Rick Trotter is Sentenced for Illegally Recording “UpSkirt” Videos at Richard Rieves Downtown Church and Goes on the Tennessee Sex Offender List; Plus Bryan Loritts Speaking Commitments Including my Former Church in California, The Bridge Fresno

Rick Trotter is guilty and sentanced for recording “upskirt” videos at Richard Rieves Downtown Church. The former announcer for the Memphis Grizzles is also going on the Tennessee sex offender registry. Also Bryan Loritts speaking schedule is busy for 2018 including at my old church in Fresno, California called The Bridge Fresno. Continue reading

Guest Post: Exploring the Issues of Manipulation, Shunning and Control in Acts 29’s Remnant Community Group Program. An Experience in Zach and Susan Crump’s Community Group

This is a guest post by a former participant in Zach and Susan Crump’s community group. Zach Crump’s community group is one of many in Acts 29 Remnant Church in Richmond, Virginia. This looks at the issues that exists, pressure to become a covenant member and how the group responded when the story teller lost two loved ones through death in the same week.  Continue reading

Jordan Kauflin from Redeemer Arlington on Community, Mission and Commitment Regarding Community Groups

This post looks at the community group program at Acts 29 Redeemer Arlington, and its vision by Jordan Kauflin. Jordan penned an article for the church blog. The timing of the article is especially dark as it was published a day after I endured a false accusation from a community group leader who was evangelizing me and trying to get me involved in this former Sovereign Grace Ministries church. Finally in the spirit of Emma Gonzalez from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School The Wondering Eagle calls B.S. on Redeemer Arlington.  Continue reading

The Reconciliation of Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas is Yet Another Example for the Evangelical Church

This is the story of Isiah Thomas of the Detroit Pistons and Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers. Its a story of a friendship that was once close and then broke down. Johnson believed that Thomas spread rumors that he was bi-sexual or gay in the wake of his HIV diagnoses. For over 20 years they had a major falling out. This all changed in December of 2017 when they met and Johnson apologized and expressed his love for his old friend. Its another story of how reconciliation and forgiveness can help people heal.  Continue reading