Hello Clarksburg! Did Pastor Dave Bullock Attack and go for Dee Parson’s Jugular on The Wartburg Watch?


On August 1, 2015 at a post on the Wartburg Watch a person named “Shocked” went after Dee Parsons. It was the first time in the history of her blog that a church she was writing about had a person in a position of authority go for her jugular.  Today’s post is to ask a question…is “Shocked” Pastor David Bullock, the Campus Pastor from Clarksburg?

“But I know Rod would also testify that this was the smoothest church transition either of us had ever seen or could have anticipated. I’ve been in ministry for fifteen years. It seems that with any major decisions, there were lot of hurdles and a lot of questions. But God’s hand was on this and it was amazing how smooth it was.”

David Bullock Campus Pastor at Clarksburg

“I will not delete your comments. But, I think they will stand as a testimony to how your church may do business.”

Dee Parsons to “Shocked” on August 1, 2015

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”[a] And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.

Luke 23:24 NIV


Hello Clarksburg! The Eagle decides to stretch his wings and fly through Clarksburg, Maryland for today’s post. If you haven’t read some of the other posts on Fairfax Community Church you can read them in the links provided.  The first link examines how FCC reacted to the Newtown shootings which gave an agnostic a lot to think about at the time. It was followed up by the spectacular fail to respond to the Navy Yard shootings right in FCC’s backyard of Washington, D.C.  The ringmaster of the circus at Fairfax the following Sunday morning after the Navy Yard incident was John Falke. Then there is the “A Better $tory” campaign in which  FCC wants to grow when they are struggling to manage and minister the sheep they have now. Rod Stafford did a number on the Book of Nehemiah, and you can read about that in this post here. Then there is a chain of events that came about with Eric Nickle as the Care Director of FCC. I asked the question in this post as to why does Fairfax Community Church have a Care Director that is on the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Sex Offender Registry? This issue kind of crashed an alleged mancation in Kenya with Rod Stafford and Andy Gingrich, you can read that here. Then there is this open letter to my former Senior Pastor Rod Stafford in which I express my frustration over FCC. Finally there is this post which does analysis of the 2nd statement that FCC gave to Amy Smith of SNAP. So that’s how we get to today.

As the situation at Fairfax Community Church unfolds there are still a number of different ways I want to dissect the situation. After all there are many ways one can peel an onion. These are some of the coming posts that will appear in the near future:

  • Analysis by a survivor of child sex abuse about her experience and a critique of the mistakes that Fairfax Community Church are making.
  • Analysis and a question that is posed by Eagle. Why are evangelical Christian churches so difficult when it comes to conflict resolution? After all didn’t Jesus say, “Blessed are the peacemakers?” Are the peacemakers at Fairfax Community Church absent because the temple is now a business?
  • I would like to do a detailed analysis of the entire situation as an overview. What does this situation reveal about Fairfax Community Church? Eric Nickle is an indicator of much deeper problems. There’s a lot one can chew on as one can go in the weeds and look at the intrinsic problems in FCC’s culture.

So with that all said let’s move into today’s post.


A Plant in Clarksburg and the Events Leading to a Post on Wartburg Watch

On September 28, 2014 Fairfax Community Church opened up a church plant in Montgomery County, Maryland called Clarksburg. It was another church formerly called Lakewood Church of God that decided to join Fairfax Community and voted to do so. You can read more about the merging here. On the Fairfax Community Church’s side leadership moved forward and decided to pursue a church plant apparently without seeking or letting the congregation give advice or even determine if this is indeed healthy for the church. Fairfax Community Church is part of the Church of God in Anderson Indiana denomination. Fairfax Community Church doesn’t have elders, what they have instead is called an Advisory Council. They fill the capacity of elders, and I would say are in fact defacto elders, though technically they are not. The Advisory Council of Fairfax Community are Bob Moss, David Black, Dennis Stotts, Jon Farmelo, Matt Anderson, and the Senior Pastor Rod Stafford.

