Benjamin Vrbicek of Community Evangelical Free in Harrisburg Reflects on COVID-19 and Observing His Young Son Dealing with Swine Flu in St. Louis, Missouri in 2009

Benjamin Vrbick of Community Evangelical Free Church of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania writes about being a pastor as COVID-19 impacts life. In a moving blog post he recalls dealing with swine flu in 2009 when his young son contacted the illness while he lived in St. Louis, Missouri.  Continue reading

How My Life has Been Impacted By COVID-19 Virus

This has been a rough season. COVID-19 is here to stay. And in the past couple of weeks have shown me how. From my gym closing. a near riot in a grocery store, and having a loved one caught up in the lock down in San Francisco, California. In addition I know someone who told me about a co-worker who was diagnosed with COVID-19 in the United States. These are stressful times that we are living through.  Continue reading

Loving Your Neighbor. How the EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City and Kansas Area Canceled Services For the Health of Their Neighbors During the COVID-19 Threat

Christ Community Church, an EFCA Church in the Kansas City, and Kansas area canceled services to love their neighbor in the COVID-19 pandemic. Tom Nelson and Nathan Miller explain the reasons behind the move. Also Andrew Jones from Christ Community Church in Leawood, Kansas writes a troubling blog post about COVID-19 and God. For me its a reminder as to why I could not be Calvinist in my theology.  Continue reading