Should an Evangelical Christian Church be the Location for a Political Rally? The Freedom From Religion Foundation Rightfully Says No

On Friday evening January 3, 2020 an evangelical Hispanic mega church became the location of a political rally in Miami, Florida. President Trump used the occasion to kick off “Evangelicals for Trump.” However, before the rally took place the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin asked the IRS to investigate the rally that was to take place at the King Jesus International Ministry. The Johnson Amendment was never repealed and the IRS requirements for non-profits was violated. This is another post dealing with Christian nationalism and the threat it poses. Continue reading

De-Conversion Story: How Luke Douglas Lost his Faith in a Chic Fil A

At The Christian Post a former evangelical Christian who was deeply committed to Kan Ham’s teaching on a literal creationism explained his de-conversion in a post. Luke Douglas lost his faith in God in a Chic Fil A when it all came crashing down. This post is Luke’s story. As a reminder if there are others who want to tell their story of their de-conversion this blog is happy to give them a platform.  Continue reading