Recommended Read Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic: The My Pillow Guy Really Could Destroy Democracy

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Reid Kapple Anger is Not Always Bad

Reid Kapple is a pastor at Christ Community Church in Olathe, Kansas. Recently at the church blog the EFCA pastor wrote about anger and how to address it. After reading the post this blog wanted to offer some friendly push back, and remind Reid that anger is not always bad. This blog wished evangelicals would become angry over spiritual corruption and abuse instead of being apathetic.  Continue reading

Bethel’s Bill Johnson Pushes Anti-Vaxx Disinformation and Reveals How He Does Not Believe in Romans 13 When it Comes to California State Government

The other day on Instagram Bill Johnson of Bethel was pushing disinformation when it came to the COVID-19 vaccination. The letters the controversial pastor pushed had issues and ignored history, current information and was classical evangelical garbage that plays to a person’s fears. But the fact that he did this after Kris Vallotton revealed his obsession with female genitalia the question needs to be asked. Where do Bill and Beni Johnson stand when it comes to a female’s hymen? Continue reading

Why is Kris Vallotton Obsessed With a Female’s Hymen? Is Bethel a Safe Place for Sexual Abuse and Rape Victims?

Bethel’s Kris Vallotton pushed an older sermon from 2014 recently that among other issues talked about how a female’s hymen can be restored. Bethel is the perfect place for a predator and Kris’ teaching can heap a lot of shame among rape and sexual abuse victims. But why is Kris Vallotton so obsessed with a hymen as well? Continue reading

The Origins of Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church and How Darien Bennett Cannibalized Members From Scottsdale Bible Church

When The Trinity Church started in 2016 one of the questions that existed is who is going to it and how did they get involved? Today’s post helps fill in the gaps of Mark Driscoll’s infamous church in Arizona and how a large group of men from Scottsdale Bible Church was allegedly cannibalized by former Scottsdale pastor Darien Bennett. There are also questions about Darien’s counseling services and the fees he charges. Continue reading

Jessica Johnson Discusses the Issues with the Mars Hill Podcast by Mike Cosper. In the Process Some of This Blog’s Work on the Sojourn Network is Acknowledged

Mike Cosper did a podcast on the tragic saga or Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. Jessica Johnson a lecturer at the University of Washington who has done academic research and published about Mars Hill called out Cosper and explained the problems with the podcast. In the process this blog’s work on Sojourn was acknowledged. The Wondering Eagle previously filled in the gaps of what happened to Daniel Montgomery and his failed restoration process. Continue reading

Some Musings About Evangelicals and Abortion in 2021 With the Texas Abortion Law Center Stage

With the new Texas abortion law this blog decided to do a post reflecting on the issue of abortion and the evangelical culture wars. What does abortion mean today? In the end this blog would contend that while some evangelicals think they have won the battle, instead they have lost the war. In the end what was aborted most wasn’t a fetus, but instead the evangelical church and successive generations who walked away because of their exhaustion from the endless culture wars. Continue reading

EFCA ReachGlobal’s Kevin Moore in Japan Implores People to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

The EFCA has been silent on vaccination against COVID-19. With Trinity International University it took the Illinois governor to require vaccinations. Inside Minneapolis the national EFCA leadership has also been silent on encouraging vaccination. And this blog is trying to find out if the EFCA’s ReachGlobal requires vaccination. Against all this there is an EFCA Missionary in Japan pleading with people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Its a start but the EFCA still has a long way to go if they actually want to show they love their neighbor. Continue reading

Washington Post Op-Ed by Dr. Alan Braid on Why He Violated Texas’ Strict Abortion Law is a Must Read

The other day in the Washington Post there was an op-ed from a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in Texas. In his article he addressed the new abortion law in Texas and why he has already violated it. It is a piece that has generated a lot of attention. This blog is going to work on a post about evangelicals and abortion shortly, but in the meantime I wanted to add this op-ed to the blog. Continue reading