John Bryson’s Fellowship Memphis – The State of the Church as Assessed by The Wondering Eagle

Not long ago Fellowship Memphis had their State of the Church address. It was smooth and slick…especially for a church being dogged by criminal allegations of a cover up. Under the leadership of John Bryson and Bryan Loritts,  Rick Trotter’s alleged voyeurism and manufactured child pornography was destroyed. This is the state of Fellowship Memphis and why we. need. to. shut. this. church. down. For the glory of Jesus church let’s close Fellowship Memphis forever! Let this church be a statement to Matt Chandler and the Acts 29 network on why alleged criminal activity will not be tolerated in the church.

“The good news is that Jesus is coming back. The bad news is that he’s really pissed off.”

Bob Hope

“Bad news isn’t wine it doesn’t improve with age.”

Colin Powell

Jesus entered the Temple and began to drive out all the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice. He knocked over the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those selling doves. 13 He said to them, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves!”

Matthew 21:12-13 NLT

Fellowship Memphis

The staff of Fellowship Memphis at the time of the incident.

Ricky Jenkins gives the State of the Church message, remember its all about Jesus!

Last weekend as I was driving around in the D.C. area I listened to Ricky Jenkins State of the Church talk and discussed it with some former members of Fellowship Memphis. I listened to it again and I took some notes, this post is a response to what Ricky Jenkins has said. After all in Ricky’s sermon, and prayer he said Lord 10 times, God 28 times, and Jesus 61 times. That is impressive for Ricky to say that…especially with the serious criminal allegations dogging Fellowship Memphis. It’s all about Jesus…that’s why Fellowship Memphis allegedly destroyed child pornography that Rick Trotter made in the church restroom. It’s all about Jesus…so let’s remember that point as we work through the State of the Church for Fellowship Memphis here on The Wondering Eagle.


John Bryson’s Internal State of the Church Talk

I am hearing from my sources that John Bryson allegedly gave an internal State of the Church talk at Fellowship Memphis. This talk  in all likelihood was not recorded and nor was it posted on the internet. In that talk John Bryson said that they are investigating Rick Trotter’s allegations and that they will know the results in 25 to 30 years.  So think about it church, those of you who attend Fellowship Memphis now who are 25 or so, when you are getting ready for your very first colonoscopy at around the age of 50 the results of this investigation will be done. Remember it’s all about Jesus! My question to John Bryson is this…why can I make a few phone calls, send a few texts and get the information I need in a matter of minutes or a couple of hours? Yet its going to take Fellowship Memphis at least a generation to figure out what allegedly happened? The alleged  “Gospel Centered Multi Ethnic” cover up is on folks! You know what is also disturbing as well is the following information. Amongst the staff who were aware of the alleged cover-up after Rick Trotter was sent to therapy in Georgia for alleged voyeurism, it was stated that Rick Trotter had a better chance of kicking a cocaine addiction then the paraphilia of voyeurism. Its my understanding as well amongst the staff that there are a number of individuals who know what happened and are afraid. They know an alleged cover up took place and they are afraid of what God will do to Fellowship Memphis because of the alleged criminal activity. To those on staff I have to say this…it’s time to act like men! It’s time to do the right thing! I remember years ago in Campus Crusade hearing Bryan Loritts speak about getting off the fence. Well staff at Fellowship Memphis its time to get off the fence. Are you going to stand up for the victims of an alleged sexual crime? Are you going to be men and take a stand? Or are you going to perpetuate evil by choosing to ignore it and put a paycheck, a mortgage or more above the truth? Remember its’ all about Jesus!


The State of Fellowship Memphis

This is going to be a blunt assessment on the State of the Church. I come to you to lay out the facts and on behalf of the Lord Jesus ask those of you who attend of make a decision. The state of Fellowship Memphis is not good. People are in pain, victims are scared of a private investigation agency hired by the church. Victims struggle with trust and simple things that you and I take for granted such as using a restroom have been affected. Those simple acts of trust have been lost by those people. An alleged cover up took place that is indeed evil. It’s all about Jesus remember that church! And as a Christian I plead with you in the name of Jesus, on the strength and authority of scripture I beg and I ask the church to do this one thing for the glory of the Lord. Lets. shut. down. Fellowship. Memphis. forever! Let’s do this for the glory of the Lord! There is much that I need to say and let’s slowly go through the information.

