A Family is Allegedly Driven From Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona

Stories are beginning to emerge from Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is one of many that are coming forward. What happened in this case is that a fifteen year old and seventeen year old female who was Mark Driscoll’s daughter mutually kissed. Afterward when Mark Driscoll learned of it he became unhinged. It led to an alleged campaign of harassment including false accusations made that the Scottsdale Police had to investigate. The coming Trinity Church implosion is going to be Mars Hill 2.0 in Scottsdale, Arizona and will be very dark.

“I realized that bullying never has to do with you. It’s the bully who’s insecure.

Shay Mitchell

Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, do you ask for a ruling from those whose way of life is scorned in the church? 5 I say this to shame you. Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers? 6 But instead, one brother takes another to court—and this in front of unbelievers!

1 Corinthians 6:4-6 NIV


The pile of dead bodies in Scottsdale, Arizona is growing. 

It was a matter of time. Mark Driscoll fled Seattle after he resigned and left Mars Hill Church. After about a year he came to Arizona where he re-established himself and started over. One of the peculiar things about his Trinity Church website is the absence of Mars Hill. Nothing about his friendship with Leif Moi. There is absolutely nothing about Ron Wheeler’s cries about how he is not anonymous. Nothing about what Paul Petry and Bent Meyer said happened at Mars Hill Church in Seattle at Joyful Exiles. A wolf has come to Phoenix and what I predicted and feared in 2016 is starting to materialize. For some background on Mars Hill and what Mark Driscoll started in Scottsdale, Arizona I would direct you to, “A Wolf Rises in Phoenix: Mark Driscoll and The Trinity Church.” What you will see in Arizona is the equivalent of Mars Hill 2.0. This blog is going to be writing about some of the stories that are emerging about Mark Driscoll and others like his son-in-law Landon Chase. If any former members of The Trinity Church want to tell their story they are welcome at this blog. Warren Throckmorton has begun to write about Mark Driscoll in, “Mark Driscoll’s Elderless Church” and he is also solid and has a history with Mark Driscoll. So let’s start by looking at the first story to emerge. 


A Well Known Phoenix Family Gets Involved in The Trinity Church During COVID-19 

For the purpose of this post I am going to create several pseudonyms. “Bob Kraft” and his family became involved in The Trinity Church. They have two sons, “Thomas” and “Peter.” In the early summer the Kraft family was looking for a church. They were dealing with pandemic fatigue and all the other churches were closed nearby in Arizona. They learned about The Trinity Church and that it was open. There was no social distancing, and no one was wearing any face masks. Bob Kraft’s family got involved around the July 4th holiday. Bob as said above had two sons and his youngest Thomas became involved in Trinity’s Junior Internship Program while his older one Peter became involved in Trinity’s Joint Regular Internship.  The older son started to see some of the problems but they were minor. Thomas who is 15 years old started to date Mark Driscoll’s 17 year old daughter. Mark Driscoll had strict rules about dating. Actually according to Mark you didn’t date, you became best friends and that should date with the intent to marry. All dating was with the intent to marry. That should lead to an engagement and then marriage. Bob’s son fell in love with Driscoll’s daughter and they mutually kissed. When Driscoll learned of it he exploded in a rage and began the process of allegedly harassing and driving the Kraft family out of The Trinity Church. And all this alleged abuse began with an innocent kiss between between a fifteen year old and a seventeen year old.  It should be pointed out they did not have sex and yet today Mark Driscoll falsely claims that Bob’s son put his daughter in harm’s way. 

