Evangelical Christianity is Plagued by Demagogues and for Many Evangelicals the Authoritarian Demagogue is Their Drug

Demagogues are often discussed in the context of political systems. This blog believes that the issue of the demagogue also fits in the evangelical Christian model. Mike Signer who has written about demagogues has said some aspects of demagogues that this article is drawing from. And when it comes to demagogues many evangelicals in the United States act like a moth to the light. Its their drug. Continue reading

Reid Kapple Anger is Not Always Bad

Reid Kapple is a pastor at Christ Community Church in Olathe, Kansas. Recently at the church blog the EFCA pastor wrote about anger and how to address it. After reading the post this blog wanted to offer some friendly push back, and remind Reid that anger is not always bad. This blog wished evangelicals would become angry over spiritual corruption and abuse instead of being apathetic.  Continue reading

Bethel’s Bill Johnson Pushes Anti-Vaxx Disinformation and Reveals How He Does Not Believe in Romans 13 When it Comes to California State Government

The other day on Instagram Bill Johnson of Bethel was pushing disinformation when it came to the COVID-19 vaccination. The letters the controversial pastor pushed had issues and ignored history, current information and was classical evangelical garbage that plays to a person’s fears. But the fact that he did this after Kris Vallotton revealed his obsession with female genitalia the question needs to be asked. Where do Bill and Beni Johnson stand when it comes to a female’s hymen? Continue reading

The Southern Baptist International Missions Board is the First United States Missionary Agency to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccination for All Missionaries

In September the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptists mandated their missioners be vaccinated against COVID-19. The IMB expects to lose some missionaries but knows that many will follow protocol and get vaccinated. Many foreign nations are requiring COVID-19 vaccination for entry and this is the SBC being realistic and developing sound policy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading

The New York Times Writes About Evangelical Culture Warrior and Homeschooling Advocate Michael Farris and His Efforts to Overturn an Election for the First Time in United States History

The New York Times recently wrote about Michael Farris’ efforts to overturn the last Presidential election. The Christian nationalist known for his ties to the homeschooling community and the evangelical culture wars worked to over turn the election so that more judges can be appointed and gays and abortion can be fought. The New York Times obtained the information through record requests. This is a shocking read to process.
Continue reading

Why is Kris Vallotton Obsessed With a Female’s Hymen? Is Bethel a Safe Place for Sexual Abuse and Rape Victims?

Bethel’s Kris Vallotton pushed an older sermon from 2014 recently that among other issues talked about how a female’s hymen can be restored. Bethel is the perfect place for a predator and Kris’ teaching can heap a lot of shame among rape and sexual abuse victims. But why is Kris Vallotton so obsessed with a hymen as well? Continue reading

When The Elijah List Sends Out the Following Advertisements Does That Explain Why Some Evangelicals Have Resorted to Terrorism Like We Saw on January 6, 2021?

The Elijah List recently sent out an advertisement that really played to people’s fears. In addition to the culture war rhetoric now they the issue is also election integrity. Now imagine if a source like The Elijah List was all you depended upon for information. Wouldn’t; you become an evangelical terrorist like we saw on January 6, 2021? Continue reading