One of the Alleged Victims of Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis Comes Forward; We Should All Support this Brave Woman

One of the victims from Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis goes public and talks about how the church leadership allegedly handled the cover up of Rick Trotter. This brave woman deserves all the support in the world, lets all come along side her in this extremely courageous act.

“Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway…”

John Wayne

“I feel terrible guilt about not going to the police myself, taking their word that it was being handled and that they had actually gone to the authorities when Rick was originally caught by the corrupt and criminally negligent leadership and staff and Fellowship Memphis.”

J.B. Martinez on Medium

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:8-9 NIV

Fellowship Memphis

The staff of Fellowship Memphis in 2010

Last night I was looking at my Twitter feed when something remarkable happened. I wanted to do a quick post about this as its extremely important in the ongoing Fellowship Memphis story. One of the alleged victims of Rick Trotter and Fellowship Memphis has come forward and written a post on social media.


The Alleged Cover Up from a Firsthand Witness

J.B. Martinez appears to have once been an employee for Fellowship Memphis. She wrote a post on Medium about the situation. She recalls how she was told that she was allegedly recorded in the restroom. She discuss how she was told not to “gossip.” She also talks about Bryan Loritts and Ricky Jenkins and their alleged involvement. For those of you interested I wrote a post about Ricky Jenkins called “John Bryson’s Fellowship Memphis – The State of the Church as Assessed by The Wondering Eagle.” Here is but a small part of J.B. Martinez’s post, in the next paragraph she talks about how she was told that she was allegedly recorded.

When I was told, I immediately asked a million questions. Who else was videotaped? Where were the videos? Where were the devices? Who had watched them? What would happen next? etc. The answers I got were mind blowing.

I was told that it was gossip to talk about who else was on the video and that I was not allowed to share ANY information or talk with ANYONE else about the subject. I was told that the videos were placed in a safety deposit box. I was also told that Bryan Loritts and Ricky Jenkins (pastor of Fellowship Memphis) had seen the videos and no one could tell me who else had watched them. They couldn’t, or wouldn’t, tell me who actually put the evidence in the safety deposit box. They said privately that Rick Trotter was fired for video voyeurism directly enacted upon the church body and that they were providing for him to go to rehab for sex addiction.

She goes on in the post and talks about the leadership of Fellowship Memphis, and being manipulated to forgive Rick Trotter. I would encourage you to read it in its entirety in “Is Covering Up Abuse Authentic Manhood?”

Cracks in a Dam of an Alleged Conspiracy

Here is the problem that John Bryson, Ricky Jenkins, Bryan Loritts and others are now facing. They have been plugging cracks in a dam with their fingers. When one leak develops they plug it up, and they keep doing that but slowly more leaks are appearing. The dam of silence at Fellowship Memphis is cracking. It is breaking open and the world is learning about the “Gospel Centered” criminal allegations in John Bryson’s church. Part of the reason why you are honest in life is that the truth catches up to you in time, especially if its something horrific or allegedly illegal. If Fellowship Memphis had done the right thing they would not be in this situation today. But the dam is breaking and the leaks of water are slowly turning into a flood. I hope this person going forward will help trigger other people to step up and say “Yes I was recorded also by Rick Trotter.” I hope this gives other people courage to stand up and speak.


Memphis Support this Brave Woman

I hope the city and community of Memphis supports J.B. Martinez. This is a profoundly brave woman and her courage is impressive. This blog, The Wondering Eagle, gives her a standing ovation for coming forward. Its my hope that others will support and stand alongside her in this situation. Its my hope that others who are also victims will come forward and stand alongside her. Courage is rare,  especially in our society that is always a “me” first one. That is why what J.B. Martinez did is exceptionally profound. I honestly hope that Fellowship Memphis is not trying to silence her. I hope that Caissa is not trying to intimidate her.  I hope people respect J.B. Martinez for what she is…and that is a hero. Someone who stands up to the tide, and refuses to go along any more. How lucky Memphis is to have such a person in their community. If you are from the area feel free to leave her an encouraging note below. J.B. Martinez you are the gold standard when it comes to bravery, this blog loves you!


6 thoughts on “One of the Alleged Victims of Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis Comes Forward; We Should All Support this Brave Woman

  1. J.B., what happened to you and so many others is unconscionable and all those responsible for enabling Rick Trotter need to ask God and all of you for forgiveness for egregiously mishandling this mess. They then need to all be prosecuted and given the maximum sentences for their parts in this debacle. Thank you for having the courage to go public and hopefully others will now find the courage to do the same. These wolves need to be publicly exposed and dealt with. I pray you are getting the help and support you need to deal with this.

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  2. Do most of the congregants of this church know about the investigation or is the church leadership still keeping them in the dark? I see that the Memphis press reported on it, but have the reports sunk in? Eventually, the church’s members will resent their tithes going to cover the expenses of a PR firm hired for the purpose of burying the truth, and I would hope that they act to remove those responsible from any position of leadership within the church.

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  3. I see that church leadership playing the “don’t talk, that would be gossip” card is not confined to my own experience & remains rampant. Are there seminaries that teach them these lines? What’s the biblical basis for it? Didn’t Jesus say in court, “I did nothing in secret.”?

    One of the best things Ms. Martinez wrote was this:
    “”I should have been screaming it from the roof tops 5 years ago.
    I am convinced I could have prevented hundreds or thousands of
    others from being exploited.”

    The more people learn this truth, the less Bill Cosby-types there will be.


    • “don’t talk, that would be gossip” … ‘Are there seminaries that teach them these lines?’
      A good question, the don’t gossip mantra runs deep.

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    • The seminaries are full of cowards and perverts.

      I had a discussion a few years ago with Dr. John Hannah, one of the most prominent professors at Dallas Theological Seminary (where John Bryson, Ben Parkinson, and Mark Ottinger of Fellowship attended). I was warning him of the specific immorality of some of the DTS students, asking how it should be handled, and how the seminary could hold these (at the time) current students accountable.

      Dr. Hannah directly told me that he could not go to the administration for correction of these young men, as “all they care about is their tuition money; but if you tell anyone I said that, I’ll deny it.”

      He said that without a wink or even any inkling of how cowardly and anti-Biblical that was. He (like a great majority of those in ministry, I’m afraid) wanted to protect his place and income in the fiefdom by not calling out sin and confronting those who encourage it or look the other way. Perhaps, I should give him some credit for at least admitting the problem to me, I suppose.

      In short, these seminaries are knowingly turning out weasels and they know it, for they are weasels, themselves.

      And, yes, in Memphis, the President and VP (Dr. Spradlin and Dr. Seal) of Mid-America Baptist Seminary (a large seminary in town) were made aware of the evils going on at Fellowship and did nothing. In fact, they had Bryan Loritts speak to their incoming students and put Chris Davis (who knowingly hired Rick Trotter at Downtown Church AFTER he had been caught videotaping women and children in bathrooms) on the front page of their website.

      It should come as no surprise that spiritual wimps, profiteers, and perverts are cranking out more spiritual wimps, profiteers and perverts from our seminaries.

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      • “The money was too good — I got Stupid!”
        — Jayne Cobb, when Captain Mal was ready to blow him out the airlock


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