Evangelicals and Art: The Musical Dracula by Frank Wildhorn

Since today is Halloween I’ll throw up something appropriate for the occasion! Dracula is a musical written by Frank Wildhorn, Don Black and Christopher Hamilton. It is based off the book by Bram Stoker. It debuted on Broadway in 2004 and had a run of 154 performances. It received a lot of critical reviews but its popular in Europe where its running today. The music is great and I have listened to it. If you only have time for one song you should check out “Life After Life.” Its the first one below. Next week its back to classical music. Enjoy your Halloween…go easy on the sugar!! Love you guys!

James Barbour & Lauren Kennedy – Life After Life

Kate Shindle – Please Don’t Make me Love You

Kate Shindle & Rob Evan – Overture & Over Whitby Bay

Tom Hewitt – Fresh Blood (Broadway Production)

Kate Shindle – The Heart is Slow to Learn

German Production (English Subtitles)

Rob Evan – Before the Summer Ends

Tow Hewitt – The Longer I Live