Is the Museum of the Bible Trafficking in Stolen and Fraudulent Antiquities ?

The Museum of the Bible is not far from the National Mall here in Washington, D.C. Its a museum created and mostly celebrated by American evangelicals. Yet the Museum of the Bible since opening in 2017 and even beforehand, has been drowning in scandal. The museum has obtained or acquired looted, illegal and often stolen artifacts either before it opened or afterward. The Museum of the Bible exists so Steve Green of Hobby Lobby can take a tax write off. When you think about it the United States government is paying Green to be corrupt. This is an overview of some of the scandal with defines the Museum of the Bible. Continue reading

Sarah Pulliam Bailey in The Washington Post Writes About David Platt Warning of a Disinformation Campaign to Take Over McLean Bible

The Washington Post recently wrote a detailed article about the controversies happening at McLean Bible. Its about disinformation and David Platt’s claims that a small group is trying to take over the evangelical church. This blog post is documenting the article and preserving it as this blog writes about McLean Bible.  Continue reading

McLean Bible is Engaging in Spiritual Abuse in How Its Allegedly Using Non Disclosure Agreements

It was quite the story. Several years back this blog was approached by a former McLean Bible employee. They told me of what happened behind the scenes. When it comes to religious intelligence it was a solid lead, credible story and well vetted source. This blog learned about how McLean Bible was allegedly using non disclosure agreements to silence people and the staff who left when Mark Dever and Dale Sutherland worked to theologically flip McLean Bible. Many of those former staff were silenced and abused by McLean Bible and this blog post is calling for them to be released. McLean Bible is not the National Security Agency and does not need to use non disclosure agreements. Continue reading

Is David Platt’s McLean Bible Planning on Going Authoritarian on Bloggers?

At the last congregation meeting what sounded like an ominous warning looping in bloggers with online platforms, and media brings about this post.  Is David Platt’s McLean Bible going to become authoritarian and go after bloggers? That would not work out well for McLean Bible. This post explains all the problems that would come about if McLean Bible starts to go after bloggers.  Continue reading

Preserving the Christianity Today Article That Discusses McLean Bible Joining the Southern Baptist Convention

This post is preserving the original article that discusses David Platt leaving the Southern Baptists International Missions Board. The article also discusses McLean Bible joining the Southern Baptists and affiliating with the Southern Baptists of Virginia.  This blog sticks to facts and that is what this post is all about.  Continue reading

David Platt, McLean Bible and Addressing False Accusations

Last night at the McLean Bible congregation meeting David Platt addressed an outrageous claim and read part of an email. The claim is that David Platt is going to sell McLean Bible and turn it over to Muslims. It is a false accusation and part of a disinformation effort. I felt sick as I listened to it, especially as this blogger once was subjected to a false accusation. This post is about false accusations and this blog rejects any such behavior against David Platt and his family. This blog wants people to stick to the facts and remain level headed and not resort to the behavior of those like Dale Sutherland or Mark Dever who worked to perform a theological coup at McLean Bible several years ago. Continue reading