#LettersToMe The Genetically Modified Skeptic Writes Letters to His Former Christian Self, and How I Did Something Similar in 2019

Drew McCoy who has the Genetically Modified Skeptic wrote a letter to his earlier Christian self. And encouraged others to do so as well. Back in 2019 I wrote an open letter to myself to warn myself about the problems of religion and fundamentalism. Such letters open the door to incredible journeys of finding yourself and what you are.  Continue reading

Hemant Mehta’s Ten Reasons Why People are Abandoning Christianity

Hemant Mehta published a video explaining why people are walking away from Christianity. Its a list of ten items that should come as no surprise. Many of these help explain why people have pushed back and walked away from faith. The one that should be on the list that is not is that Christianity does not provide a satisfactory answer to the problem of evil.  Continue reading

America’s Best Christian Ms Betty Bowers Talks About Evangelicals, Worship and Social Distancing in the COVID-19 Era

America’s Best Christian Ms Betty Bowers released another video the other day. This atheist satire account discussed Evangelical Christians who want to worship in violation of social distancing guidelines. If you are an atheist or secular humanist this is a video to watch. I enjoy and look out for new videos by Devon Greene.  Continue reading