It should also be noted that when Bob dealt with Brandon Anderson and other staff that he specifically said that if any problems came about with his fifteen year old son, that they were to reach out to him first. And The Trinity Church pastor agreed to do that should anything happen. Well Brandon Anderson didn’t follow his agreement to Bob Kraft. Mark Driscoll came unglued over his daughter being kissed. And Brandon allegedly grabbed Thomas and took him into his pastors’ office upstairs and locked the door. For the next five minutes he yelled and screamed at Thomas. Thomas was scared and lived in fear. Brandon screamed at him, “Did you do anything un-Biblical with Lexi?” Thomas out of fear muttered no. Brandon than came back and said, “Well either Pastor Mark Driscoll is a liar or you are!” And the 38 year old pastor screamed again at the 15 year old. “Did you kiss Lexi?” Thomas said yes, and Brandon told him to get his stuff and he was done. Meanwhile Bob was waiting in the car for Thomas, the Men’s Ministry was scheduled to start at 6:30. Finally Thomas comes out to the car and he’s scared, physically shaking and crying. Bob is trying to find out what happened to his son. After about ten minutes he gets a phone call from Brandon Anderson. Brandon told Bob that something happened and that Mark Driscoll is distraught. Brandon told Bob that he had to take the night off and to not attend the Men’s meeting. He explained that Mark was really shaken up and that he can’t preach if you’re present and Driscoll can see you. Bob was stunned and then he told Brandon that, “It sounds like Mark needs to take a time out.” Brandon then told Bob, “I’m a pastor, and a pastor is more important to share the word than for you to be there.” 

While this was going on Peter was setting up and practicing for the Men’s Ministry. Peter was on the worship team and he got a text from his Dad telling him “let’s go.” Peter hears what happened and he starts to pack up and Brandon tells him to stop and orders him to not leave. Peter looks at Brandon and tells him, “Screw you” and continues with the following. “I don’t bow down to Mark Driscoll like you do, I bow down to Jesus.” And he walked out. Bob Kraft is a proud father as he has invested a lot of loving time in his sons. But when he heard what Peter said to Brandon before walking out, Bob was so proud of his son. Brandon then called security for The Trinity Church and told them not to let Bob Kraft or his family attend the Men’s Ministry that night. 


Mark Driscoll Gets in His Daughter’s Email and Sends a Controlling Note as Things Escalate and False Accusations Are Allegedly Made to the Scottsdale Police 

On March 25, 2021 at 10:18 in the morning Mark Driscoll got into his daughter’s email and sent Thomas the following note. 


Bob Kraft was bothered by this email and found it controlling. He waited a day and then he sent a text to Brandon Anderson, Mark Driscoll and The Trinity Church staff. This is what he said. 

“Many people are shocked at the church’s recent and past behaviors. Galations 6:1 says “if anyone is caught in a transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness.” Now, none of you had my permission to speak to my child without my consent and we discussed that in your office a month ago Brandon. We will be sending out an email outlining biblical expectations regarding this offense that has been committed by the church staff and to avoid another Driscoll scandal. James 3:1 says how teachers are to be held more accountable above others and they will be in this situation.”

In response to that text Mark Driscoll and The Trinity Church allegedly started a rumor campaign against Bob Kraft. They claimed that he was not stable and allegedly made false accusations to the police. Driscoll also ordered people to sever ties with the Kraft family. In the process of all this one of the complaints that Mark Driscoll has against Bob Kraft is that he is not man enough. The Kraft family has had to engage and cooperate with the police based on the false accusations made. The Scottsdale Police investigated and found no truth to the claims being made. There is no evidence. In all this Bob Kraft is disgusted that people follow Mark Driscoll. Nothing that Mark Driscoll is doing is Biblical. People are following a person who doesn’t follow the Bible. The Kraft family’s struggles is one of many that are ongoing and more people are walking away due to Driscoll’s authoritarianism and abuse. 

65 thoughts on “A Family is Allegedly Driven From Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona

    • Hey Seneca, some of us have been following the shenanigans of Mark Driscoll for a very long time. Some of us (that’d be me) actually picketed Driscoll when he started up Trinity Church just 5 years ago. I stopped after The Former Guy’s election because it was abundantly clear that Mark’s cultie followers were disinterested.

      And now Driscoll’s world is imploding again…


    • Well, we’ve heard your side David.

      1) “Both sides are very fine, very fine people.” – Donald J Trump after Charlottesville


      • Just going to point out that you need to hear the full quote from Trump, Unicorn. Seriously, don’t just quote the cut from mass media. This came from that session as well:

        “So you know what, it’s fine. You’re changing history. You’re changing culture. And you had people — and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists — because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Okay? And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly.”


