Why is John Bryson Speaking to the Women’s Luncheon at Independent Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee? Is Bill Hogan Aware of the Criminal Allegations Dogging Fellowship Memphis?

John Bryson is the speaker to the women’s luncheon at Independent Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee on December 6, 2016. This writer is asking why? With the allegations of Fellowship Memphis allegedly covering up Rick Trotter’s illicit voyeurism, why is John Bryson speaking?

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F Kennedy

 He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap

1 Timothy 3:7 NIV


Being proud of Rick Trotter!

Sometimes you think you see everything, then you see something that is particularly outrageous which begs questioning. This post is more about questions than anything else, but I think it reflects darkly on the leadership of Bill Hogan and Independent Presbyterian Church and their ability to practice discernment and make sound decisions.

On December 6, 2016 John Bryson is speaking to the women’s luncheon at Independent Presbyterian Church. Yes this is the same John Bryson that this blog has been writing about. John Bryson leads Fellowship Memphis an Acts 29 church that is dogged by serious allegations of criminal activity.  What had happened is that in 2010 the worship pastor Rick Trotter who was into voyeurism, allegedly placed a camera in the church restroom and allegedly recorded about 100 women over a three month period in their most private moments. In the process Rick Trotter also allegedly caught two underage females and its this writers belief that in recording underage individuals that child pornography was allegedly manufactured in the church restroom that John Bryson led.  When Rick Trotter was caught the church allegedly worked to cover up the illegal acts. The attorney recommended that the evidence of the alleged child pornography “be thrown into the Mississippi River.” Then what happened is that the church took the victims and allegedly forced them to meet with Rick Trotter and his wife Heather and encourage them to forgive him, and not to go to law enforcement. Its my understanding that Fellowship Memphis leadership allegedly told the victims that if they contacted law enforcement they would be responsible for destroying Rick Trotter’s life. Not Rick Trotter who allegedly placed the camera in the restroom in the beginning. Then something happened that was unthinkable Fellowship Memphis let Rick Trotter go and he eventually went on staff at Richard Rieves Downtown Presbyterian Church and allegedly did the same thing for three years. At Fellowship Memphis Bryan Loritts allegedly told Mid America Seminary that around 100 females were caught on film over a three month period. A conservative estimate is that at least 1,500 people were recorded on film at Downtown Presbyterian Church, including Richard Rieves own daughter. This time when Rick Trotter was caught the Memphis Police got involved. This blog has been writing about this issue and is continuing to cover it as the situation develops.

To read more about the situation I would encourage the staff of Independent Presbyterian Church to read “The Sordid Tale of Rick Trotter, Bryan Loritts, John Bryson and Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Presbyterian Church.” Plus I would encourage the staff to read “John Bryson’s Fellowship Memphis – The State of the Church as Assessed by The Wondering Eagle.”  Finally since Bill Hogan was on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ (BTW….Bill Hogan I helped plant and grow the Cru chapter at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that is a part of my spiritual legacy) I would encourage him to read this “An Open Letter to Cru Staff (Regarding the Criminal Allegations from Bryan Loritts Fellowship Memphis)

So here is the question I have….all this alleged criminal activity happened while John Bryson was at the helm of Fellowship Memphis. Both John Bryson and Bryan Loritts. So why is Independent Presbyterian Church having John Bryson speak at the women’s luncheon? Does Independent Presbyterian Church believe that its orthodox and a part of the Gospel to allegedly destroy child pornography that was made in a church? What about the total neglect of the leadership to do the right thing and instead perpetuate this problem over to Downtown Church? The total and complete mishandling of this situation and keeping the alleged criminal activity in John Bryson’s church from Memphis law enforcement resulted in a great number of additional victimized women.

To those from the Independent Presbyterian Church I ask the following question. What kind of shepherd does that? What kind of shepherd causes intense pain as John Bryson has allegedly done? Its my belief that John Bryson should not be a pastor. Its also my firm belief that Fellowship Memphis needs to be closed forever, and here is why I am saying this strong statement. You can not preach the word of God and allegedly cover up criminal activity. You can not teach, or hold a reverent fear of God and lead a church and then allegedly have child pornography destroyed. You can not claim to be a pastor and turn your back and engage in spiritual abuse of the “least of these.” The “least of these” are all the women in this situation whose trust was shattered forever. What was their crime? Just using a restroom was how their trust became damaged.  These allegations are serious, and if Independent Presbyterian Church is serious about scripture they would not have a pastor speak who is no longer above reproach.

So Bill Hogan let’s scratch John Bryson from speaking at this luncheon. God is not going to be honored by having him speak, not with the criminal allegations and the cloud that is hanging over his head. I will be following up in a couple of days time with a request for a statement on the situation. But it is my hope that this PCA Church will do the right thing.  That’s it for the night thanks guys I love you!


5 thoughts on “Why is John Bryson Speaking to the Women’s Luncheon at Independent Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee? Is Bill Hogan Aware of the Criminal Allegations Dogging Fellowship Memphis?

  1. I’d be shocked to see Bill Hogan do the right thing and cancel Bryson’s appearance. These so-called “men” are all in league together, and their personal incomes depend on a good-ole-boy “you pat my back & I’ll pat yours” system.

    Not only did John Bryson cover up a sexual predator on his stage as an approved leader, he has spent well into 6 figures of his congregation’s money to do it! Bryson and his staff threatened anyone who told the truth with “church discipline.” He has hired a private investigator to harass and intimidate victims (actions so egregious it landed him and his church on both local and national news). He hired another man labeled as “the most prolific child molester in Missouri history” to work for his ministry while that man had admitted his crimes to a Bryson associate and was out of jail on bail. Furthermore, he has lied and denied any knowledge of this (despite direct evidence to the contrary).

    Bill Hogan should be ashamed to sanction this preacher at his church. Any woman who attends should be worried for her safety and be distressed at the kind of people who would foist this upon her.

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    • Agreed…the fact that Independent Presbyterian Church is even having John Bryson speaks is deeply troubling. Can this PCA church practice discernment? I am not sure about that Abuse Crusher.


  2. A “conservative estimate of 1500 people were recorded” at the church. Huh??? There are only about 300 members at the church in question. Stop lying. You’re obsessed with this case, so much so that you’re just making things up now, as you have in almost everything you’ve written about Rick Trotter. God will deal with you though. Repent!


    • Actually that estimate is for a three year period. When a hundred people were caught at Fellowship Memphis over a three month period. Just play around with the numbers. But you seem to think that its normal for any person to be videotaped in the restroom. 1 or 1500 its all okay.


  3. @Nunyabizness Over that 3 year period allegedly there were recordings from Rick Trotter’s house, Chick-fil-A on Union Ave in Memphis, Downtown Church and speculation that maybe even the Grizzlies. 1500 victims would be a conservative estimate. As a victim of church abuse, I’m thankful for men like Eagle and AbsueCrusher for being “obsessed” and not just deciding that abuse in the church and sexual exploitation is Nunyabizness. Uncovering and stopping the exploitation of women, men and children by the church is everyone’s bizness.

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