As the Delta Varient Soars In the Covid-19 Pandemic the EFCA’s Greg Strand Stays Silent on the National Blog and Will Not Explain the Theological Reasoning for Vaccination

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes with the Delta Variant, this blog is noticing the continued silence out of the EFCA in Minneapolis on this vary topic. The EFCA should be front and center and Greg Strand should have written a post or two at the national blog explaining the theological reasons why Christians should get vaccinated. Instead that is not happening and instead the COVID-19 death toll which is not far from surpassing the death toll of the Spanish Flu from 1918 until 1920 continues to grow. This silence in a medical crisis begs the question, does the EFCA love Jesus? Does the EFCA love thy neighbor? Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Paige Hilken, COVID-19 and Alternative Medicine

On Paige Hilken’s blog she wrote about her own COVID-19 diagnosis. In her post there was a lot of self diagnosis, leaning on YouTube videos and some alternative medicine. This is an issue that many evangelical’s struggle with as many eschew expertise. Its dangerous when people act like they know better than medical providers and doctors. Speaking of COVID-19 this blog has a question, was Paige Hilken vaccinated? Can someone answer that question below?  Continue reading

Is the Museum of the Bible Trafficking in Stolen and Fraudulent Antiquities ?

The Museum of the Bible is not far from the National Mall here in Washington, D.C. Its a museum created and mostly celebrated by American evangelicals. Yet the Museum of the Bible since opening in 2017 and even beforehand, has been drowning in scandal. The museum has obtained or acquired looted, illegal and often stolen artifacts either before it opened or afterward. The Museum of the Bible exists so Steve Green of Hobby Lobby can take a tax write off. When you think about it the United States government is paying Green to be corrupt. This is an overview of some of the scandal with defines the Museum of the Bible. Continue reading

#ICantBreath The Wondering Eagle is Calling For an Independent Outside Investigation into How Liberty University’s Police Arrested an African-American Man

On July 26, 2021 Liberty University Police engaged in a questionable arrest of an African-American man. The arrest turned rough when one of the Liberty Police officers placed his knee on the neck of Charles Miller. For this blog it is too reminiscent of the behavior by Derek Chauvin of Minneapolis. Liberty University has had a large racial problem that has led to African-American athletes leaving the school and Jerry Falwell Jr joking about the Ku Klux Klan and being blackface. This situation by the Liberty University Police Department is another extension of the cultural problems of this troubled evangelical school. Continue reading

Sarah Pulliam Bailey in The Washington Post Writes About David Platt Warning of a Disinformation Campaign to Take Over McLean Bible

The Washington Post recently wrote a detailed article about the controversies happening at McLean Bible. Its about disinformation and David Platt’s claims that a small group is trying to take over the evangelical church. This blog post is documenting the article and preserving it as this blog writes about McLean Bible.  Continue reading

As Evangelicals Scoff at Vaccines: Stephen Harmon of Hillsong Rejects Vaccination and Dies of COVID-19 in Los Angeles. Meanwhile Jonathan Lotz Fights COVID in an ICU in a Raleigh-Durham Hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic has been in the news with the growing Delta Variant. In Los Angeles COVID claimed the life of Hillsong’s Stephen Harmon. Meanwhile on the East Coast Billy Graham’s grandson is in the ICU fighting COVID-19. Harmon mocked vaccination against COVID. This blog researched and could not find out if Jonathan Lotz is vaccinated. This blog is encouraging you to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  Continue reading

A Scientist Schools Wade Burleson on Vaccination, Masks and COVID-19 on Twitter. Meanwhile the Enid Pastor Continues Pushing Out Disinformation and Practices Obfuscation

The other day on Twitter a scientist saw Wade Burleson putting out disinformation about COVID-19, face masks, and vaccination. This person stepped up and challenged him on his disinformation. This is another post about the ongoing problem of American evangelicals practicing disinformation. In this particular case we see Wade Burleson represents the problems of evangelicalism.  Continue reading