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA), Neo-Calvinism, The Gospel Coalition, 9 Marks, Redeemer Arlington, and also atheism and secular humanism. This is an overview of the top posts and my personal favorites. Also I discuss what is coming in 2018. In January The Wondering Eagle is going to look at a dark Acts 29 situation in the United States. Continue reading

Why is The Village Church Promoting Bryan Loritts’s Material? Does Matt Chandler Take Allegations of Sex Crimes at Fellowship Memphis Seriously?

The Village Church which is led by Matt Chandler is promoting Bryan Loritts material on the church’s website. Bryan Loritts was a teaching pastor at Fellowship Memphis, in which a dark scandal took place in which I believe child pornography was allegedly manufactured. Does Matt Chandler get that child pornography is illegal and a crime? Especially in light of the Jordan Root scandal which took place at The Village Church in 2015? Why would one church that dealt with this issue promote material from a pastor that was allegedly involved in the cover up at another church?  Continue reading

As The Bridge Fresno Votes on New Elders, a Warning Based off of Experience in Writing About Difficult Issues in the EFCA and Modern Evangelicalism

On November 30, 2017 voting for the elder candidates closes at The Bridge Fresno. This post is just a quick article about the issues at stake and what could happen if The Bridge Fresno is theologically hijacked. This post is inspired by what I witnessed at Deaf Church on Sunday and why that unique community needs to be made stable for those in it.  Continue reading

The Bridge Fresno’s Deaf Church, can this be a Model for the EFCA When it Comes to Church for those Who are Deaf?

An overview of The Bridge Fresno’s Deaf Church which is for people who are deaf. I sat through a Deaf Church service and  this is an overview and history of the program, and what I observed. Deaf Church is a unique part of The Bridge Fresno and The Wondering Eagle hopes that people understand how important it is, that it is maintained, and that it can be a greater model for the EFCA.  Continue reading