Phil Zuckerman on Secular Family Values and Ethics of the Nones

A college professor from Pitzer in Claremont, California writes an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times about secular families and ethics. As the nones grow in the United States, secular families are teaching and imparting ethics and morality in children and in the process show that God is not needed. It will be interesting to watch these families over the course of time.  Continue reading

Can Evangelical Christians Stay Committed to Facts? Why Conspiracy Theories are Dangerous, Reckless and Uncalled For

This is a post that looks at evangelical Christian culture and conspiracy theories. This shows the harm that they do and asks the question if Christians who believe in conspiracy theories can be considered an unreached peoples group. This also explains how the harm from such theories affecting dark and disturbing situations in places like Harvest Bible Chapel and Sovereign Grace Churches.
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James MacDonald, C.J. Mahaney, Mark Driscoll and Other Celebrity Pastors. A Discussion on Authoritarianism at Roll to Disbeleive

Over at Roll to Disbelieve, an atheist blog, they have a good discussion and article about authoritarianism. In light of the authoritarian issues inside Harvest Bible Chapel, Sovereign Grace and the late Mars Hill this article I believe is a good read. It will give a psychological understanding on James MacDonald’s behavior.
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