The Allegations of Violence by James MacDonald, The 2018 Southern Baptist Pastors Conference in Birmingham, Alabama and David Platt

The allegations of violence by James MacDonald that were written about in World magazine are troubling. Also disturbing is that James MacDonald is scheduled to speak at a Southern Baptist Pastor’s Conference in Birmingham, Alabama in June of 2019. The theme of the conference is “Kingdom Character.” How people like David Platt will respond is crucial. Remember David Platt was head of the International Missions Board when the Mark Aderholt, and Anne Marie Miller situation came out. Will David Platt be against the James MacDonald allegations of abuse? What will his stand mean for McLean Bible? And will the Southern Baptists ignore the allegations of violence and what does that mean for Harvest Bible Chapel?
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Shaun McDonnell on Twitter About James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel Orlando and Harvest Bible Chapel Winter Garden

On Twitter this afternoon Shaun McDonnell told a story in a series of tweets. It is about how James MacDonald would not support Harvest Bible Chapel Orlando and supported the launch of Harvest Bible Chapel Winter Garden. What happened you ask? Orlando’s elders removed their senior pastor. For James, Scott Pierre and his family foundation  remained one of his biggest financial supporters having given at least $35 million dollars to his ministries over a ten year period.
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Julie Roys Through World Magazine Writes About Alleged Financial Misconduct and Abuse at James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel

Julie Roys article about James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel has been published. This article MacDonald sued to prevent being released. As MacDonald has failed to stop this article going forward may the world and people in the Chicago area process much of this damning information and walk away from Harvest Bible Chapel. Continue reading

What Role Will Naples, Florida Play in the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal?

What is the role of John Secrest’s Harvest Bible Naples? Why did Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago shift from the hub and spoke model to plant in SW Florida? Is that how James MacDonald is going to escape Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago? It is this blogs belief that John Secrest’s days are numbered as the Senior Pastor of Naples. This blog would also like to ask how is Harvest Naples financially structured? Is it in the same 501(c)(3) as Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago or is it separate? This is important to know as Dan Busby’s Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is drilling down into Harvest Bible Chapel’s financials in Elgin today. Continue reading

Harvest Bible Chapel Update: The Elephant’s Debt is Fully Funded, Julie Roys in Discovery is Asking for James MacDonald’s Tax Returns From 1995 Through 2018

The Elephant’s Debt is fully funded as a result of generous financial gifts that ex-Harvest Bible Chapel members and attenders have provided. Also worth noting is that Julie Roys as a part of discovery requested James and Kathy MacDonald’s Illinois and federal tax returns to be made available.  Will the lawsuit be withdrawn is the question this blog would like to ask? After all the last thing James MacDonald wants is for financial mishandling allegations to be confirmed.
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