Rick Trotter Update, News on Heather Trotter, and Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis Going Forward

An update on the Rick Trotter situation and Fellowship Memphis. Rick Trotter made an appearance in court on September 20, 2016. There is more information coming to me that Rick Trotter allegedly photographed teenagers and young adults in a Chic-Fil- A in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Also Heather Trotter is alleged to have used money that Fellowship Memphis gave her for cosmetic surgery instead of being responsible with it. This post also indicates what is coming down the pike at The Wondering Eagle in regards to this Acts 29 church.

“Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin.”

Dwight Eisenhower

“Justice is sweat and musical; but injustice is harsh and discordant.”

Henry David Thoreau

For I, the Lord, love justice. I hate robbery and wrongdoing.
I will faithfully reward my people for their suffering and make an everlasting covenant with them.

Isaiah 61:8 NLT


John and Beth Bryson are proud of Rick Trotter

On September 20, 2016 Rick Trotter the former announcer for the NBA Basketball team the Memphis Grizzlies, appeared in court for a quick hearing. It was there that his attorney asked for the date to be pushed back until October 24, 2016. Rick Trotter stands accused of allegedly photographing women without their consent at Downtown Church, formerly Downtown Presbyterian Church.


Did Rick Trotter Commit Other Alleged Sex Crimes?

I am hearing from differing individuals that Rick Trotter engaged in alleged voyeurism at multiple locations both inside and outside Tennessee. It my understanding that Rick Trotter was a general manager at a Chic-Fil-A in the Atlanta, Georgia area. In the franchise he worked in I am hearing that Rick Trotter allegedly approached teenagers and young adults and paid them money for them to lift up their clothing and allow him to take pictures of them. This also raises another question did Rick Trotter allegedly place a camera in the restroom of the Chic-Fil-A in Atlanta? Was child pornography allegedly manufactured in the process? What about the Chic-Fil-A that he worked at in Union Avenue? Did Rick allegedly take pictures of young adults and teenagers? Was child pornography manufactured in that Chic-Fil-A location as well?

Rick Trotter also worked at a lot of events as he was “the voice of Memphis.” Its my understanding that there are other women who believe they were illegally videotaped as well. This is at social events, fundraisers, a wedding and other gatherings outside Fellowship Memphis and Chic-Fil-A. My encouragement to you is if you suspect that you have been illegally recorded to contact the Memphis Police and report the situation. The more people that come forward the more that Rick Trotter can be held accountable for his behavior.


Heather Trotter Update

Its my understanding that Heather Trotter allegedly received a large cash amount from Fellowship Memphis. Her divorce from Rick Trotter is completed. From what I have heard from my sources while I do not know what the cash amount given, what she did with the money is deeply disturbing. Let me ask you this…what do you think most responsible people would do in this situation? You learn your husband has been arrested for committing alleged sex crimes and your flow of income has been interrupted. This happens when you are responsible for children as well. So what do you think most wise individuals would do in this situation? Maybe put money aside to plan for hard times ahead? Perhaps use the money to pay for legal costs incurred in a divorce? Or use the money to get solid psychological counseling for your children especially if they learn that their father allegedly recorded them in the restroom of their own home? That is not what happened with Heather Trotter. Its my understanding that Heather Trotter used the money that Fellowship Memphis gave her to allegedly have cosmetic surgery performed on her breasts. Medical information is private but I am hearing that a number of her friends are outraged as to what Heather Trotter has done. This is the question I have in regards to Heather Trotter. I find it hard to believe that she learned of Rick Trotter’s behavior suddenly. In these situations the following questions need to be asked. Did Heather Trotter enable Rick Trotter’s alleged voyeurism? Did Heather Trotter find illegal video recordings at home and instead destroy them instead of contacting law enforcement?  Think of it this way…in State College, Pennsylvania Jerry Sandusky’s wife knew what Jerry Sandusky was doing with children when he took them downstairs into the basement. She chose to do nothing and thus enabled her husband. In another Acts 29 story that is being written about at The Wartburg Watch it becomes clear that the wife of Dustin Boles is allegedly aware of her husband’s behavior of alleged sexual assault. And yet she has allegedly enabled that behavior. That brings us back to Heather Trotter, the question needs to be asked. What did Heather Trotter know and when did she know it? I think in the end more people will be surprised by the information that comes forward. This story in many ways is just starting. 


