How I Became Part of a Pandemic and How This Washingtonian Also Became a New Yorker in the Process

A startling article in the New York Times presented new information on the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City. I learned that I was in Times Square and Manhattan when the COVID-19 virus was growing and becoming established. It appears I dodged a bullet but its been unsettling as well. While I am a Washingtonian because of this shared common bond I also consider myself a New Yorker as well. Continue reading

A Unique Conversation Before Seeing Frozen on Broadway. And Like Elsa A Perspective From Someone Likewise Standing on the Abyss

On Saturday night I had a unique experience in an Italian restaurant in Times Square. A couple from Washington, D.C. speak some soothing words to me as I explain my parents’ deaths and why I am in New York City. Plus like Elsa in Frozen I am also on the abyss having lost my parents who were my supports in life. Continue reading

With the Nationals in the World Series a Reflection on D.C. Baseball and Some Music From Damn Yankees, a Musical About Another Famed D.C. Team is a Must!

The Washington Nationals are in the World Series and it has consumed the D.C. area. This post is just a brief reflection on the Nats and baseball in D.C. Plus I figured it was appropriate to talk about a famous musical that dealt with the last Washington baseball team the Senators immortalized into the American conscious in Damn Yankees.  Continue reading

Seeking Closure, Helping the Family See Anastasia in San Francisco Which was Planned in Washington, D.C.

In 2018 discussions took place to take my Dad to the Kennedy Center for a musical when he visited Washington, D.C. for Thanksgiving. That never happened as his health declined. An opportunity recently arose to allow my siblings to see the musical Anastasia in San Francisco. This post is about trying to bring my family some closure in pursuing an activity that was once stopped due to a medical crisis.  Continue reading