Why Sexual Abuse Needs to be on the Agenda of EFCA One in Chicago

On June 18, 2019 the Evangelical Free Church of America is meeting in Chicago, Illinois for their biennial conference known as EFCA One.  At this event, its this blog’s hope that the EFCA will discuss sexual assault and abuse. That it will be spurred to from events in the Southern Baptist Convention to what is playing out in society. There are warnings about sexual abuse inside the EFCA, and this blog has been approached about problems. This post explains how I view the topic and how plan to cover it. Continue reading

Harvest Bible Chapel Drops the Lawsuit Against The Elephant’s Debt and Julie Roys, What Does This Mean?

Harvest Bible Chapel dropped the lawsuit against Julie Roys and the writers of The Elephant’s Debt and their wives. This post is an overview of the situation from this corrupt church organization and how this news should be viewed. James MacDonald lost big and its time for bloggers to step up to the plate and continue to write about Harvest Bible Chapel.  
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How Did James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel Become so Corrupt?

The question is one that has hanged over me since I began to write about Harvest Bible Chapel. How did James MacDonald become so corrupt? From 1988 until 2018 what happened? How did James MacDonald change? What made him become drunk for power and money? Or is what Dave Corning wrote on The Elephant’s Debt capture it well? This post is a discussion on how James MacDonald became corrupt.
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The Wondering Eagle Review of 2018. The Top Stories and Posts and What is Coming in 2019

This is the final post for The Wondering Eagle for 2018. This article reviews the stories and situations covered in the year of 2018. From Acts 29, to the EFCA to the Sojourn Network, the atheist community and Harvest Bible Chapel. This is a wrap up of all the work this blog accomplished. Plus I discuss what is coming in 2019 as well.
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