Fellowship Memphis Going Forward

Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis is going to be dismantled in a long, drawn out process. Its going to take time to influence and chip away. This church will be chipped away one blog post at a time. It wasn’t built over night and it won’t fall apart over night. The challenge that Bryan Loritts and John Bryson have is this, they lost control of the narrative. They lost control of the story and information. This and other blogs have stripped the narrative from this church. So far this blog has written 19 articles and going forward there are a lot of articles I would like to research and put together. And with some of the sources approaching me in the course of time these and other stories will all be addressed.

  1. An overview of how the celebrity pastor complex is corrupt and how it ensnares people. For example it is my understanding that Bryan Loritts always took some of the young black men and discipled and mentored them. In the process where they corrupted and sold onto a system that is corrupt? Is that what happened why Chris Davis?
  2. An overview of the Elder Board of Fellowship Memphis.
  3. An overview of Hamp Holcomb who leads the Elder Board and his role in the alleged cover up.
  4. Open letters to Steven Douglas the President of Cru regarding the Loritts and their relationship with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)
  5. The manhood culture that John Bryon teaches and advocates inside Fellowship Memphis.
  6. The role that Fellowship Memphis plays in the Acts 29 network.
  7. An overview of Fellowship Associates of which I believe Fellowship Memphis is involved.
  8. I would like to find out if there were membership covenant issues at Fellowship Memphis as people tried to leave? Any spiritual abuse that took place?
  9. Are there alleged domestic abuse stories and where those mishandled?
  10. What is Fellowship Memphis’ relationship with other churches? Corruption in the south is a deep issue.
  11. If there are former Fellowship Memphis members who would like to tell their stories this blog will give them a platform.
  12. Did Crawford Loritts know what his son-in-law was doing? Did Crawford Loritts allegedly enable Rick Trotter’s behavior in any way?
  13. Where does the Memphis Police Department stand in regards to this investigation?
  14. Fellowship Memphis is often held up as the “multi ethnic” church model. I have a question that I would honestly like to probe. How successful is Fellowship Memphis as a “multi ethnic” church model? In the quest to create a multi-ethnic church were there situations of reverse discrimination that allegedly took place?
  15. I would like to do a profile of Richard Rieves and Downtown Church.
  16. I would love to have former members tell their story of Fellowship Memphis and how they got involved, cultural issues and why they left.

So those stories will come in time, please holler if you need anything and as always know that I love you!


26 thoughts on “Rick Trotter Update, News on Heather Trotter, and Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis Going Forward

  1. For those of you in the know who used to attend Fellowship Memphis and know the Loritts and Trotter family. Let me ask this question…how much did Heather know? Was she an enabler? Did she tolerate Rick’s alleged illegal behavior because of the fame he obtained? What did Heather know? One thing I am hearing from differing people is that Heather can be quite a mean person. I know many Neo-Calvinists say a person is “mean” when you ask difficult questions. That occurred in my story from Sovereign Grace and Redeemer Arlington in the DC area. But I am hearing that Heather can be a mean individual to people. Can anyone speak to that?


    • This person has made up this entire “understanding” about heather Trotter.i actually know her and this is literally made completely up. She’s been through enough. Don’t buy into this bull.

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  2. You guys are totally assholes and must get your sources from the garbage can.I actually KNOW and love Heather Trotter and she has had no surgery or no huge lump sum. Like literally this story has obviously fallen from the sky hailing from “I-don’t-have any-real-information-so-I-make-crap-up-ville.” This is called slander.

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  3. About 98% of this article is inaccurate. I am very concerned for the writer/publisher of this because it is obvious that the motive behind this story is evil and divisive. Reading this makes me sick to my stomach and sad for the Trotter family because someone actually spent time creating a bunch of lies for the sake of attention.

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  4. I have absolutely no words for the sheer stupidity of this post. Well wait- a few words are coming to mind: asinine, slander, ridiculous, unfounded, false, vile, stupid, inane. As a dear friend of Heather, you, sir, should be ashamed of yourself- especially after posting Matthew 18 as a model. I agree with the post above- do you dig in the garbage for your information because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Unbelievable.

