Why is Kris Vallotton Obsessed With a Female’s Hymen? Is Bethel a Safe Place for Sexual Abuse and Rape Victims?

Bethel’s Kris Vallotton pushed an older sermon from 2014 recently that among other issues talked about how a female’s hymen can be restored. Bethel is the perfect place for a predator and Kris’ teaching can heap a lot of shame among rape and sexual abuse victims. But why is Kris Vallotton so obsessed with a hymen as well? Continue reading

Jessica Johnson Discusses the Issues with the Mars Hill Podcast by Mike Cosper. In the Process Some of This Blog’s Work on the Sojourn Network is Acknowledged

Mike Cosper did a podcast on the tragic saga or Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. Jessica Johnson a lecturer at the University of Washington who has done academic research and published about Mars Hill called out Cosper and explained the problems with the podcast. In the process this blog’s work on Sojourn was acknowledged. The Wondering Eagle previously filled in the gaps of what happened to Daniel Montgomery and his failed restoration process. Continue reading

Coleman Rafferty on Millennials and the Truth. This Blog Would Like to Point Out That in Evangelicalism, “It’s the Corruption, Stupid…”

At the website for EFCA East a former student from Messiah College, Coleman Rafferty writes about truth and the millennial generation. This post while older was retweeted by EFCA East a couple of days ago. This blog writes a response to Coleman on what he says about truth and looks at the issue of truth and evangelicalism. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Josh Black (Senior Pastor of First Free Wichita) and a Response to His Narcissistic Dress Down

After getting a dress down on Sunday morning at First Free Wichita, this is the response to Josh Black the senior pastor. In dealing with a likely narcissist I have low expectations but just want to state my case and refute what Josh Black said. This blog is staying for the long term and will be writing more about First Free Wichita. Continue reading

This Blog is Looking for Sources for Larry Osborne’s North Coast Church in Vista, California

This blog is wanting to do much more work on Larry Osborne’s North Coast Church in Vista, California. In order to do this blog needs to develop sources so I can penetrate the organization and get the information needed to study North Coast Church. If you have information on this EFCA church please reach out to me at wonderingeagle261@gmail.com Continue reading

Jerry Prevo Blames the Recent Scandals at Liberty University on Satan

As faculty returned to Liberty University Jerry Prevo provided an answer as to why the school has been bogged down in scandals and controversy. Jerry Prevo said the problem is Satan, and also criticized the media. Blogs like this are going to keep writing about Liberty University. And its clear that for Liberty University Jerry Prevo is now the Church Lady.  Continue reading

When Emmanuel Enid Hit Bottom. Wade Burleson Has Dinesh D’Souza Speak to His Southern Baptist Church

On November 8, 2020 Wade Burleson had Dinesh D’Souza speak at Emmanuel Enid. D’Souza has actively spread anti-Semitic rhetoric and engaged in the fringe conspiracy theories. He’s a conman who had a reputation of running afoul of the law. Then you have the allegations of domestic abuse which D’Souza’s former wife submitted to a judge. Wade Burleson claims he’s an advocate of women. Is he? Especially when Burleson gives a platform to someone who allegedly kicks his wife in the head? This post is about the day Emmanuel Enid hit bottom, and all because a corrupt Southern Baptist pastor just might have his eyes on an Oklahoma Senate seat. Continue reading