Christian Rock Artist Jon Steingard Has De-Converted From Christianity And No Longer Believes in God: Preserving His Letter Explaining His Journey

The lead singer of the Christian rock band Hawk Nelson came out and explained that he no longer believes in God. This is a brief post preserving Jon Steingard’s letter explaining what he doesn’t believe in God any more. 

“How much vanity must be concealed—not too effectively at that—in order to pretend that one is the personal object of a divine plan?

Christopher Hitchens 

On May 20, 2020 Jon Steingard published a letter on Instagram saying that he no longer believed in God. Steingard is the lead singer of a Christian rock band called Hawk Nelson. As the band was not as active he felt he had to be honest and wrote a nine page letter explaining how he no longer claimed to believe in God. Jon Steingard wants to have a conversation on atheism, doubt and problems of faith. That is exactly what this blog is about and what it has been doing for the last almost six years. There will be more to write about this development but the goal of this post is to preserve Steingard’s letter explaining his de-conversion. I took screen shots and uploaded the letter below which you can read. When you click on it it comes up individually and is easy to read. One other item is that CNN wrote about this issue in, “Jonathan Steingard, Christian singer, reveals he no longer believes in God.” 



8 thoughts on “Christian Rock Artist Jon Steingard Has De-Converted From Christianity And No Longer Believes in God: Preserving His Letter Explaining His Journey

  1. I am curious; can a “none” or a “done” be joyful?

    However, good for Steingard to not be just another musician trying to get gigs from people who profess the faith which he no longer holds.


    • Joy exists on its own two feet and does not depend on faith or no faith.
      It is its own joy, and its own reward, just like doing kindness to other humans.

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  2. I wonder if one of the mechanisms in such deconversions is a background as a BIBLE-Believing Christian(TM). Whose only underpinning for their faith is BIBLE! BIBLE! BIBLE! read word-for-word as FACT, FACT, FACT. Instead of an ANE narrative of Old Stories of God and Man.

    Such a narrative will show cracks when read as a word-for-word checklist of FACT FACT FACT. And when the faith is based on that word-for-word checklist, when it cracks everything can crack with it.

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    • Well put HUG, and I concur.
      What saved my faith is when I began to realize that I am under no obligation to sign onto everything in the fundagelical belief system. I hold to the tenets of The Apostle’s Creed as non-negotiables, but beyond those? I pick and choose as I see fit and craft my own narrative.

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