Evangelical “Intellectual” Eric Metaxas Continues His Decline as he Hosts Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theorist Kent Heckenlively on his Radio Show

Recently Eric Metaxas had Kent Heckenlively on his radio show. The conspiracy theorist known for the plandemic conspiracy theory was tragically given credit where none is deserved. As Eric Metaxas becomes more irrelevant and fringe his credibility declines by the day. This post looks at Eric Metaxas and his support to the anti-vaccination movement. This blog writer is a firm believer in science and vaccines. Plus its my goal to encourage you to embrace vaccines and science. Science and modern medicine is a gift to American civilization and the west. 

“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”

Maurice Switzer

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.

Proverbs 12:1 ESV

Eric Metaxas

Eric Metexas is continuing his decline and in the process taking down the claim that evangelicalism can be intellectual. This blog has written a number of stories about Metaxas. And each time this writer becomes more disgusted that I once held Metaxas in high esteem. In some ways this blog is about what a fool I have been in my life. To read some of the past stories about Eric Metaxas I will link them below. 

  1. The George Soros Conspiracy Theory Which Some Evangelical Christians Are Pushing is Blatant Anti-Semitism.” This post deals with Eric Metaxas engaging in anti-Semitsm in pushing the George Soros conspiracy theory. 
  2. Problems Exist with Eric Metaxas’s Dietrich Bonhoeffer Biography Which Contain Academic Concerns.” This looks at the problems with his work on Dietrich Bonhoffer and his twisting the subject manner and how it is being received poorly by German scholars and academic historians. 
  3. Why Did Eric Metaxas Defend Maria Butina a Russian Spy Who Tried to Subvert American Culture?” This deals with how Eric Metaxas was duped by a Russian spy and was played. Eric Metaxas should be considered a fool for acting the way that he has. 
  4. Preserving Andy Rowell’s Twitter Thread on Eric Metaxas and Maria Butina.” This is a brief post that documents a Bethel Professor’s tweets on Eric Metaxas and Maria Butina. 
  5. A Closer Look at Eric Metaxas and His Comments on Mass Shootings and Impeachment. Plus the Fallacy of Intellectual Evangelicalism.” This post looks at what Eric Metaxas said about mass shootings and the impeachment of President Trump. 


Eric Metaxas Hosts Kent Heckenlively of the “Plandemic Documentary” 

On May 21, 2020 Eric Metaxas hosted Kent Heckenlively who is the co-author of “Plague of Corruption” with Dr. Judy Mikovits. Mikovits is the one behind the plandemic conspiracy. In hosting an anti-vaccination individual he gave credit to a dangerous and ridiculous movement. This blog is not going to give plandemic attention as its a garbage conspiracy theory. Warren Throckmorton did a good summary of the video which I briefly watched. I will lean on his write up of the video. 

In this video, Heckenlively claims and Metaxas accepts that aborted fetal tissue is in vaccines, and harmful viruses are in vaccines. The fictitious vaccine-autism link is implied along with other wild ideas. Heckenlively is allowed to provide a full recitation of the anti-vax catalog. Metaxas is completely unprepared for these claims and can’t or doesn’t want to offer any skeptical response. For all practical purposes, Eric Metaxas produced a 36 minute commercial for the anti-vax movement.” If you would like to read more of Warren Throckmorton’s look at this issue you can do so in, “Eric Metaxas Uncritically Features Anti-Vaccine Proponent.” 


A U.C.L.A Physician Addresses Plandemic and a Reminder That Vaccines Are Safe 

Eric Metaxas in showing his incompetence is really pressing down on the accelerator as he becomes more and more irrational, fringe and full of garbage. Metaxas is not a person who can be trusted for information or is even credible. That ship left years ago. Metaxas was played by a Russian spy and he went to bat, and defended her when all the evidence pointed otherwise. Somewhere deep in the GRU in Moscow Russian intelligence is laughing as to how gullible an American idiot was played. And Eric Metaxas will always be regarded as a fool, and that is how he should be remembered. So when Metaxas speaks his words are to be ignored. You can find a circus clown at this point who has more credibility than Eric Metaxas. Tomorrow I plan to do another post about his behavior on Twitter and his  “blackface” equivalent. 

This blog has written about the problems of conspiracy theories in the past. Conspiracy theories are often based on far fetched and unproven claims that are often  discredited. Ed Stetzer wrote about how evangelicals discredit themselves and their faith when they embrace conspiracy theories.  Stetzer is correct in his assessment. You can read more in, “Ed Stezter is Correct About Evangelicals Buying into Conspiracy Theories. Plus How Survivors of Harvest Bible Chapel Who Traffic Conspiracy Theories Can Empower James MacDonald.” To understand and be able to detect conspiracy theories the Scientific American published an article that is most helpful. You can read that in, “The Scientific American on Detecting Conspiracy Theories.

The anti-vaccination movement is a dangerous movement and one that has no credibility. When the leader of the movement (Robert F Kennedy Jr) is being publicly rebuked in the press by his own family that tells you how off the rails a person can be. Two years ago I did a look at this issue as the Center for Inquiry and other atheist groups were pushing back against the anti-vaccination movement. You can read more in, “The Anti-Vaccination Movement, Much Like Polio, Needs to be Eradicated; Plus the Center for Inquiry Confronts this Dangerous Faction.” This blog will remain deeply grateful for the way many atheist groups are pushing back on this dangerous movement. Vaccines are safe and vaccines against polio and measles are a gift in modern medicine. There is no greater need currently for a vaccine than in the COVID-19 virus. This writer looks forward to the day the COVID-19 vaccine is invented and this writer will add that to his other regimen of vaccinations. When I see my primary care doctor this is an issue that I follow up and pursue and make sure that I stay on top of it. 

And this brings me to my last point of the plandemic conspiracy. The plandemic conspiracy is to be regarded as garbage. But I am not medically trained to refute it. In that area I will encourage those of you who have questions to read what a U.C.L.A. physician wrote about the plandemic conspiracy. This puts the issue to bed and explains it well. You can read that in, “A U.C.L.A. Medical Doctor Responds to the Plandemic Conspiracy and Explains the Problems with Conspiracy Theories.” This blog would like to leave you with these ending thoughts. Science is your friend and can be trusted. Modern medicine is a gift that has alleviated suffering and helped millions of people. Don’t buy into the fear of hysteria but think rationally and look closer into science. Science has the answers and it points the way ahead. This writer is a firm believer in science and is hoping you will embrace it also. 


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  1. This blog will remain deeply grateful for the way many atheist groups are pushing back on this dangerous movement.

    Because the Christians won’t.
    I’m waiting for Anti-Vaxx to become the latest & greatest Litmus Test of Salvation.
    (LIke COVID & political Conspiracy Theories have become. Bonus for End Times/Prophecy tie-in.)

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