  1. Everyone in that church is fucked in the head. Why even engage with an idiot like that. Cut ties and move on for the sake of the kids you weird bastards.


  2. Is “The Trinity Church” In Scotsdale, AZ even a 501c3 non-profit? I cant find anything for the church in the IRS Tax Exempt Org lookup or through Pro-Publica nonprofit organization look up? Is Driscoll running Trinity Church through some other org?


    • As a church, not a non-profit, The Trinity Church is automagically considered tax exempt. Unlike other 501(c)3 organizations, congregations do not need to file Form 990. Organizations such as Focus on the Family and Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn. have used this dodge (set themselves up as congregations) to legally get out of filing Form 990.


      • Dodge?” That’s the founders original intent.

        Your church gathering was not required to incorporate.
        Your demeaning term means you don’t understand. Tue fact that people misuse it does not mean its lawful purpose should be cancelled.


  3. As Rich Buhler said once about a phone-in to his talk show:
    “This is why our listeners never need to watch soap operas.”


  4. Keep the stories and truth coming. As a former Mars Hill member and leader, I’m certain this is just the tip of the iceberg. Where will Mark and Grace drag the iceberg next?!

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  5. Imagine being the boy or Driscolls daughter and being a national news story for kissing. Likely mess them up for the rest of their lives. Purity Culture on steroids. Thank God the Dad and older brother seem disinclined to put up with the bullshit. Walk away and leave loud!

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      • And the Time Before That, and the Time Before That, and the Time Before That?

        Seneca’s been bounced off Wartburg Watch several times for violating their Prime Directive:
        Dismissing the victims and taking the side of the abuser.


      • Hi Mirele,
        One more thing… it bothers me that you referred to yourself as a “fat” person because I’m sure you are so much more than that as your identity. Clearly, you care about many things like these MD issues and I’m sure much more. In fact, the main reason I’m not a MD fan is because of how he talks about women. Next time you go out to protest let me know and I’ll bring you a coffee. I’d like to meet you, and I genuinely mean that.


  6. The third sentence of your article is grammatically incorrect and confusing. Hopefully, you may be able to get a copy of the incident report from the Scottsdale Police via a FOIA request. That should shed some light on what actually happened, rather than unsubstantiated hearsay.

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    • Or, if he’s going to write this trash at all, at least get the other side of the story. Ever consider this “poor” family might have its own issues of concern?


  7. Maybe if people wouldn’t write stupid gossip column “blogs” about teens and their private lives with their parents we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all. In the words of my 17-year-old, “This is the least Christian thing I’ve ever seen written about a church.” Grow up and set better examples for your kids.


      • I’m actually not a fan of his whatsoever, so you can cut the “cult” BS. All of you care about these stories trashing him, but don’t care about the kids whose names you’re airing publicly.


    • We also wouldn’t be having this conversation if Driscoll the Despicable had chosen to be reasonable, instead of throwing a hissy fit over “teens and their private lives”.

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      • True, and I’m not a fan of his. But it’s not appropriate to be using her name. Notice how the boys got “alias” names but she didn’t? So if her dad is the one we’re telling stories about then that gives us the right to use the teens name too? Be better.


      • Hey Taylor, Driscoll himself made his daughter a quasi public figure by promoting her on his ministry. Even if David hsd not posted her name it would have taken next to no time to figure it out from the videos on Driscoll’s ministry website. Maybe Driscoll shouldn’t be using his minor children in his ministry?

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      • And when I go out this weekend to protest Driscoll, my signs will not allude to the children or to that he doesn’t have elders or any of that. I don’t have to. One side will say, “Mark Driscoll, your chickens have come home to roost” and the other, “Mark Driscoll, ‘be sure your sin will find you out.”

        Driscoll should never have started this church, and I could have told him in 2016 that he was headed for disaster, but hey, he was afraid to talk to a fat middle-aged white woman and never came out to talk to me. I take no joy in being right, I just hate cults like Driscoll’s, they’re so damaging and everywhere.

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      • Welcome to Christianese Purity Culture, Driscoll style.

