Evangelicals and Art: Anyone Can Whistle


Anyone Can Whistle is a musical by Stephen Sondheim, with the book by Arthur Laurents. It was Angela Lansbury’s first musical stage role. The musical is,  well confusing. Its about a corrupt mayoress, idealistic nurse, a man who may be a doctor and a number fo other people trying to save a bankrupt town. The musical was a failure only being open for 9 shows. However, it developed a cult following and its score is memorable.  If you’re pressed for time I’d listen to “Anyone Can Whistle” or “With so Little to be Sure of.” Have a good weekend!

Lee Remick – Anyone Can Whistle

Harry Guardino – Everybody Says Don’t

Lee Remick – See What it Gets You

Lee Remick – There Won’t be Trumpets

Bernadette Peters – Anyone Can Whistle

Scott Bakula and Bernadette Peters – With so Little to be Sure of

Angela Lansbury – Me and My Town