An Open Letter to Justin Taylor

An open letter to Justin Taylor based off a recent Tweet he did. This is Eagle’s very blunt response to Justin Taylor. Bloggers never apologize of course…which is why I write about seeking forgiveness from Stephen Altrogge, Jordan Kauflin and Eric Simmons from Redeemer Arlington. But what the hell do I know? I’m just a blogger! This post is my response to Justin and it is being Tweeted to him.  

“Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves.”

Eric Hoffer

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”   

Joseph Goebbels

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”   

Joseph Goebbels

The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench
    and bring shame on themselves.

Proverbs 13:5 NIV

If you have not read Dee Parson’s post on this topic both here and Nate Sparks on this topic here, I would encourage you to read them.


I was having dinner on Friday when I checked my Twitter feed. I saw your Tweet and my blood pressure rose significantly. There are a few things that needs to be said and let me make it clear. This is going to be blunt and up front with nothing held back. What I saw on Twitter above made me feel absolutely sick, and enraged at the same time. Be forewarned this is going to be a rant. Be forewarned this is terse. Be especially forewarned if this is as aggressive as your style – if not more.

According to beef2live there are at least 2,550,000 cattle in the state of Montana. Now compare that with the population being 1,015,000. So as you can figure out there are at least 2 cows for every one person in Montana. Now in South Dakota and Nebraska the rate of cattle population to people is even higher. If you want to see what those rates are you can check that same page. Now here’s another factoid to consider…the average cow produces 65 lbs of manure a day. That comes out to 12 tons in a year. So if I do some math and multiply 2,550,000 cattle against 65 that tells us that in the state of Montana cattle generate 165,750,000 million pounds of manure each day. Now that is a lot of manure. I am sure you are reading this and thinking…Eagle where are you going with this, what is your point? Well hang on, and bear with me, you’ll find out in a second. I would venture to suggest that despite the enormous amount of fecal matter that cattle produce in Montana each day, you can find much more BS on Justin Taylor’s blog. Now that is particularly impressive when you consider all that trivia, but in all honesty,  I just have to be honest and call him out on that Tweet. I said your Tweet is BS.

You have it backwards. The reality of the situation is that it is the Neo-Calvinists who can’t say they are sorry. Being a Neo-Calvinist means you can treat a person like dog crap, treat them like garbage and not do a damn thing afterward. Justin this will be the first of what I predict to be many open letters to you. You and I are going to have words and clash for this one simple reason. There comes a time when one has to draw a line in the sand and say…enough. Enough to the lies. Enough to the propaganda. Enough with the garbage. Your behavior and rhetoric would make Joseph Goebbels smile and say with a tear in his eye…”that’s my boy.” We are long past objective reasoning and into straight forward propaganda. Propaganda has nothing to do with the truth, it’s about warping the information for a desired end.  Look at Germany, Italy, Romania, China, North Korea, and the Soviet Union. Have I made my point Justin?

What makes your Tweet to be exceptionally outrageous is the history you have which highlights the fact that a Neo-Calvinist doesn’t believe that they have to right a wrong – any wrong. Let’s take you Justin there are at least two examples that I can think of personally. The first one deals with Janet Mefferd confronting Mark Driscoll on plagiarism. It was on her radio show. Here is the Tweet in question.


In the process you called for people to boycott her. So what happens in the course of time? Mark Driscoll is revealed to have plagiarized a number of books and this is one of the many things that ended his career in Seattle. So now that Janet Mefferd was vindicated where are you? Justin can’t you do the right thing and take that Tweet back? Forgive me for being blunt. I hate to break this to you Justin but you are not a man because you have a penis. Heck bulls also have a penis but that doesn’t make them a man. What makes a man is an ability to own a mistake come forward, and say, “You know what I was wrong, I was wrong, please forgive me and lets work this all out.” Yet you can’t do that…it’s been well over a year since Mark Driscoll’s plagiarism was exposed and you can’t do the right thing. I have one word that comes to my mind.


Then there is this second situation on The Gospel Coalition that makes my blood boil. In defense of C.J. Mahaney you were one of three people that issued a statement in defense of Mahaney. In the process you went after a rape victim.

Did you hear me Justin? You went after a rape victim. As they say in the U.S. Army “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!” Who the hell does that? And you think you’re a man?

And despite the conviction of Nathaniel Morales you still can’t call back those words or retract them. Was the Montgomery County Prosecutor exhibiting a “Javert like obsession?” Was law enforcement exhibiting a “Javert like obsession.” No they were just doing their job. That is something you might try sometime. Work – outside the Crossway bubble.  As in hold a real job, deal with a performance appraisal, and have a supervisor. Try and coordinate leave requests with others. Have your boss outline sales or production goals. Your eyes might be opened if you have to work and be accountable to someone in a professional field out side the back slapping Neo-Calvinist circles. I’m sorry but being the Senior Vice President and Publisher for Books really doesn’t cut it. But can I suggest you try work? I mean get a real job! That statement in defense of Mahaney is horrific and its so uncalled. That statement is why I think Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you Justin. He would be proud because your level of propaganda is superb.  Even with all that Joseph Goebbels knew about propaganda, he could learn a number of things from you.

