A Sunday Morning at Falls Church Anglican With Logan Gates From Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. And Considering Church Support For a Scandal Plagued Apologist

This past week Ravi Zacharias International Ministries released a damning report that showed how the Christian evangelist engaged in rape and sexual abuse. But how did we get here? We arrived here because many Christians choose to ignore the scandals with a person like Ravi Zacharias. Two years ago on a Sunday morning at Falls Church Anglican in Falls Church, Virginia this was on display. Despite inflated academic credentials and a sexting scandal John Yates promoted Zacharias. And that same morning an employee from Ravi Zacharias International Ministry spoke about what he was doing in Canada as a speaker with this ministry. Scandal happens because of the indifference of churches and the employees of ministries. Ultimately there is apathy to care and do the right thing. What makes this even more notorious is that Falls Church Anglican drew a line in the sand over homosexuality and got national headlines for breaking away from the Episcopal Church; and yet they didn’t give a damn about the abuse or scandal by Ravi Zacharias and looked the other way.  Continue reading

Paul Buckley Writes About Growing the Gospel in New England. Is it the Most Secular Area in the United States as he Claims?

At The Gospel Coalition recently Paul Buckley who leads The Gospel Coalition for New England wrote an article about growing the Gospel in the most secular place in the United States – Boston and New England. But is New England the most secular part of the United States? This blog believes that many Neo-Calvinists are prone to exaggeration which allows them to live in a bubble of alternative facts.  Continue reading

After a Recent Gospel Coalition Article Has Wendy Alsup Learned Her Lessons from Mars Hill Seattle?

Recently at The Gospel Coalition Wendy Alsup who was involved in Mars Hill Seattle wrote a post about trusting elders and being honest with them. While I know Wendy has had some challenging years and difficulties there was an issue on my mind that I needed to address. After all sometimes you can do the right things and abuse and questionable activity still happens. Whereas Wendy Alsup has faith in Protestantism, this blogger does not especially when I contemplate the issues being systemic.  Continue reading