Make sure You Wish Dee Parsons Happy Birthday! Tweet Happy Birthday to Dee @wartwatch

Just  a quick post to announce to the world that today is Dee Parson’s birthday. I am asking for all people who see this post to Tweet Happy Birthday to Dee Parsons. Her Twitter handle is @wartwatch.


Dee Parsons making a bald man sweat in Louisville!

Today is a special day, I actually called Wake County, North Carolina and tried to arrange to have a cake with all the candles lit for Dee Parsons’s birthday! The Fire Warden vetoed the idea and said it was a safety threat and due to budget constraints and overtime restrictions they could not provide enough fireman to put out the fire. So I decided on the next best thing, I would do a quick post and blast it over Twitter. To my East Coast Mom!!   Happy Birthday


                                                                                                                                      Your Third Son  🙂