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  5. I have absolutely no words for the sheer stupidity of this post. Well wait- a few words are coming to mind: asinine, slander, ridiculous, unfounded, false, vile, stupid, inane. As a dear friend of Heather, you, sir, should be ashamed of yourself- especially after posting Matthew 18 as a model. I agree with the post above- do you dig in the garbage for your information because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Unbelievable.

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    • You know I love it when people from such a “Gospel Centered” church show up and use words that I would never consider using. Is this Acts 29 strategy? As for my sources they have good access and knowledge and they know their material. I defend and vouch for them. Thanks for the comments and try and have a nice day.


  6. “An inconvenient truth” while you hide behind a blog? I’ll let you get back to Netflix. Hope you enjoyed some traffic on your worthless site. I won’t be back. ✌🏼️

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  8. Hey, honestly… slander is perfect here. You do.not.know.heather.trotter. And part of me wants to actually run down the whole truth for you and how this has affected her and every detail about what it feels like to be in her shoes. And how you literally don’t know what you are talking about with money and surgeries but I won’t because I’m actually a person that walks with her. And this is all untrue but I’m just mad and she knows the Lord fights for her so I’ll stop. But these are made up things 100% and it’s so sad that you would make this a part of your life to drag her into this when she’s been through so much. And the fact that you’ve taken a source and ran with it is indeed gossip. Because when you gossip about someone that you don’t know and share that… you actually put thoughts into people’s head and give them a view of a person that they don’t know. That’s the very definition. I hope this never happens to you or your family. And I hope you never have to walk with a friend who has already been through the mud and then have a stranger completely make stuff up and cause further damage. Rick Trotter is not a celebrity. He was a husband and a father that did some messed up life shattering stuff and his wife and children are added to the list of victims bc you think it’ll be fun to write a piece on a “celebrity.” Yikes. I’m done too. Headed back to sanity and reality. It’s crazy how people can take everything as true without knowing people. He is not a celebrity… he is a guy who announced stuff at basketball games. He lived a twisted dark secret life that his wife didn’t know about and now she suffers the affects of losing a family, mourning for his victims and simultaneously being gossiped about bc of the perceived “celebrity interest.”

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    • How much did Heather Trotter know about Rick? If Rick was allegedly recording at home or in other venues did Heather find and destroy the evidence? Its my understanding that Heather liked the attention that Rick got, and the opportunities to meet with some of the basketball players, etc.. But its my understanding that despite what happened at FM, an affair Rick Trotter allegedly had Heather stayed. The only time she filed for divorce was when all this information came out across the Memphis media. What about Crawford Loritts? Did Crawford know what his son-in-law allegedly did? These are all legitimate questions that deserve to be asked. These are people in roles of ministry and they should be asked.


  9. I know and walk with Heather. I have prayed wit and for her. I don’t understand the way she spent the money she was give. You don’t need a tattoo when you have kids to feed. She knew there were kids video and didn’t do anything. That’s why she and Bryan had a falling out. She uses people but that’s the way the Loritts Trotter family is. I agree they are not celebrities but they want to be.

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  10. For those who state that this post is “completely” or 98% false…which exact points are false?

    Rick, himself, would (& has) admit(ted) to having paid girls at Chick-Fil-A to lift their shirts & allow him to photograph them this way for money. Having eaten at Chick-Fil-A, I feel pretty confident that these girls were likely not of the age of consent. Hence, he was abusing minors under his charge for sexual purposes.

    As for Heather…she and the entire Loritts family are culpable for the continuation of Rick’s perverted acts on unsuspecting and trusting church-goers. Bryan and Crawford knew he was problematic for some time; they both certainly knew what he had done in filming dirty, non-consensual videos of women and kids, yet they knowingly passed him on to another church job—THIS IS INEXCUSABLE!! Heather also knew, and she put another congregation at risk.

    (Yes. Contrary to their proclamations, they knew there were kids involved. This has been confirmed by the Commercial Appeal and by Bryan’s false assertion that the Department of Children’s Services were contacted—why would they supposedly be contacted were there not kids involved?)