There is one thing that I keep going over in my mind when I see your pit bull like behavior…and it’s the following question. Why? It also leads me to ask this question in the context of other information. Over at The Wartburg Watch, my East Coast Mom and Deb proved that Al Mohler had received at least $200,000 from C.J. Mahaney. That money was given both in a $100,000 gift from SGM to Southern Seminary and also $100,000 by C.J. himself. Sometime later the following information spilled out on SGM Survivors:


So now we have allegations of C.J. Mahaney giving money to Wayne Grudem. It leaves me to ask this question….who else did C.J. Mahaney allegedly give money to? When I see how Justin Taylor reacts on Twitter, combined with this bastardized statement, and his position at Crossway it leaves me with this following question in my mind….Did Justin Taylor receive money from C.J. Mahaney also? Or is Justin Taylor hoping to cash out on C.J. Mahaney? Does Crossway give him a “Gospel Centered” bonus if he sells so many C.J. Mahaney books? I am not saying anything definitively…I am just thinking out loud and asking a question. So let me just ask you this question…Justin Taylor…did you take money from C.J. Mahaney? Can you answer that question for me?

Now I don’t consider myself a Watch Blogger, I consider myself just on the path of life who deals with a thug like you from time to time. I’m trying to get something out of my system from a guy who claimed that he was “spiritually healthy.” Trust me…if this is “spiritually healthy” I honestly wonder…what is spiritually sick? Anyhow the point I am trying to convey Justin is that I don’t tolerate BS. I just don’t…I honestly can’t stand it when people dance around it. So let me get into your comments about forgiveness. I have two words to say to that statement:


It’s an epic fail because its a lie straight from the pit of hell. It’s more propaganda and has no credibility to it. It’s almost like you make garbage up and pull it out of thin air.  There is no truth to that statement and its one of the reasons why this post is hammering you. Your ass is being owned buddy!  To prove you wrong here are some recent examples for you to feast on.

  • There was the time in the summer of 2013 when I approached Sovereign Grace and sought forgiveness. I emailed and interacted with Stephen Altorgee. I have the emails to prove the interaction and wrote about it in this post here. So Justin I approached a former Sovereign Grace church and sought forgiveness…so strike 1.
  • Next there was the time where I made a mistakes and thought Sojourn Fairfax which is led by Justin Pearson was involved in the Sojourn Network out of Louisville. I was walking out of work and had a feeling in my gut and realized it was not with Sojourn Network. Instead it was with Acts 29. So I recanted, was publicly about the mistakes and took it back.  Here is the public correction I made: ***Guys I made a mistake. I made some major edits. I had mistakenly thought Sojourn Church in Fairfax was a plant from the Sojourn Network in Louisville. It is not…its an Acts 29 plant. My mistake, I own it. I was walking out of work and I had a nagging feeling and I looked it up on Acts 29 and realized my error. So I made major edits, removed all the research and articles about Sojourn Network. I decided to leave in the song. This story today is about how I approached Sojourn once for forgiveness, if they are offended I can approach them a second time. I have no problem owning my errors(Edited September 10, 2015)*** You can read what I wrote in this post. So that is strike 2.
  • Next there was the time in February 2015 when I met with Eric Simmons and asked for forgiveness as I recall for calling Redeemer Arlington a cult. That was worked out by email but I followed up and met with him as well. That is strike 3.
  • Finally there has been I don’t know how many interactions with Jordan Kauflin and my buying him lunch at Four Sisters Grill in Arlington in the March time frame of 2015. During that meeting I apologized for some of what I wrote about Redeemer Arlington at SGM Survivors. In it I explained how I called Redeemer a cult and how that was over the top and how even I, who almost became a Mormon at one time in my life, would never tell a Mormon to his face that he is in a cult. Even if I believe that to be the case. But here me out I was willing to meet with Jordan Kauflin and did so. Heck I am still willing to meet with him or anyone. I think my past has exhibited that clearly.  That is strike 4.

So as you can see Justin that statement in that Tweet is BS. Pure and simple BS. And if you don’t take my word reach out to Stephen Altoragge, Justin Pearson, Eric Simmons and Jordan Kauflin and ask them. By all means please do, as none of them can deny my interactions with them.  Can you do that? Or are you afraid of that as well? You know Justin I have had it with your propaganda and outright lies. It’s malicious , dishonest and deceitful. It’s a disgrace that there is a Christian leader who can make Richard Dawkins look more in tune with the teachings of God than yourself. This is blunt, and maybe pushing it a bit, but there comes a time when one has to stop an say…ENOUGH!

Justin this will probably be the first of many letters to you. You don’t like it…live with it dude I am here to stay. I can be just as combative, and hard as you. I won’t do propaganda but man can I hammer you. And Justin…I will use this blog to hammer you, or anyone else who creates problems. This has to end, and it will one day. Until than expect to see some blog posts that are confrontational and in your face.  But honestly in all truth I don’t want to have to write posts like these. So can I step back for a second and ask you to do the right thing? Is that possible?

A watchblogger can’t apologize? What garbage!

It gives me no pleasure to write this letter,


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  1. Taylor’s tweet was pretty lame. It was bad enough to be throwing stones from his glass house but he also had to package it using one of the worst of the silencing tactics “you don’t have all the facts”.

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