        How much of his hissy-fit was because that kiss contaminated HIS valuable property? (Remember, in Christanese Purity Culture, even acknowledging the other exists is Commitment to Marry, under penalty of being Defrauder chewed gum.) Valuable Virgin property freshly-flowered that could be used to cement an alliance between House Driscoll and some other Great House? Like House Baratheon to House Lannister? Or the remnant of House Stark to House Bolton for The North?


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  9. @merele, I wouldn’t step foot in that church. But I will always advocate for kids. His daughter is a victim and does not deserve anyone posting stories with her name in it regardless if MD himself uses her name. Can’t you imagine how difficult her life is already with him as her father, then she has to go to school and be humiliated because some Joe blow on the Internet has posted this story with her name in it? Please think about her for once.


    • So, how should David have reported on this? Can you think of any way that he could have done so, in which there was no possibility of anyone connecting it to Driscoll’s daughter? I can’t.


      • Okay, I’m just going come out and say it: I have first-hand knowledge this story did not happen as David reported it from the dad’s one-sided view.

        First, let me be perfectly clear once again: I do not care for MD or MH for numerous reasons, too many to list here. That being said, I can’t help the fact that his daughter is good friends with my daughter at their school. His daughter told my daughter her version of this entire story BEFORE David posted this blog, and her story varies very differently than this church member’s father.

        I’m not saying MD didn’t do something wrong or “abusive” or whatever, because I wasn’t there and again he has a track record. But I still have major issues:
        1. David only wrote the one side. Maybe he reached out to the Driscoll daughter and she declined to comment. At that point, if David decided to still go forward with publishing the blog, then he shouldn’t have used her name. MD has multiple children obviously with multiple names. David could have used an alias just like he did for the other family. So it’s okay to protect the teen boys in the story but not protect MD’s teen simply because you argue he talks about her in his sermons? Why would you want to sink to MD’s level and use her name? She’s a minor and she’s a victim. Imagine how difficult her life already is. And now, I can guarantee you everyone at her school has now read this story and she’s humiliated.

        Please, think about your own kids. What if this was your daughter? No matter what side she was on with this drama, I can guarantee you she would be humiliated her name was published like David did.


      • Taylor before l published this l confirmed it with another individual who confirmed it happened. I stand by my sourcing and the story. I do not tell something like this lightly and l do not make things up. Your defense of Mark Driscoll speaks for itself. But if this did not happen then l would not have published this. Plus in addition there is the behavior of Brandon and the adults which also happened.


      • I can attest that Eagle does vet his sources.
        He’s doing Investigative Journalism, and that’s part of the precautions.


      • TaylorMarie, Driscoll uses his children in his “Real Faith” promotions. One could make the argument, that as their parent, he made them quasi-public figures. Maybe Driscoll shouldn’t use his kids to help prop up his ministry?


    • Driscoll’s daughter is a victim of her father. First of all, because he has used his children BY NAME to promote his ministry and second, because Driscoll is treating his children as if they are his property. The only reason the daughter’s name is available is because Mark Driscoll has used her to promote himself. Not be cayse a guy on an obscure blog uses her name.

      In other words, TAKE IT UP WITH DRISCOLL. Oh wait, you can’t because Driscoll will never talk to a critic. /signed fat white middle aged woman who spent a month of Sundays in front of The Trinity Church in 2016 and never saw the chicken Mark Driscoll ONCE.


  10. “How much of his hissy-fit was because that kiss contaminated HIS valuable property? (Remember, in Christanese Purity Culture, even acknowledging the other exists is Commitment to Marry, under penalty of being Defrauder chewed gum.) Valuable Virgin property freshly-flowered that could be used to cement an alliance between House Driscoll and some other Great House?”

    That’s pretty sick – psychologically speaking


    • Sick? Yes, Christianese purity culture is very sick, from what I’ve read. As for Driscoll, the jury’s still out. He might be just plain evil.


      • I think Driscoll is actually evil. That abomination faux-hawk of a haircut he had is a crime against God, nature, and the universe.


      • Christianese Purity Culture is the brother of Islamic Purity Culture. It just doesn’t have the political power like IPC does in Saudi or Talibanistan.

        As for Dee Tee Driscoll’s “abomination faux-hawk”, with that doughy build and pudgy face of his, it makes him look like a Kewpie Doll. There are hairstyles that work with your face and those that don’t.