While Clarksburg is getting underway and being franchised by Fairfax Community Church in a way that brings glory to Dave Thomas, whoops I meant to say God, 11 months later SNAP learned that Fairfax Community Church employed a violent sex offender in a position of trust and withheld that information from the congregation. That led Amy Smith to write this post, then SNAP went on to publish this post.  On August 1, 2015 SNAP came to Fairfax Community Church and protested and handed out flyers to people leaving FCC. Dee Parsons at Wartburg Watch had already published this post and a statement given by Rod Stafford. FCC had a service in which they talked about the situation but they wouldn’t release the sermon to the public. Afterward the fireworks hit the blogosphere, and some people online learned that some members and attenders of FCC were more like Elevators (passing reference to Stephen Furtick’s racket in Charlotte, North Carolina) in the end.  Here is what happens…a story about a church is broken, and the first people to defend it are the Kool Aid drinkers. It comes in waves when issues dealing with a church are discussed online. Because rule number one in evangelicalism is you never criticize a church. In these situations the church is the idol and worshipped in the place of Jesus.  So under the post dealing with the statement issued by Rod Stafford which garnered 496 comments an exchange took place that was unique in the history of The Wartburg Watch. I will explain later in this post why, but let’s move into a discussion between Dee Parsons and a person named “Shocked.”


Is This Exchange Between Dee Parsons and Dave Bullock of Clarksburg?

Having explained some of the history of the church plant and what happened let’s focus in on an exchange that happened in a comment thread at The Wartburg Watch. Initially  “Shocked” commented which led to a response by “Been There Done That” and then Dee Parsons enters the picture. I lifted this exchange from Wartburg and all the interactions “Shocked” had. “Shocked’s” comments will be in a dark red. That said, here it is!



August 1,  2015 9:22 PM

Shocked, just shocked at the comments on this blog. Reminds me of a bunch of Pharisees that Jesus would condemn today. So many assumptions, so many lies by those that are not directly involved. One guy went a couple times to FCC and now is an expert (disgruntled at best) on everything that goes on at FCC. Dee is so snarky about a pastor that goes on a business trip to Africa for ONE week and is on vacation for another 3 weeks which is pretty normal. I know a lot of pastors that take 3-weeks a year for vacation From what you’ve written you’ve implied he’s been in Africa the whole month? Come on. You are the sick ones. You don’t care about victims. You only care about your agenda and what makes you feel good at the end of the day. Even as I write this, I know one of you (probably all of you) are looking at what I write trying to twist something to mean something else. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I believe Jesus is shaking his head in disbelief of how immature all of you are acting. Curious, what statement will be copied of this comment and be twisted. Anyone who believes anything you guys are saying without going directly to FCC themselves and have an honest conversation is not honoring the victim or anyone involved. Wonder why the SNAP protest tonight that was mentioned on Twitter was not attended by the media (or by many protesters for that matter?) Because there is no story. If this was a story, the media would have been there and covered it. Praying for all of you.


August 1, 2015 9:46 PM

Been There Done That to Shocked

Shocked wrote:

Shocked, just shocked at the comments on this blog.

But, apparently, not shocked at an unannounced sex offender at FCC.

“Praying for all of you.” Gee, thanks. God bless you, too. I’m praying no children are molested at FCC.


August 1, 2015 9:54 PM

Shocked writes to Been There Done That:

Been There Done That-

Wow, you should get an award for the “twist.” Again, you don’t have the facts, so you are making statements that are mean spirited and not educated. If you knew the facts, like apparently the “media” does, hence no story, you wouldn’t like them because then you wouldn’t be able to spew your hate. And yes I am praying for you.


Auguts 1, 2015 9:57 PM

Been There Done That to Shocked

shocked wrote:

Again, you don’t have the facts, so you are making statements that are mean spirited and not educated.

Are you saying there is not a registered sex offender working at FCC that the congregation has not been informed of?

“you wouldn’t be able to spew your hate” Projection much?


August 1, 2015 9:58 PM

Dee writing to Shocked

Shocked wrote:

ee is so snarky about a pastor that goes on a business trip to Africa for ONE week and is on vacation for another 3 weeks which is pretty normal. I know a lot of pastors that take 3-weeks a year for vacation From what you’ve written you’ve implied he’s been in Africa the whole month?

