Pastors Such as Ricky Jenkins and Bryan Loritts Are Profiting Off Racial Tension and Pain. Here’s How

Pastors Ricky Jenkins and Bryan Loritts are profiting off racial pain and tension. Both Jenkins and Loritts are exploiting racism and justice to advance themselves. Both Ricky Jenkins and Bryan Loritts who came from Fellowship Memphis in Tennessee did not report a disturbing sex crime to law enforcement. This post is about how a shady African-American pastor involved in scandal lacks the character to preach and teach due to their alleged involvement in covering up a crime. Continue reading

Gerald Sharon Writes About How He was Forced to Resign From the EFCA’s Southwest Church in Indian Wells, California

Gerald Sharon used to led Southwest Church in Indian Wells, California. About fifteen years earlier his son came out as being gay. His views slowly shifted over time and his elders wanted him to harshly condemn homosexuality. He instead resigned knowing he couldn’t say what they wanted him to expressly state. Continue reading

Philip Yancey Speaks About the Racist Church He Grew Up In. The Evangelical Author Also Says The Evangelical Mainstream Still Exists and Claims That Evangelicals Did Not Support Trump

Philip Yancey gave an interview to CNN that other day. In the interview he expressed his belief as to how evangelicalism mainstream still exists. He also claimed that evangelicals did not support Trump and said no one he knows supported Trump. This post is about the cognitive dissonance of Philip Yancey. Continue reading

Critical Race Theory at Grove City College and the Character Assassination of Warren Throckmorton

Earlier this month the individual/persons behind the Grove City College petition raised additional concerns about Warren Throckmorton. The questions were done in anonymity and designed to play to the issue of fear. What is actually going on is the character assassination of Warren Throckmorton. Evangelicalism which is known for leveraging fear is doing it again. This blog would like to point out that at least Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s had far more character in how he conducted his witch hunts, than what has transpiredat Grove City. Continue reading

A Frank Discussion With an Evangelical Pastor About Scandal and Sex Abuse Leaving Another Possibility to Consider

This blog had the opportunity recently to interact with a well known evangelical pastor who went and taught at an evangelical church mired in scandal. I used an opportunity to engage and when I posed the question I got something that I did not expect. A pastor admitted to me that he did not know the details of the evangelical scandal and the sex abuse at this church and had he known he would have not gone there or interacted with church leadership. This blog got an answer but it led to some wresting which is good in my view.

Continue reading

Did Joseph Kennedy Con Bremerton School District When it Came to Public Prayer? Is This Another Example of Evangelical Grift?

There is a fascinating update to Joseph Kennedy who was allegedly “fired” for pubic praying in Bremerton, Washington. His case went before the Supreme Court and was the darling of evangelical culture warriors who want to bring back prayer to public schools. A column in The Seattle Times updated people on what has happened. Instead of a coach going back to his team, he has hit the evangelical celebrity circuit and has left a school district in Washington wondering what exactly is going on? Continue reading

Eric Metaxas Rushes to Defend Mike Lindell From the Evilness of Implied Persecution Coming From the FBI

Mike Lindell of MyPillow fame had his cell phone seized by the FBI as part of the election breach in Colorado with Tina Peters. After the situation he came on Eric Metaxas show where an angry Metaxas proclaimed that the FBI is targeting Mike Lindell. In watching the behavior of Eric Metaxas, Lindell whom he defended, it seemed as if he believes that Mike Lindell is being persecuted. As I work on this post I have to ask, how did American evangelicalism get to this point? Continue reading