Recommended Read: Valerie Tarico in Raw Story on Why Evangelicals in the United States Think they are Persecuted

A recommended read by Valerie Tarico that looks at why conservative evangelicals in the United States believe they are being persecuted. Valerie who writes a lot of atheist pieces compares what evangelical Christians in the United States are going through and compares that with Christians in places like Syria or elsewhere. In the process Valerie raises other problems with the evangelical mindset.  Continue reading

Do You Want to Write? I Would like to Build a Diverse Independent Team that Can Write The Wondering Eagle

The Wondering Eagle would like to transition from a one person blog to a team that can write about a number of issues. Those issues include atheism, doubt, Neo-Calvinism, the EFCA, Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Baptist Church and issues in evangelicalism. I would like to bring on a diverse set of people in time who would have freedom to publish what is on their mind. If you are interested please drop me a note and let’s figure out a way forward.  Continue reading

How the Secularization of the United States will be Good for Atheists, Secular Humanists, the Christian Church and the Nation; Some Pushback to Tim Massaro

This is an article about why the secularization of the United States is going to be a good for the nation. The beneficiaries of secularization are atheists, secular humanists and non-theists; as well as the Christian church and the nation. This post also challenges and pushes back on an article that Tim Massaro wrote at a Christian blog. As a Christian I look forward to the secularization of the United States and believe it will do a lot of good on many fronts.  Continue reading

The Anti-Vaccination Movement, Much Like Polio, Needs to be Erradicated; Plus the Center for Inquiry Confronts this Dangerous Faction

This is a look at the anti-vaccination movement and disgraced British doctor Andrew Wakefield, and anti-vaccine advocate Robert F Kennedy Jr.  This also looks at the history of the vaccine which is one of the most important inventions of western medicine. Plus this looks at the Center for Inquiry (CFI), a well known and established secular humanist  organization pushing back and challenging  the anti-vaccination movement. The CFI which merged with the Richard Dawkins Foundation has done some incredible work in challenging this fringe movement.  Continue reading

Guest Post: Closet Atheist’s Boyfriend’s De-conversion Story

This is another de-conversion story by a college student where I believe he explains his journey into atheism. I ran a related post back in March and have been meaning to get this one published. If you are an atheist, agnostic or skeptic and would like to explain your story of why or how you left the Christian faith, I would be honored to give you a platform.  Continue reading

First Free Church in Onalaska, Wisconsin Wants You to Share Your Story: Here is Mine, From Mormonism to a Brush with Jordan Kauflin’s Redeemer Arlington and Sovereign Grace

First Free Church which is led by Shane Holden in Onalaska, Wisconsin has a feature on their webpage. They are asking you to tell your story. I have agreed and that is what this post is about. This is my condensed story which shows my history, my exploration of Mormonism in college, time in Crusade, the Evangelical Free, a Third Wave church outside Milwaukee and the dark season of being unsuccessfully recruited to a Sovereign Grace church plant and the false accusation I endured. Part of my story is learning why rape and sexual assault is a problem in the military from an Air Force officer who drunk the John Piper, and Mark Driscoll Kool-Aid. The story played on into my Mom’s illness which resulted in her death.  Continue reading