I am so sorry. You misunderstood my comment. Please follow the link back to the original comment by another. I was responding to that commenter who mentioned that the pastor was on a working trip to the mission field. I was actually complimenting him. Good night! Talk about assumptions!

Shocked wrote:

Anyone who believes anything you guys are saying without going directly to FCC themselves and have an honest conversation is not honoring the victim or anyone involved.

Actually, there is one other place to go that is far more accurate and that is to the sex offender registry. The reason the government puts that our there is to warn others that said person may be a risk to children. I take that seriously and that does honor the victims. That listing tells me all that I need to know. Eric should not be in charge of a ministry at FCC, IMO. Instead, he could lead a men’s group but he should not be in a position of trust.

Speaking of that, did you say anything about your concern for the victim or is this just a tirade directed towards those who truly care about the safety of children?

Shocked wrote:

So many assumptions, so many lies by those that are not directly involved. One guy went a couple times to FCC and now is an expert (disgruntled at best)

How do you know he is disgruntled? Are you able to read the motivations of others so clearly, even those of people you have not met. I can assure you. The *guy* who used to attend FCC cares deeply about child sex abuse victims and has spoken out on their behalf numerous times- long before anything was said about Fairfax.

Shocked wrote:

so many lies by those that are not directly involved

Since you are some sort of pastor, it is incumbent on you to delineate, quite carefully, the lies that you say are being told here. Let’s start with my post and me since I run this blog. Why don’t you tell me exactly how I lied. Prove it. I linked to the documents and made statements on behalf of those documents. If you cannot prove to me that I lied, than perhaps it is you who is not telling the truth.

Let me tell you about Eric from those government, publicly available documents. He is on the violent sex offender registry list. He molested a child for his own sexual pleasure. This means he is sexually attracted to little kids. Kids who have no say but to live out the horror of a big man forcing himself on them without their consent. In so doing he has given them nightmares and a lifetimes of pain which they will never forget. They are at high risk for mental illness and may need medication to deal with anxiety.It may affect their relations with others. They may have contracted a disease or have been physically injured since a child should not be used as a sex object.

But what does this really matter? He’s repented, after all. So, let’s get on with things…

I am curious. Why are you so angry? Usually anger comes from one of two sources in these situations. The first is I hit too close to home for you. The second is I directly affected a friend or family member. Which is it for you?

Finally, the protests do something other than what you seem to think. I can assure you that from this point forward, FCC will regularly alert their congregation to known pedophiles on the staff. Secondly, it educates the congregation as to the issue. It opens up their eyes. Lastly, it helps other churches to see that there are those who take pedophiles very, very seriously. SNAP deeply cares for the victims as do I even thought I am not a member of SNAP.

I appreciate that fact that you are praying for me. I need it. I deal with a number of abuse issues and known both victims and their families. It makes me quite sad to meet the children who have been hurt. Pray for my strength. Please pray also for the victims of pedophilia and for the pain that they will continue to endure.


August 1, 2015 9:59 PM

Dee writes again to Shocked

shocked wrote:

Again, you don’t have the facts,

Are you saying the child sex offender registry is in error? Wow- now that is a media story. Could you please send me the details and I will write about it.


August 1, 2015 10:03 PM

Shocked writes to Been There Done That

Yes, apparently they are aware. You take the word of a couple people on this blog over truth. Don’t believe the lies you read here. I’d encourage to go to the church and find out for yourself instead of believing what you read on a blog. Go ye therefore and “twist.” @ BeenThereDoneThat:


August 1, 2015 10:04 PM

Dee Parsons writes to Shocked:


I will let you continue to comment but you must document the lies that I have told. If you have not done this by the time I wake up for church, then you will be moderated until you present evidence of my lies. I get quite weary of people who claim that I have slandered, libeled and lied and do not present any evidence when I directly ask for it.

Unless you do so, you are the one who is guilty of lying, not me. I look forward to your clear presentation of the lies, quoting me exactly. Since you are a pastor, I know you would evidence before accusing me of lying although you didn’t quite get my comment, complimenting your pastor on his 4 week, working mission trip.