        In the words of a certain unicorn fashionista from My Little Pony:
        “An Offense to Fabulosity!” — Rarity


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  12. I may be dense, but taylormarie does not seem to dispute the actual factual account of what went down. She, He, seems to hint there is an entirely different story and that Driscoll’s daughter is humiliated. I am a dad and I can understand MD having a coronary-despite the fact that she is 17. More than likely she is embarrassed that her dad had a hissy fit when he found out she was a regular teenager. I am a father and if I did that to my daughter I would be toast. The Driscoll’s are a public entity whether like it or not.

    I guess he does not know that Josh H left the building and last time we heard he was enjoying cupcakes at the Pride Fair in Canada. Hmmmm…I wonder.

    It is wise to educate yourself on who your pastor is, why he is starting a new church, and what has been written. In other words-we as a church need to discern the times and the characters involved. What church we attend will affect our family.

    Honestly, there was enough information out there to give pause to joining MD’s church.

    In life, when people have charisma, talent and charm, there’s often a lack of maturity or humility and doses of ego. Who needs it? You can go far in life and or … just move and start a new church.


    • Vance, you are exactly spot on. I have worked with teens for years, and they go through so much s— as it is, and I can only imagine how difficult it would be to have this type of a parent.

      I am very much an anti-purity movement person as I was a product of it and have seen the trauma it has caused in people. I’m very glad Josh H has retracted his book and apologized for how his movement hurt people.

      I can’t remember if I said this already, but I consider myself more of a progressive Christian feminist, so of course, zero of my values in this area align with MD. My daughter is actually a bit more conservative than I am, and at 17, I am fine with her believing what she wants to and asking lots of questions. Since she was young enough to understand sex, though, I have said things such as, “if you want to wait until you’re older and/or married to have sex, I respect your decision; however, you have to know that the majority of people don’t make it that long, and I’ve known way too many religious teens not only shamed for having sex, but also getting pregnant. So, if you want to do it but don’t feel comfortable telling me even though you know I won’t shame you, at least use protection. And if some reason you choose to do it because you’re in love and that person breaks your heart later on, I will be here to catch you.” I believe having an open discussion about it can really help prevent the issues the purity culture has caused. And there are plenty of reasons to discuss with teens about why they should wait longer to have sex than religious reasons.

      The key here is “discuss,” not throw a tantrum and yell at the kid or break into their email and write the boy/girl. If a boy did something to my daughter and she wanted me to step in, then I would go directly to the parent first, not the boy. My friends have had situation such as these, and they always go to the parent first.

      And because I’ve had this type of relationship with my daughter, she opens up and tells me way more personal things than her friends tell their religious parents because they know they will get “preached at” and made to feel ashamed.


      • I picketed all the weekend services outside of Driscoll’s Circus of “Where’s Jesus?” and again last night. My signs are short: “Hey Mark–Where are your Elders?” and “Hey Mark–Called the cops on anyone lately?” I’d like to work in, “Hey Mark–Your Music is Disturbing the Neighbors” and “Hey Mark–You really need security in Scottsdale?????” (They’re coming.)

        The point is that I didn’t have to discuss children at all and in large part, that’s because everyone knows or has heard through the rumor mill.


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  20. Shame on you for spreading gossip. That in scripture is a sin…as bad as any other, and one thing the Lord detests. Change the heading on this page if your goal is just to “prove you right” about Mark. We are all fallible humans. Get a life and stop providing an avenue to slander others.


    • Shame on you for spreading gossip. That in scripture is a sin.

      Really? And what do you mean by ‘gossip’? Which scripture defines it? Chapter and verse, if you please.

      Get a life and stop providing an avenue to slander others.

      How has David slandered anyone? What has he said that’s untrue?


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  29. No big shock here. When he left Seattle there were many who called those of us who opposed Driscoll’s behavior “bitter.” Many said he had been forgiven and that also means his previous victims should forgive. What is implied is that they will also forgot. As long as he is given a platform Mark Driscoll will tear apart lives and families. He is a malignant narcissist and he will never change.


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