The Secular World Again Shows Evangelicalism Why Its a Failure as a Movement. Considering Stephen Ayres’ Apology to United States Capitol and D.C. Metropolitan Police

At the last January 6 hearing an alleged insurrectionist Stephen Ayres came up to D.C. Metropolitan Police and United States Capitol Police and apologized for his behavior on January 6, 2021. It got a lot of attention and press. Harry Dunn said at this point he can not accept Ayres apology, and wants him to do more. Other police officers were surprised and did not see the apology coming. In the view of this blog American evangelicalism has failed. And one of the reasons why is because evangelicals never say they are sorry nor ask for forgiveness. If you want to find examples of forgiveness don’t look to the evangelical church, instead look to the secular world where you are most likely to find it. Continue reading

Another Take on Evangelicalism: The Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths and the Foolish Belief That Spiritual Regeneration is Possible

Evangelical theology speaks boldly about how one must be born again. Its the process of spiritual regeneration. But what does spiritual regeneration mean for narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths? Is it possible? If evangelical theology attracts alleged sociopaths and psychopaths’ like James MacDonald, Mark Driscoll or C.J. Mahaney is a core pillar of evangelical theology broken? Continue reading

Recommended Read: David Brooks in The New York Times, “The Dissenters Trying to Save Evangelicalism From Itself.”

In The New York Times there is a hard hitting column about the brokenness of American evangelicalism. Written by David Brooks it ties a lot of loose ends together. It reveals the many broken fissures of evangelicalism and how all of them are dragging evangelicalism down and revealing the rot that makes up the evangelical Christian church. From Mark Driscoll, to Ravi Zacharias to Jerry Falwell Jr to the evangelical support of Trump and sex abuse. All these issues are revealing the broken nature of the evangelical church and are why people are abandoning it. Continue reading

Benjamin Petry son of Paul Petry Travels to The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona to Try and Reconcile Mark Driscoll with His Father. This is His Story

Benjamin Petry is the son of former Mars Hill Seattle elder Paul Petry. On his Facebook page he recently wrote about his attempt to reconcile Mark Driscoll to his father. Benjamin traveled to Arizona to meet with Mark Driscoll. This blog received permission from Benjamin to publish his write up. This is Benjamin Petry’s story. Continue reading

The Origins of Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church and How Darien Bennett Cannibalized Members From Scottsdale Bible Church

When The Trinity Church started in 2016 one of the questions that existed is who is going to it and how did they get involved? Today’s post helps fill in the gaps of Mark Driscoll’s infamous church in Arizona and how a large group of men from Scottsdale Bible Church was allegedly cannibalized by former Scottsdale pastor Darien Bennett. There are also questions about Darien’s counseling services and the fees he charges. Continue reading

Jessica Johnson Discusses the Issues with the Mars Hill Podcast by Mike Cosper. In the Process Some of This Blog’s Work on the Sojourn Network is Acknowledged

Mike Cosper did a podcast on the tragic saga or Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. Jessica Johnson a lecturer at the University of Washington who has done academic research and published about Mars Hill called out Cosper and explained the problems with the podcast. In the process this blog’s work on Sojourn was acknowledged. The Wondering Eagle previously filled in the gaps of what happened to Daniel Montgomery and his failed restoration process. Continue reading

Suggested Churches For People Leaving The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona

As The Trinity Church scandal continues this blog wanted to publish a post offering some suggestions of churches in the both the Scottsdale and Phoenix area for those looking for alternatives to Mark Driscoll’s church. This blog has three recommendations for those who want to try a church or leave Driscoll’s. Those three are Open Arms, Jesus Church and Oasis Church.  Continue reading

Vince Manuele Broadcasts a YouTube Video Explaining How Mark Driscoll Leads a Cult in Arizona

One of the individuals in the family driven out of Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church broadcast a video earlier today explaining why the controversial pastor leads a cult in Arizona. Vince Manuele’s video is articulate, mature and he does a good job pushing back against Driscoll. If you get a chance this blog would recommend you listen to it. Continue reading