August 1, 2015 10:06 PM

Dee Parsons writes to Shocked:

shocked wrote:

Don’t believe the lies you read here

You better give evidence of this by the time I wake up or you will be moderated. I take lying seriously and i do not take appreciate anyone who gets on a rant and makes accusations without direct proof. Take it u a notch and be a credit to your office and give me proof of my lies.


August 1, 2015 10:10 PM

Shocked writes to Dee Parsons

Dee, apparently you don’t get it. You believe what you want, and twist, and honestly, I don’t know why I am responding to you. I am feeding your goal of twisting truth. Sorry I got sucked in to your sad little world of a couple people who read your blog. (Yes, I was guilty tonight) Praying God will give you strength. But maybe you should pray for a better understanding of this situation, because you still are not getting it and never will sadly. @ dee:
@ dee:


August 1, 2015 10:14 PM

Dee Parsons writes:

Because of the protest, we are now getting the defend FCC and the pedophile crowd. This is normal and usually happens. All new commenters will be moderated so they may be stuck there until I arise from my beauty sleep.

However, Pastor “Shocked” has until tomorrow morning to document my supposed lies. If he does not do so, he will be permanently moderated or even by forced to hear Sarah Brighten and Andre Bocelli sing “Time to say Goodbye.”


August 1, 2015 10:25 PM

Dee Parsons writes to Shocked:

shocked wrote:

Dee, apparently you don’t get it.

I asked you to document your proof that I lied. What is stopping you from doing so? If I have been proven to lie I will correct it immediately and ask for forgiveness.

I wonder if you might be the Pastor Dave at the FCC- Clarksburg location. If so, then you do have an obligation to back up your accusations with evidence. Is this how you demonstrate turning the other cheek to your church? Is this how you demonstrate how to show love to others?


August 1, 2015 10:31 PM

Shocked writes to Dee Parsons:

Dee, I apologize for offending you. I should have done a better job of expressing my frustration with you. You feed on comments like this and I should of known better. Ugh! Sorry. As for your last comment, no I don’t support the pedophelia crowd. That was a low ball but expected. Don’t worry about me commenting again, (yes please moderate me) and yes, I should have quoted all of the problems I see with your posts for the integrity of my claims. Obviously, feel free to delete my comments. (I guess you can do that if you’re the moderator) I will go back to praying and leave you alone. (I’m sure I said something there to get attacked) Goodnight! dee wrote:

Because of the protest, we are now getting the defend FCC and the pedophile crowd. This is normal and usually happens. All new commenters will be moderated so they may be stuck there until I arise from my beauty sleep.

However, Pastor “Shocked” has until tomorrow morning to document my supposed lies. If he does not do so, he will be permanently moderated or even by forced to hear Sarah Brighten and Andre Bocelli sing “Time to say Goodbye.”


August 1, 2015 10:45 PM

Dee writes to Shocked:

@ shocked:
Pastor Dave-you still have not done what I asked you to do. You need to prove that I lied. Instead, you throw some garbage out there to see if it sticks. If you are a pastor, then man up and prove my lies. You haven’t offended me. I am truly concerned that you know that I lied and I can'[t figure out what I said that was a lie.

It will not surprise me if you run off into your corner and hide. That often happens with people who make claims that cannot be proven and I call them on it. I proved that Eric is a pedophile. I spoke about my concerns on that matter. What was a lie? Do you accuse others with whom you disagree of lying? Seriously?

I will not delete your comments. But, I think they will stand as a testimony to how your church may do business.

Let me say this again. I expect to be getting lots of comment from the defend “Fairfax CC and the pedophile” crowd. This time I added italics that might help you to get what I am saying. The comments we have been receiving are the same ones we got when we discussed the pedophile hero of Elevation Church.

I do not see the need to defend a pedophile. He did what he did and he went to jail for doing so. Whereto or not you understand this, Eric is a pedophile and he will have to deal with this the rest of his life.

