A Visit to First Free Wichita in Kansas and Some Thoughts

On Sunday September 5, 2021 this blog visited First Free Wichita in Wichita, Kansas to audit a church service and write a review of the experience. First Free has a reputation for its authoritarianism in the EFCA’s Midwest District. After sitting through a service I introduced myself to Senior Pastor Josh Black where I got an earful. This blog, due to First Free’s 9 Marks connections and Josh Black’s leadership does not recommended this EFCA church. If you attend, caveat emptor! Continue reading

How Two Different EFCA Churches in the Washington, D.C. Area Have Responded to the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

This post is a look at how two different EFCA churches in the Washington, D.C. area are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. I selected one Arminian, Crossway Fellowship of Manassas and one Calvinist, Cornerstone Church in Annandale and look at how each is responding the ongoing pandemic. And once again, this blog also learns that writing about some of these churches are deeply intimate, as this blog learns that someone he knows from a previous evangelical church is in a leadership position. Continue reading

McLean Bible is Engaging in Spiritual Abuse in How Its Allegedly Using Non Disclosure Agreements

It was quite the story. Several years back this blog was approached by a former McLean Bible employee. They told me of what happened behind the scenes. When it comes to religious intelligence it was a solid lead, credible story and well vetted source. This blog learned about how McLean Bible was allegedly using non disclosure agreements to silence people and the staff who left when Mark Dever and Dale Sutherland worked to theologically flip McLean Bible. Many of those former staff were silenced and abused by McLean Bible and this blog post is calling for them to be released. McLean Bible is not the National Security Agency and does not need to use non disclosure agreements. Continue reading

What is Critical Race Theory? And Starting a Discussion on a Controversial Subject and What to Expect at The Wondering Eagle

Critical race theory is a hot topic today and a part of evangelical culture wars. This post attempts to do an overview of this complicated topic. From the history of the theory to what it means. Another challenge is that you have traditional conservatives and the hyper, or John Birch conservatives as I like to refer to them. In working on this post I had to wrestle with this topic which was challenging. This blog would suggest that some of the debates also fall in the Calvinistic and Arminian divide. And in doing a brief survey of modern evangelical denominations this blog asses that the Southern Baptists are going to be more impacted by critical race theory than other denominations, and it has to do with its history.  Continue reading

Trinity City Church Pastor Bryan Lair Recalls His Battle With Lymphoma

Recently at the national EFCA blog Bryan Lair who leads an EFCA/Acts 29 church in Saint Paul, Minnesota reflected on his battle with cancer. The lymphoma took place in 2019 and Bryan wrote about how it prepared him for 2020. This blog is not going to pick apart Bryan’s thoughts on this issue, but its encouraging people to read the article. But it does give some insight into how a Calvinist faces challenges and suffering. Continue reading

How Lon Solomon Overextended Himself and How McLean Bible Became Calvinist

How did McLean Bible go Calvinist? What event in its history laid the foundation for a theological overthrow of a church? There is one aspect that this blog believes allowed Lon Solomon to overextend himself. In late 2007 McLean Bible tried to plant a church in Cleveland Park, as part of their “Spiritual Beltway” growth plan. The Cleveland Park plant backfired and it allowed for many people to see the issues at McLean Bible. In a few years after the failed plant Dale Sutherland would allegedly work with Mark Dever to flip the church, and that is exactly what happened.  Continue reading

Evangelizing Mormons and the Naïve Bubble of Liesl Counterman at The Gospel Coalition and Also Gospel Grace of Salt Lake City

An awful article appeared at The Gospel Coalition recently that talked about how to evangelize your Mormon friend. It is written by the wife of the pastor of Gospel Grace in Salt Lake City. This blog wishes it could be a fly on the wall when this article is passed around in the LDS Ward and further pushes people away from Gospel Grace. Liesl Counterman’s article contained a lot of ignorance about Mormonism. But what stunned me is that she didn’t even mention the Utah Lighthouse Ministry which is the most successful ministry in Utah that engages in evangelism. Continue reading

Terry Glaspey at The Gospel Coalition on Novelists Who Affirm Faith. How Could Victor Hugo Be Neglected?

Recently at The Gospel Coalition Terry Glaspey wrote an article about novelists who affirm faith. His list leaves off one of the greatest novelists in western history – Victor Hugo. Works such as Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables have many theological lessons in each book. This is a response to this column by Terry Glaspey. Continue reading