Before I get into this next part let me just state that racism and discrimination is a sin. Its a sin in any form. Any practice or use of discrimination is wrong and to be called out. That said, I am hearing from my source that in an effort to create a “multi-ethnic” church Bryan Loritts allegedly engaged in reverse discrimination. Any form of discrimination is wrong. Even if the end goal of a “multi ethnic church” is noble the means of allegedly practicing discrimination to get to that goal is wrong.  Its bothersome and troubling that a church that is viewed as the “multi ethnic” church plant model would allegedly engage in such activity.  If that is the case, and I believe it is, then the foundation for Fellowship Memphis is rotted and already unstable.

Another indicator that the state of Fellowship Memphis is not good is the following. The leadership are teaching something to people and not following it. Let me illustrate with John Bryson. As a “multi-ethnic” church John encourages people to move into the inner city of Memphis. To get involved in the lives of people in the inner city. Bryan Lorrits did the same thing also. Yet here is the problem…neither Bryan Loritts or John Bryson did that at all. Instead they did the opposite…they hightailed to one of the most affluent  and white upper middle class neighborhood  in the Memphis area.  John stayed away from the inner city and did not lead by example. In addition while encouraging people to get involved in the inner city, which includes the public school system, John Bryson did the opposite. He sent his children to the most affluent and best private schools that money can purchase. John Bryson as a pastor is not leading by example. It’s another indicator that the state of Fellowship Memphis is not good.

Another indicator of the subsequent corruption breeding itself lies in the church plant in Fairfax, Virginia by Kenji Adachi. Given the culture that exists at Fellowship Memphis  and the criminal allegations dogging this church Fellowship Memphis should not be engaged in church planting. Fairfax and northern Virginia does not need an alleged criminal enterprise that has allegedly covered up Rick Trotter’s illicit behavior to breed itself in my community.  We already have enough between Redeeming Grace Church/Sovereign Grace Fairfax and Fairfax Community Church. We don’t need  more  of that crap here.

Another indication that Fellowship Memphis is not good is the entire Rick Trotter situation. The leadership of this church allegedly conspired to pull off a cover up of Rick Trotter’s voyeurism. This is what makes this State of the Church post so dark…is that fact that Fellowship Memphis allegedly covered up the behavior. This church allegedly forced victims of sex crimes to meet with Rick Trotter and forgive him. This was distressing for them and one was so frightened she could not do it. The victims were told that if they went to the police they would destroy Rick Trotter’s life. That behavior by the leadership of Fellowship Memphis is nothing but BS! Remember its all about Jesus! So you must cover up the alleged criminal activity. Rick Trotter engaging in alleged criminal activity rests with Rick Trotter alone.  Does John Bryson know what a man is? Can he act like a man and as the head of this outfit take responsibility for this racket?  An alleged cover up is exactly what the leadership of this church has done. In the process this church has bullied, intimidated, and harmed victims of an alleged sex crime. That alone is beyond disturbing…its why Fellowship Memphis needs to be shut down. In the name of Jesus this church needs to be closed!



Why Fellowship Memphis Needs to be Closed

In the Academy Award winning best picture Spotlight one of the main characters  who knows there is a cover up gets passionate and says no one can get away with a cover up. Indeed no one is above the law. You can watch that in the above clip.  Its true that no one is above the law and that includes John Bryson, Bryan Loritts, and Hamp Holcomb. They are not above the law either and they have acted as if they are when they allegedly engaged in covering up Rick Trotter’s situation. In the process they have bastardized Romans 13 when it talks about submitting to the state. So here is my plea, and if any members from Fellowship Memphis find themselves in the Washington, D.C. area I would be happy to meet and talk with them. But the following also needs to be stated. Just because Fellowship Memphis is a church…does not mean it should be supported. You can’t preach the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ and allegedly cover up the destruction of Rick Trotter’s child pornography when it was made in the restroom when he allegedly recorded two under age females. You can’t follow the advice of the attorney who says to “throw the evidence into the Mississippi” and then claim to be following scripture. For Christians to attend, tithe, give money and support Fellowship Memphis is a sin. Not every church that is open should stay open. There are churches that need to close and lock their doors forever. Fellowship Memphis is that type of church which needs to be shuttered.