    In short, these people turned the church into the Employment Agency For Wayward Loritts Children and a “safe space” for a known predator.

    For those who “know” Heather…I know her, too. She has faults, like anyone, but her’s put others at risk and take advantage of the kindness of the Christian community. She knowingly put people at risk. After Rick was caught the first time at Fellowship Memphis and was allowed to skate, she scoffed at the notion that her husband should not be allowed to keep a cell phone that had Internet and photo capabilities (yes, they do make such phones…it is pretty simple, Biblically—“If your right hand offends you, cut it off” –Matthew 5:30–simplifying one’s cell phone seems a minor sacrifice to all but the completely self-involved.) She allowed evidence to be destroyed that denied the right of victims to be informed and to make solid (and righteous) choices about prosecution of her perverted husband.

    Let’s be honest, if she had made sure the evidence went forward, Rick would’ve faced child pornography charges and probably would’ve done a federally-mandated 15 –year minimum sentence; untold women in Memphis would’ve been spared his further perverted video assaults on their dignities. Furthermore, he’d have a felony record that would show up on background checks for future employers/churches, and perhaps, they would be spared this wickedness.

    If you really “know” her…

    Did you know about the twisted physical history she had with Rick? (She was not unaware of his tendencies to inappropriate behavior. It is my understanding that the Loritts family knew some of Rick’s problems, too, for many years.)

    How “close” are you to Heather? If you have spent much time with her, you, too, are likely on Rick’s perverted videos (many of which were apparently—and not surprisingly—broadcast via live streaming). Have you asked her if you were on his videos? Given that she wasn’t forthcoming before, what makes you think she would be, now?

    If you dispute the surgery claims, have you asked her directly? If so, can you be 100% sure that you were told the truth. I have many friends who have had plastic surgery—for a number of them, I’d have no idea. Also, I know many people who have had breast lifts, nose jobs, chin implants, and even cosmetic surgery on their nether-regions; they may or may not admit it, & I may never know. At any rate, I’d be slow to say I know for absolute certainty that any of my friends definitively never had plastic surgery—it would be naïve to say so.

    Have you asked her if she and Rick had a code word, which, once spoken , was supposed to suppress any and all questioning about his whereabouts and actions for a while? Sounds very enabling to me (particularly given his long history of sexual perversions). Doing so is very much akin to what Jerry Sandusky’s wife did when he took kids in the basement.

    You can’t hold her accountable, because you think she is nice?!? O.J. had charisma and was well-liked (he was just a serial abuser of women—ultimately, to the point of horrific criminality). Pete Newman (the prolific child molester hired by the leadership at Fellowship Memphis after he admitted molesting numerous kids) had a winsome way. Some people who seem nice are merely manipulative. It was interesting to see Heather draw very close to one of the victims after the videos were discovered; it was in Heather’s perceived self-interest to ensure that charges were not pressed and her life was not turned upside-down publicly.

    Is someone a good person who knowingly sends a sexual predator into your home without warning you? How about someone who let your kids babysit hers without informing you of her knowledge that her husband had been filming surreptitiously in the bathroom at the church and at her home? Is someone a good person who let evidence be destroyed of you caught unaware being filmed upskirt or taking care of private personal affairs in the bathroom, intentionally, so you would not have legal recourse and justice? It is clear that the answer is “NO!”

    SUCH A PERSON IS NOT YOUR FRIEND in any way and is not a good person! You are being fooled and/or manipulated! Wake up!!!

    Is it divisive on the part of the author to point out reasonable questions that the “swallow and follow” crowd are too engrossed and attached to the culprits to ask or consider? I tend to think the real “divisiveness” was in the cover-up and passing along of a sexual predator to another ministry. Stevie Wonder could’ve seen this problem coming!

    As far as the “celebrity” angle…yeah, Rick WAS a local celebrity. If you have been on the front page of the paper, mentioned frequently in national sports news media, have had a radio show, can sell t-shirts with a phrase you popularize, etc., you are somewhat of a celebrity (at least locally). Why do you think that Rick’s predatory sins made headlines, lead stories on the TV news, and even got national attention?

