Considering Authoritarianism in Evangelicalism. Did Individuals Like Mark Driscoll in Seattle Pave the way for Evangelicals to Follow Donald Trump?

Evangelical Christianity is a very authoritarian culture. There are many pastors who can rule in a authoritarian manner. I have experienced this in a couple of churches as well. This blog would like to ask a question, when you consider some of the evangelical personalities that exist from C.J. Mahaney, to Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald; have such pastors paved the way for people like Donald Trump? Is evangelical culture nothing but authoritarianism and abuse?  Continue reading

What Happened to the Deer Herd at Camp Harvest?

Camp Harvest had a deer herd which was maintained and used for hunting. People could pay to hunt at Harvest Bible Chapel’s camp in Michigan. One of the stories that has yet to emerge is what happened to the deer herd at Camp Harvest. This blog knows part of the story as what happened to the deer herd and this post will share what is known. The goal is to let other people run with this information so that this can be revealed. Continue reading

In Reaction to Scandal Great Commission Collective Churches are Abandoning the Harvest Bible Chapel Brand Name

Churches inside the Great Commission Collective are changing their name from Harvest Bible Chapel to another name. In a brief time Jeff Hoenshell Harvest Bible Chapel Fairfax and Bryan White of Harvest Bible Chapel North Indy changed their name close to each other. Observing that is what led to this post. This is about how scandal destroys a brand name.  Continue reading