Bob Jennerich from Grace Redeemer Community Church in Garland, Texas on Scrambled Eggs and Faith

This looks at Bob Jennerich’s Grace Redeemer Community Church in Garland, Texas. At his EFCA church Bob wrote a post on his blog about how faith is like scrambled eggs. How things can be scrambled and how pressure comes from the world. While Bob means well I am using his post to illustrate how parts of evangelicalism can increase suffering. Plus, the question must be asked; should everyone be like the Apostle Paul? Isn’t that an incredible burden being put on people?  Continue reading

Michael Sean Winters Looks at the History of “Anti-Catholicism in America” in the National Catholic Reporter

Michael Sean Winters who writes about religion an politics for the National Catholic Reporter reviewed a new book that looks at the history of anti-Catholicism in North America. From the founding up until the Civil War, a Brandeis professor did a good job in breaking new ground in a topic that deserves research. This post combines two columns in the National Catholic Reporter. Continue reading

E.J. Dionne Jr. in The Washington Post on Why Young People are Abandoning Religion

E.J. Dione wrote a column in The Washington Post that took off on social media. I first read it and moved on, but I kept seeing it coming up on Twitter. E.J. looks at the reason why young people are abandoning religion and why the Nones are swelling as time passes. This looks at how evangelical involvement in politics as well as how religion is used, combined with shifting attitudes of being gay are affecting culture.  Continue reading

Why Brick Lane Community Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania Will be Far More Dangerous than Community Evangelical Free Church

Brick Lane Community Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania has broken away from the EFCA. This church has a problem and I believe its now far more dangerous than Community Evangelical Free. What makes this church more dangerous? It is accountable to no one and the next time there is an inappropriate  church discipline situation nothing can be done.  Continue reading