As the Delta Varient Soars In the Covid-19 Pandemic the EFCA’s Greg Strand Stays Silent on the National Blog and Will Not Explain the Theological Reasoning for Vaccination

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes with the Delta Variant, this blog is noticing the continued silence out of the EFCA in Minneapolis on this vary topic. The EFCA should be front and center and Greg Strand should have written a post or two at the national blog explaining the theological reasons why Christians should get vaccinated. Instead that is not happening and instead the COVID-19 death toll which is not far from surpassing the death toll of the Spanish Flu from 1918 until 1920 continues to grow. This silence in a medical crisis begs the question, does the EFCA love Jesus? Does the EFCA love thy neighbor? Continue reading

If You Call Yourself an Evangelical and You Won’t Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19; Don’t You Dare Tell Me You’re Pro-Life.

This post is a rant. Its a rant about white evangelicals who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19. I had to get this out of my system. Beware of bold thoughts, swear words and ranting about people who are dying who don’t have to die because of evangelical’s selfish behavior. If evangelicals are not going to get vaccinated I never want to hear them say they are Pro-Life again. Not when we have the worst medical crisis in over a century tearing apart communities. This is a post I needed to get off my chest. Continue reading

Samuel Perry, Papa Johns and Why American Evangelicalism is So Ugly

A story on Twitter by Samuel Perry, a sociology professor who writes about American evangelicalism is telling. Its a modern version of the Parable of the Good Samaritan and the evangelical miserably fails. It is not only disturbing but in the view of this blog helps illustrate why evangelicalism is so toxic. Evangelicals really live for themselves first, God second and neighbor last if at all.  Continue reading

David Platt States That McLean Bible Never Joined the Southern Baptist Convention and That There is Much Disinformation on This Topic That is Confusing Individuals

On July 4, 2021 David Platt stated that McLean Bible never joined the Southern Baptists and that there is disinformation about this topic. This blog looks at Platt’s sermon and also looks at what McLean Bible is communicating to its congregation in explaining they never joined the Southern Baptists. Then this blog looks at the evidence that exists which shows that McLean Bible did indeed join the Southern Baptists. This post looks at both claims being made.  Continue reading

Is David Platt’s McLean Bible Planning on Going Authoritarian on Bloggers?

At the last congregation meeting what sounded like an ominous warning looping in bloggers with online platforms, and media brings about this post.  Is David Platt’s McLean Bible going to become authoritarian and go after bloggers? That would not work out well for McLean Bible. This post explains all the problems that would come about if McLean Bible starts to go after bloggers.  Continue reading

Guest Post: Matt Boedy on Charlie Kirk Speaking at Wade Burleson’s Emmanuel Enid

Charlie Kirk who is linked to the late Falkirk Center at Liberty University is being hosted by Wade Burleson at Emmanuel Enid later this summer. Kirk usually makes an appearance art Calvary Chapels and Pentecostal churches but Burleson is turning his pulpit over to Christian Nationalism. This is a disturbing change and shows the problems and issues with Wade Burleson and Christian Nationalism.  Continue reading

David Platt, McLean Bible and Addressing False Accusations

Last night at the McLean Bible congregation meeting David Platt addressed an outrageous claim and read part of an email. The claim is that David Platt is going to sell McLean Bible and turn it over to Muslims. It is a false accusation and part of a disinformation effort. I felt sick as I listened to it, especially as this blogger once was subjected to a false accusation. This post is about false accusations and this blog rejects any such behavior against David Platt and his family. This blog wants people to stick to the facts and remain level headed and not resort to the behavior of those like Dale Sutherland or Mark Dever who worked to perform a theological coup at McLean Bible several years ago. Continue reading

How Greg Locke Divided a Family and Allegedly Murdered Coburn Kennedy Through Disinformation About COVID-19

This is the story of Coburn Kennedy. Coburn Kennedy got involved in Global Vision Bible Church in Mt Juliet,  Tennessee and was influenced by Greg Locke. Greg Locke is a fundamentalist pastor known for being in denial about COVID. Locke allegedly threatened to assault a Dunkin Donut employee when asked to put on a face mask the next time he came into the store. Locke taught disinformation regularly including that taking the vaccine is to be injected with fetal tissue which is a lie. Coburn Kennedy turned down vaccination and then contracted COVID-19 and later died. This is the story of the alleged murder of Coburn Kennedy by Greg Locke through disinformation. Continue reading

Facebook Bans Lifestite News, a Popular Alt-Right Website with Catholics and Evangelicals, for Disinformation

Lifesite News is a website that is popular with fringe, nationalist Catholics and many American evangelicals. It is known for disinformation and weaponizing information in the culture wars. It has become a part of the echo chamber that cranks out dangerous misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines. In May of 2021 Lifesite News was banned from the Facebook platform due to disinformation they pushed about the COVID-19 vaccines being dangerous.  Continue reading