#HoldTheLine Is Sean Feucht the Biggest Snowflake of Bethel Church? How the Ranter of Cancel Culture Blocked The Wondering Eagle on Twitter

This blog is effective. I get feedback all the time. Recently I learned how Bethel’s Sean Feucht reacted to me on Twitter and blocked me in an aggressive manner. Sean Feucht is now the official snowflake of Bethel Church. That narcissistic ego is so fragile it can’t handle a Franklin Graham meme. This blog finds it ironic that the person who rants about cancel culture online then tries to cancel others. Either way this blog is going to be writing about Bethel long term.  Continue reading

Showing his Narcissism Eric Metaxas Preaches at Bethel Church After his Mother-in-Law’s Death and Appears to be Excited. Is Bethel Under Beni Johnson Going to Raise Joan Schiavone From the Dead?

Two peas in a pod. Bethel Church in Redding, California and Eric Metaxas who preached their last Sunday on April 18, 2021. Eric revealed from the stage that his mother-in-law died and almost appeared to celebrate, with at one point calling people to high five each other. Metaxas behavior in the case of his mother-in-law’s death reveals his narcissism and his desire for attention. Meanwhile this blog would like to ask Beni Johnson, any plans to try and raise Joan Schiavone from the dead?  Continue reading

According to the New York Times Rick Joyner Warns of Civil War, While His Children Tell Him to Be Quiet

The New York Times had a fascinating op-ed this weekend by Nicholas Krostof. Those of you who spent time in charismatic evangelicalism known who Rick Joyner is in that stream of theology. The Times ran an op-ed that talks about how his children have rejected evangelicalism, and how they feel a responsibility to speak out against their father. Despite the tension they still have holidays together also. Its a story of how in an evangelical family tension and conflict runs deep.  Continue reading

Bethel’s Beni Johnson Praises Trump Prophet Jeremiah Johnson in Late 2020. In March of 2021 the Evangelical Prophet Admitted He Was Wrong and Stated that Trump Lost the Election. Will Beni Johnson Follow Jeremiah’s Lead and Regain Some Integrity?

One of the well known Trump prophets is Jeremiah Johnson. He first saw the significance of Trump in 2015, defended him and famously predicted he would be re-elected. He defended and went along with the “Stop the Steal” and encouraged other evangelicals. At Bethel for Beni Johnson she though the world of Jeremiah Johnson and called him a fighter that she likes. On March 8, 2021 Johnson announced that he was shutting down his ministry and said that Trump lost and its time for charismatic evangelicals to accept that and move on. This blog would like to ask is Beni Johnson going to follow Jeremiah Johnson’s lead? Will she grow a pair of balls and admit that she has been wrong about Trump? Or will she continue in her ignorance?   Continue reading

Beni Johnson’s Bethel Church Has a Deep State Cannibalism and Pedophile Ring! It Also Includes Other Weird Fetishes Such as Grinding Her Pelvis on Headstones as She Grave Soaks at the Local Cemetery

According to C on 64chan and 2567chan there is a pedophilia and cannibalism ring that is ongoing in Beni Johnson’s Bethel Church in Redding, California. Children are disappearing in the United States and ending up in a dungeon beneath Bethel Church Redding. In this church the men’s group chants to Stormy Daniels. There are also connections to the First Galactic Empire with Beni Johnson’s husband believing himself to be Darth Vader.  Beni has a secret bank account in China which plays the missing link. C is committed to fighting the pedophilia and cannibalism ring with multiple arrests. The planned ending is Jerry Falwell Jr getting down on one knee in a jail cell and asking for Bill Johnson’s hand in marriage. And just like Hillary Clinton Beni Johnson will one day be thrown in prison for her pedophile ring 😀 Continue reading

Doni Chamberlain’s Exposure of Bethel Church in Redding, California Makes the Front Page of the Los Angeles Times

Doni Chamberlain is a one person blogging machine in Redding, California who asks the questions that the local press does not go far enough in working. One of the issues she writes about is the problems with Beni and Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church. Chamberlain’s blogging efforts made the front page of the Los Angeles Times today and this blog wants to encourage people to read her blog and support her efforts. Continue reading

Beni Johnson When It Comes to the Facts Regarding John C Fremont, Leave That to the Historians Who Know History

At Beni Johnson’s Instgram account in 2019 she pushed a really warped view of John C Fremont. John C Fremont is a well known explorer in American history who became the first Republican candidate for presidency in 1856. Johnson tied Fremont to End Times theology and prophecy and spoke highly of his faith. Her account left out his role in genocide against Indian tribes in California and Oregon. It also shows why the charismatic movement is warped and has an agenda. History is not simple and not meant to be treated in this way. But for someone like Beni Johnson the harm is done. Word to the Bethel leader leave history to the historians and those serious to treat it with respect and wrestle with the topic no matter where the truth may take one. Continue reading

Guest Post: Losing a Family Member to the Bethel Cult

This is a story about losing a family member to the Bethel Church cult in Redding, California. Its about someone who works in the medical profession who is skeptical about COVID because Bethel was first. This story in the view of this blog is about a strained relationship and how Bethel causes harm not only to the community of Redding but also to families as well. Continue reading