Now, as a pastor, can I ask you once again to show that you are a man of honor and truth by outlining the lies that I told in my post. This is a simple request. It will show that your words have integrity.


Is “Shocked” Pastor Dave Bullock of Clarksburg?

When I spoke to Dee Parsons on the phone about this exchange Dee explained to me that she thought it was the pastor from the Clarksburg location. The reasons why are multiple. First the log in to comment was as “PastorDave.” Second the IP address showed the computer where the comments were being made as coming from Maryland, and not far from Clarksburg. Third was the venom the person had which gave away that the person knew or was involved in the situation personally. Now here is the unique aspect that I find most interesting…and of course it had to happen with Fairfax Community Church. Dee Parsons started blogging in 2009 and has written over 1800 posts since that time period. She has written intensely about a lot of things, from Mark Dever’s Capital Hill Baptist, issues in the SBC, James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel, Sovereign Grace, Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Seattle, Matt Chandler’s The Village, Ed Young’s Faith Fellowship, and Robert Morris Gateway in Texas. But she’s written about more,  a lot more…Dee has written about the Acts 29 network, Doug Philips, Doug Wilson, Steven Furtick and Elevation Church, First Baptist Church of Jacksonville and the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement. The point is she has written a lot, yet there was one thing that happened in that post about Fairfax Community Church that never happened before. This was the first time in writing a story about a church where it appeared  a pastor in a position in authority of the church she was writing about attacked her and went for the jugular. I think Dee is still waiting for Pastor Dave to tell her where she lied. After all Dee just referenced the Sex Offender database for Virginia.

Some Parting Thoughts From “Disgruntled at Best”

In the comments “Shocked” referred to me as “disgruntled at best” and claimed I only went twice. That’s why I was involved in a small group, that’s why I worked with the homeless, and that is why I got baptized at FCC. On a November morning in 2013 with hundreds of churches in the DC area I woke up and decided to casually get baptized at FCC. There are many disturbing things about what “Shocked” said and here is but a list,

  • He refused to believe the legitimacy of the Virginia Sex Offender registry.
  • He claimed that the post was a lie.
  • He made allegations without researching and asking about it beforehand.
  • He twisted what a Pharisee is and bastardized it in the process. Also he redefined victim.
  • I don’t think “Shocked” realized the power of the internet based off what he said about the protest.
  • He claimed that people were mean and uneducated.
  • After attacking and bullying people he said he was going to “pray for them.”

Pastor David Bulluck if that is you posting as “Shocked” that is not cool. That is not how a pastor should behave.  After all the night Jesus was arrested he surrendered himself to the authorities and told Peter to put away his sword. In stark contrast you rush and grab yours. The irony is that after going after people and attacking them you say you will pray for them. That’s a really kind and considerate offer and I do want to take you up on your offer for prayer. If you knew what religion and fundamentalism has done to me I will gladly accept prayer.  It took a lot of courage to step back into a church having been burned, and then when I discovered that Fairfax Community was being dishonest and disingenuous that bothered me deeply. To carry this burden for a couple of years was heavy. If you are indeed angry I suggest you should direct your anger at the Senior Pastor of Fairfax Community as they knew this information and they kept it from the congregation. No one wants to hear the messenger and at one point in history the messenger was an extremely risky and dangerous job. The messenger was often killed because the King didn’t want to hear the bad news. The same principle applies here, Dee Parsons is just the messenger and you have to threaten, bully and attack her. If you are “Shocked” and you think that is how a pastor should operate then I think you need to do some soul searching and look at your heart.

I want to direct this final segment to my “East Coast Mom” and saw a few words. I’m sorry people from my former church attacked you. They don’t know what they are doing, remember Jesus forgave the people who crucified him. Those from Fairfax Community who attacked you do not know what they are doing in the end. I have to say I am embarrassed as I am still wrapping my head around this one. I can’t believe the churches I have picked in my lifetime. As I look for a place to call home I am trying my hardest not to be jaundiced about church. I don’t want to become one of the dones one day, and that is my fear. Yet it troubles me that some of this behavior keeps happening. You know what this is a lesson in Mom? Its a lesson on why he need Jesus. Rod Stafford and David Bullock are just as broken and sinful as CJ Mahaney and Steven Furtick. Pastors sin to, that is something that is lost in the message today. Churches sin also and that is what Fairfax Community did in the end. I’m sorry Mom, I’m embarrassed to think I called Fairfax Community Church home, please forgive them they do not know what they are doing. Having said that I am proud of you and keep doing the good job and fighting the good fight. Whether it be me or Karen Hinkley you have helped those who have been wounded by the church immensely. Stand strong! We’ll talk soon!