    The author never claimed that Heather received a lump sum—just a substantial payout for months of severance for her and Rick after Rick was caught. Furthermore, they were allowed to move into a home owned by affiliated ministry, Downline Ministries, at the point their severance was scheduled to run out (incidentally, do you think the donors to that ministry were made aware that the house they purchased to do ministry at the neighborhood level was, instead, used to house a buddy who was a sexual predator? How about the neighbors? Do you think they were warned?) Were Heather and Rick responsible with the money given to them, or did she abuse the privilege of suckling at the teat of the unknowing church body?

    So, in the end, Eagle has posted some reasonable points and questions. It is clear that Heather, while somewhat sympathetic in a few ways, has some culpability in the victimization of many women and even children in Memphis. It is clear that she does not care enough about her so-called “friends” to do the decent thing and give them a heads-up or allow them to preserve their dignity or receive justice.

    It is also clear that the Loritts Ministry Industrial Complex was at play, here. Decent men would not pass on a known sexual predator to another ministry under any circumstances. Biblical men would take care of their families and step down from the pulpit until they had seen resolution. Men concerned with position, popularity and money do exactly what Crawford and Bryan Loritts did—SHAMEFUL!! So it is with the Loritts Family Business. They should both be removed from the pastorate.

    I am thankful that Eagle is raising these questions. We all should be, as they make us evaluate what is really going on with a sobering dose of sunlight. His posts are strengthening a movement to hold church leadership accountable and to protect church congregations from those who would prey upon them.

    Press on, Eagle!

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  11. Hi there. Just want to also confirm that So much of this information is false. I don’t care what you call what you’ve done, the EFFECTS (or is that word semantically incorrect too? God forbid.) of what you’ve done here and he lies you have told are deep and hurtful.

    The author and the comments often believe the notion that what you are doing is revealing truth so that it is dealt with. I want to assure you that things are being dealt with on so many levels, in so many homes, in all the churches involved, etc. but we don’t “owe” you anything by making it all available to you. We owe those involved apologies and the truth, not you. You’re just making the mess bigger by spreading rumors and lies taken from people who don’t know. You are attacking VICTIMS. I would hope you’d understand that after claiming to be a victim of the church yourself.

    Also, every time someone says this, you don’t give a response. Instead, you only attack semantics. Your writing has so many grammatical errors and misspellings, it’s borderline humorous sometimes, but we’re trying to read the heart of what you’re saying. Please give us the same respect.

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  12. Thanks for sticking your neck out, Eagle, and thanks for allowing people to speak their minds as they try to hash this out. This is an uncharted road but if we don’t change the culture of silence in the church, these things are just going to keep on happening. I’ve seen 40+ years worth and the story is always the same- move the predator on to another church, let him be someone else’s problem, silence the victims, and sweep the problems under the rug. As a result, how many additional people are victimized? I don’t think anyone can even begin to get a count! What does Jesus think of this?

    I understand that it is hard to read unpleasant things about a friend, and most of us are loyal to our friends. Eagle, you might have phrased your questions more gently. I’m sure Heather has been deeply hurt by all that happened and I can imagine it is painful for her friends to read these questions. But sometimes loyalty can blind us to truths we don’t want to think about. Heather’s friends need to recognize that innocent people were victimized. Those people may be easier to put out of mind because they are faceless, in the shadows, but they are real and their pain is real and it matters.

    We need a drastic change in the way we deal with predators in the church world. The world sees these scandals for what they are and mocks Christianity. We are not hiding anything from them.

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  13. Every one of these angry people were also the ones that offered grace and forgiveness to Rick after he violated me,my friends and my friends kids.

    Where is all the grace now? Where is all the forgiveness? You have really decided to be angry at Eagle for being unkind or too harsh with Rick and Heather?!? Is it hard on Heather to be asked really tough questions and account for her actions as well? Is it difficult for the facts of the matter to be called into question? You’re outraged? Really?
    I praise God people are speaking up. Rick created a mess, the church (John Bryson, Bryan Loritts, Hamp Holcomb, etc.)and Heather made it messier by covering it up, silencing the victims and denying children their rights. Praises to anyone willing to step into that mess to sort through the details and call foul on this system of abuse.

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