Anne Green Explains how James MacDonald Inappropriately Touched her on a Flight to California on the Mancow Muller Show. What About Female Worship Leaders Such as Lindsay McCaul, Meredith Andrews and Others? Did They Deal with Sexual Misconduct?

On the Mancow Muller show on February 18, 2019 Anne Green claimed that James MacDonald touched her inappropriately on a private jet on the way to California. This is the story of what happened as told by Anne Green. Also given the nature of those who commit misconduct this blog would like to ask an open question.  Were other females from Harvest Bible Chapel’s worship team also deal with sexual misconduct from James MacDonald? What about Lindsay McCaul, Meredith Andrews and others? They should be supported so that others can come forward as well.  Continue reading

Why Mancow Muller Should Consider a Class Action Lawsuit Against Harvest Bible Chapel to Open up the Black Budget. Plus Why Capin Crouse and ECFA Should be Included

Mancow Muller spoke about a class action lawsuit against Harvest Bible Chapel if James MacDonald doesn’t resign. Its my hope that Mancow along with many former members from Harvest will file a class action lawsuit to open up the black budget. That is the only way Fred Adams will speak. In a class action lawsuit Capin Crouse and ECFA should be included. Both organizations enabled James MacDonald amidst shady behavior, massive financial problems and a black budget.  Continue reading

Unless You Experience Spiritual Abuse Then You Won’t Understand How Painful it is

Spiritual abuse is not something you will understand unless you have endured it. My hope is that you can dismiss this post. But those of you who have been through hell will understand what I am writing here today. This is about how spiritual abuse touched my life. From several churches that dealt with issues from child sex abuse to mishandling sex offenders; to an Air Force Officer who tried to get me involved in the last church plant of Sovereign Grace Ministries in the Washington, D.C. area called Redeemer Arlington. Its the story of a false accusation that threatened my life and my family and even popped up in a hospital room in a medical crisis. In my view spiritual abuse is the equivalent of rape.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Ryan Mahoney and Scott Bryant (Thoughts on Your Blog and Preserving The Elephant’s Debt Longterm)

An open letter to the writers of The Elephant’s Debt. This letter is to encourage them as they continue to write about James MacDoanld and Harvest Bible Chapel. Its my hope that this post will also start discussions about preserving The Elephant’s Debt long term so that this record of fraud and abuse at Harvest Bible Chapel is safeguarded longterm. This must occur especially if James MacDonald flees and tries to restart ministry elsewhere or for the historians who will one day write about all this scandal in the history books of tomorrow.  Continue reading