The good news that I am hearing from one of my sources is that people are leaving Fellowship Memphis. That is good, that is healthy. Leaving Fellowship Memphis in light of all the criminal allegations honors Jesus. Its time to keep this up and to shut this church down. Actually lets go beyond that church. Lets send a message that is loud and clear in the Acts 29 network. Lets send a message that states the following:

  1. Christians will not accept allegations of criminal activity in a church.
  2. The alleged manufacture and destruction of child pornography will never be tolerated in the church.
  3. The church will not bully, threaten nor intimidate alleged victims of a sex crime.
  4. The church will always notify law enforcement of an incident and will get them involved immediately.
  5. The church will always support the victims and include them as being part of the “least of these.”
  6. The church will not send a sexual predator onto another church to create more damaged and harmed lives.

But church lets send a message loud and clear to the Acts 29 network. Lets send a message to John Bryson that tells him that he will be held accountable for the criminal allegations that exist. Let’s send a loud message to Matt Chandler that the alleged manufacture of child pornography is wrong, illegal and will NEVER be tolerated.

Church the State of the Church at Fellowship Memphis is dark, and there is one thing we need to do which will honor the Lord. We. need. to. shut. this. church. down. Just because a church is up and running and proclaims Jesus doesn’t mean its healthy or should be. Ricky Jenkins performance was slick! Given the situation to proclaim Jesus with so much passion and talk about how important the Lord is beyond slick. Its manipulative! For Ricky Jenkins to still speak of how serious Fellowship Memphis follows scripture and then to allegedly have the same church intimidate, bully, harass, and allegedly cover up deviant sex crimes is sickening. But it gets much worse, to quote from Ricky Jenkins in his talk he asks “Do you want a gold mine?” I want to address Ricky Jenkins right here, “Do you want a gold mine?” Its all about Jesus right? If you want a gold mine can I ask you why didn’t you contact the police when Rick Trotter’s alleged voyeurism was caught? Its my understanding that the IPhone that Rick Trotter used to allegedly record in the restroom was brought first to Bryan Loritts office, Bryan Loritts in turn then brought Ricky Jenkins into his office and allegedly had him as a witness. Ricky Jenkins and Bryan Loritts allegedly told the victim who found the camera that they will take care of it. (Note to all readers that means an alleged cover up is on!) Ricky Jenkins I have a question for you…”Do you want a gold mine?” If you had a gold mine with all this knowledge and awareness of scripture why didn’t you make that phone call to the Memphis Police Ricky? Did you watch any of Rick Trotter’s alleged footage? How much of that alleged tape did you view Ricky?  As I have said several times before and will continue to say…a church cannot preach Jesus and allegedly destroy child pornography that a worship pastor created in the church restroom! Ricky Jenkins do you understand how serious the situation is? Ricky is alleged “child pornography” a Gospel Centered feature of an Acts 29 church? Its my understanding that there are people on staff who know about the alleged cover up who fear deeply for how this church will be judged by the Lord. Its also my understanding that John Bryson and Hamp Holcomb have been contacting the alleged victims and encouraging them not to speak to the press since this all broke out. John Bryson for once in your life, can you act like a man and take responsibility for your mistakes?

It’s time to act church. Let’s withhold all financial giving. In the name of Jesus let’s give the money instead to organizations like People for Enforcement of Rape Laws (PERL), they will help those who are alleged sexual assault victims. They are a professional organization and they support and help sexual assault victims.  Lets also give to SNAP Tennessee who can help people of sexual crimes. Another outstanding organization to give money to is Boz Tchvidijian of Godly Response to Abuse in a Christian Faith (GRACE). But church let’s stop the spigot of money to Fellowship Memphis. To give money to Fellowship Memphis is a sin. To support a corrupt entity is a sin. Let’s honor Jesus by closing this church down so that no one else gets hurt. But bother, sister in the name of the Lord lets shut this church down. I plead with you in the sweet name of Jesus, and on the authority of scripture let’s shut down this alleged criminal enterprise. Those of you who have loved ones in Fellowship Memphis let’s pull them aside and have a long, hard and difficult talk. Talk about the criminal allegations with your loved one. Tell them that they can still keep in touch with people as they leave and those relationships do not have to end. But express deep concern about an organization like Fellowship Memphis not following the laws in the city of Memphis.  But have that hard conversation out of love. Church the situation with Fellowship Memphis is dark, and its time to close the doors on this enterprise. For an organization that is allegedly covering up criminal activity to include the alleged destruction of child pornography, nothing would bring more honor to the Lord. Let’s shut this church, I believe its time. As always guys I love you, and if any people from Fellowship Memphis find themselves in the D.C. area please know I would be happy to meet with you.