BTW- David Bullock if you are “Shocked” I think you have a phone call you need to make to Dee Parsons. If you were “Shocked” then I think you owe her an apology for calling her a liar.



11 thoughts on “Hello Clarksburg! Did Pastor Dave Bullock Attack and go for Dee Parson’s Jugular on The Wartburg Watch?

    • Seneca, let me ask you this….does Dee Parsons engage in lying when she writes a post? In this case of Fairfax Community Church she drew from the Virginia Sex Offender registry. Now if the VA Sex Offender Registry is a lie, than wow….someone better make that phone call to the Washington Post.


      • Nope Hug, I was banned because I wasn’t with “the narrative.” If you’re going to continue at TWW, you’ve got to be with “the narrative.” I think their narrative ” the progressive gospel is good” is wrong. They have abandoned Biblical orthodoxy, but that’s a broad road with a lots of people on it. The progressive gospel is quite popular with the masses. Biblical orthodoxy? Not so much.

        BTW Hug, do 90 percent of your comments still reference “the gulag” , KGB or Mao, Stalin, Hitler and his crew when you discuss conservative evangelicals?.
        Of course there’s always your sexual references too. smile


  1. However one may characterize the comments left on TWW by “Shocked” the question is relevant, was it the pastor from Clarksburg?

    SG is changing the subject but I’ll bite. I’m tired of hearing about Piper too, but SG, how can you complain about TWW having a fixation when you have fixation with TWW as evidenced by your own site you linked to? At least TWW mixes it up with many subjects, your site is devoted to only one subject, TWW. It seems an odd preoccupation.

    Back to the subject, if it was the pastor from Clarksburg, he made accusations of lying but never backed them up. Shocked’s comments were a poor defense of FCC and a poor representation of himself. The opening accusation of commenters being Pharasees wasn’t even a good analogy, as if TWW commenters are religious leaders, and from a position of power they put undue burdens on regular folk. If you don’t have an issue with your pastor making dishonest comments, at least be miffed at how mediocre they were.


    • If David Bullock never made these comments I’ll go on the record of having been wrong. But he never made any effort to deal with the comments. If this is how a pastor behaves, Good God! The sheer nature of dishonesty stuns me. I have a few more articles I want to write about FCC. There’s many other aspects to look at this issue from. Today was one side, there will be a few more articles coming down the pike.


      • The dishonesty didn’t stun me, it probably should, I was struck by the ineptitude and mediocrity of it. It was an indication the comments came from someone surrounded by yes men and rarely gets out into the hurly burly real world where you have to justify what you say.

        I’ve seen similar circumstance where someone thinks they have the perfect argument that will silence everyone but instead it proves them a rube who has little understanding. Calling everyone Pharisees, it was just silly.

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  2. If I ever end up in the news for a rage-incident assault, one of the possible reasons would be hearing “I’ll Pray for You(TM)” or “I’m Praying for You(TM)” one time too many. My upbringing has made me hyper-allergic to passive-aggressive backhand slaps couched in plausibly-deniable pious language.

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      • All too often, “I’ll Pray For you(TM)” has been Christianese for doing nothing.

        My standard reply in comment threads is a paraphrase of a famous line from Babylon-5:
        “You have a saying: ‘I’ll Pray For You”;
        We also have a saying: “Put your money where your mouth is!”

        Because if you don’t back the words up with SOME action (even if it’s something minor), it’s not worth it.

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    • I hear someone say they’ll pray for me and I pretty much automatically think of it as them giving me a big “Fuck you”. So with you there HUG

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