An Experience with Harvest Bible Chapel Fairfax. Plus how is James MacDonald Viewed by the Great Commission Collective?

The Wondering Eagle sat through Harvest Bible Chapel in Fairfax, Virginia this morning. I wanted to try and understand what people are emailing and telling me. What I sat through was the most intense worship service that I have come across. Concerns about Harvest culture being hard to de-tox is deeply concerning. Plus the question needs to be raised based off what I learned this morning. Does James MacDonald still have influence in the Great Commission Collective churches?  Continue reading

A Look at Rockpoint Church’s Political Comments on their Church Blog. A Gentle Reminder to the EFCA that they Need to Follow the Johnson Amendment

Senior Pastor Roy Fruits wrote a polarizing blog post that flirted with politics in the pulpit after the 2016 election. This is a look at what the pastor from the EFCA’s Rockpoint Church in Lake Elmo, Minnesota said. This post is a gentle reminder in the current election season that the Johnson Amendment prohibits politics being done from the pulpit. If this blog finds examples of EFCA churches that violate the Johnson Amendment I will report them to some of the atheist organizations I have interacted with.  Continue reading

Documenting Roy Fruits Political Commentary Through Rockpoint Church in Lake Elmo, Minnesota on the 2016 Election and the Supreme Court

This post is the first of two posts. This post preserves a political commentary that comes close to violating the Johnson Amendment. Senior Pastor Roy Fruits wrote a post on the church blog after the 2016 election about politics, the Supreme Court and God. This post at The Wondering Eagle captures this post for both discussion and historical purposes.  Continue reading

Why People Need to Leave Harvest Bible Chapel

This post explains to members and current attenders of Harvest Bible Chapel why they need to leave the questionable church network. The reasons are multiple and they are credible. From denying James MacDonald power and refusing to support his empire to why give money to an organization that lacks financial transparency? For those who read this who are involved in Harvest Bible Chapel it’s time to leave.  Continue reading

Does Christian Counseling & Education Foundation Take Domestic Abuse Seriously? Why is Steve Estes Still on the Board of Directors?

Steve Estes is still on the board of directors of Christian Counseling & Education Foundation (CCEF.) I remain baffled after everything that took place in Elverson, Pennsylvania that he would still be on the board. This blog would like to ask if CCEF takes domestic abuse seriously? If they did then they would remove Steve Estes from the organization and see that he is unfit to serve.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Jason Webb (Former Senior Pastor of Elmbrook Church)

An open letter to Jason Webb the former Senior Pastor of Elmbrook Church in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. In this open letter I recall a faith crisis I had and how I hit bottom in my life. I also explain how I approached 140 people for forgiveness. I hope this can give Jason a road map to move forward. If he seeks out forgiveness and works things out with many people then then I propose that Elmbrook Church can become the only church in the United States that models grace, forgiveness and repentance.  Continue reading