Matt Chandler’s “Discretion” is Not That Bad. As Confusion Abounds Why Doesn’t The Village Church Release the Independent Investigation?

Confusion abounds at The Village Church in Texas. Matt Chandler has stepped as aside and one of his friends Preston Sprinkle defended him saying he violated the “Billy Graham” rule. Meanwhile The Village Church elders issued a statement defending Chandler. If the The Village Church wants to show that nothing serious happened then what they need to do is released the report by Castaneda and Heidelman. Continue reading

The New York Times Writes About Matt Chandler Stepping Aside at The Village Church

This blog is going to be writing about what is going on with Matt Chandler and The Village Church. Chandler stepped aside over allegations of an inappropriate relationship. While this blog works on the post, this blog does want to capture the New York Times article writing about Chandler stepping aside. Expect a longer post tomorrow about this development. Continue reading

It’s Time to Tell This Story. An Encounter with a Potential Blog Source Foreshadowed the Coming Issue with Critical Race Theory and Paranoia in Evangelicalism

In 2017 this blog had a conversation with a Southern Baptist pastor that was stunning. A discussion about David Platt turned to cultural Marxism and a conspiracy by former President Obama to corrupt the Southern Baptists. This talk was disturbing and helped reveal to me in time the coming critical race theory wars within evangelicalism. Continue reading

Why Jon Brackett’s Acts 29 The Porch Will Not be Able to Reach the Lost in San Francisco

This blog engaged with an Acts 29 church in San Francisco, California while traveling and is met with coldness and being ignored. In the view of this blog The Porch is not going to be able to save “the lost” of the Bay Area because it appears they view questions as being hostile. Even Jesus himself would not be welcome at The Porch. In the view of this blog this also raises questions about what exactly is Neal Brower of the Western District supporting when it comes to church plants? Today’s post is about a missed opportunity by both the EFCA and Acts 29. Continue reading

Evangelicals Once Claimed They Spoke of Moral Truth. Recent Scandals in Both Neo-Calvinism and Christian Nationalism Reveals They No Longer Believe in Truth

Evangelicals have long proclaimed that they believe and have the truth. That they have the moral truth and have made the claim for the longest time. But recent scandals both in Neo-Calvinism and Christian nationalism suggest and reveal that the emperor is naked. Today many evangelicals have assumed and acted the role of Pontius Pilate scoffing and asking, “what is truth?” Truth is what is expedient and changeable as many evangelicals lack conviction and integrity.  Continue reading