13 thoughts on “John Bryson’s Fellowship Memphis – The State of the Church as Assessed by The Wondering Eagle

  1. Thank you for saying this. When all this came out and we realized there is ZERO accountability or transparency for what the leaders are doing with our money, we immediately stopped blindly handing it over. We decided to spend time praying each week about where we could use the funds for good. For healing. For people. Not criminals or programs. Months ago John Bryson went on stage to ask the church for more money. He wanted attendees to give more for their people, plans and programs. He literally said, “We have some things planned we can’t tell you about right now but we think you’re going to love.” Disgusting. In what other industry would you just blindly hand over your money to people that tell you that they need you to give them money but can’t tell you what they want to use it for. (Even the drunk begging for money outside Walgreens on Poplar has some sort of story to tell you about what he’s going to spend your money on.) I knew what this crew of religious panhandlers had used our money for in the past. To pay their friend out on bail (Pete Newman) and throw wads of money (some reports are upwards of six figures) at the Trotters after Rick committed crimes against church members and their children. How much of my money went to the sexual assault victims of Pete Newman or Rick Trotter? ZERO I challenge any member still handing their money over to these crooks and liars to ask them for a copy of the budget and financials over the past few years. We all have a responsibility to steward our money wisely and know exactly what it’s being used for and why. Time to stop allowing these men to fund sex offenders, hire all their friends and line their own pockets. The scam is up.

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  2. Is there a Gofundme set up to help with legal fees for victims at Downtown Presbyterian Church or Fellowship Memphis? I would be glad to give money to the victims or one of these victim organizations you listed.

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  3. It’s all about Jesus…that’s why Fellowship Memphis allegedly destroyed child pornography that Rick Trotter made in the church restroom. It’s all about Jesus…

    Who has now been made an involuntary co-conspirator in kiddie porn, evidence tampering, and possible witness tampering/silencing.

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    • “Who has now been made an involuntary co-conspirator in kiddie porn,”
      HUG – They are putting a whole new spin on taking the Lord’s name in vain.

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      • Don’t you know that commandment applies ONLY to saying words like “heck” and “darn”?
        Get With The Program, My Dear Wormwood. Remember my epistle on semantics, specifically the redefinition of words into their “diabolic meanings”.


  4. “Disgusted” writes:

    “Months ago John Bryson went on stage to ask the church for more money. He wanted attendees to give more for their people, plans and programs. He literally said, “We have some things planned we can’t tell you about right now but we think you’re going to love.” Disgusting. In what other industry would you just blindly hand over your money to people that tell you that they need you to give them money but can’t tell you what they want to use it for.”

    Dang, I though only my former church did that kind of thing, where everything is some big “secret” that they’re going to spring on the congregation at the “appropriate time”. There was always some kind of big “change” in the works that was going on behind the scenes.

    I bet this is what happens though: Lots of people find out about what the “big reveal” will be, because the leadership tells people individually, while imploring them “not to tell anyone”. Thus, everyone believes they’re part of the “in” crowd, and privy to some “big secret” that they’re privileged to know ahead of time. It makes everyone feel all “special”. It’s a bizarre way of currying favor.

    But what a way to run a so-called church, eh?

    Didn’t Jesus say when questioned, “I have spoken openly to the world. […] I said nothing in secret.” ??

    Where everything is some kind of special secret & on a “need to know” basis, be wary.


  5. Nope, nope, nope. IMO, that little speech by Jenkins had nothing to do with the Lord/God/Jesus. It was all about cya and protect the pay checks.
    Hats off to “Disgusted” and “Former Member” for speaking with their feet as well as their pocketbooks!

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