Discussion on September 11 Prophecy at The Elijah List by Christa Elisha. What is Wrong With Christa’s Post?

Christian prophet Christa Elisha had a “prophecy” for the anniversary of September 11, 2001. The Elijah List published and shared it with the world. I read this and was disturbed. But instead of me writing a post, I put this before you, the reader to look at. What is wrong with what Christa Elisha says about God and September 11?  Continue reading

Sean Feucht Allegedly Hires Proud Boys For Security in Portland, Oregon. If True Does This Mean That Bill Johnson’s Bethal Church In Redding Has Crossed the Line and Should Be Considered a Domestic Terrorist Organization?

A rally with violence took place between Proud Boys and leftist protestors on the weekend of August 7, 2021 in Portland, Oregon. Sean Feucht of Bethel decided to hold his worship event in the downtown part of the city. However, what makes this event more disturbing and led to this post is that for the first time Sean Feucht allegedly hired The Proud Boys for his personal security. This blog would like to ask the question has Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church crossed a line and should be considered a domestic terrorist organization? Should the FBI or Department of Homeland Security investigate Bethel Church for ties to extremist groups like The Proud Boys? Continue reading

Considering My Former Charismatic Church in Wisconsin Who Tried to Raise a Person From the Dead. Now When Did the Real Craziness Enter the Picture of Evangelicalism?

In Wisconsin I was involved in a church that tried to raise someone from the dead and also sent a high school youth group to fight a demon in a convenience store. That said in the years from 2002 until 2005 I didn’t run into evangelicals who were opposed to vaccinations. So the question needs to be asked, when did white evangelicals jump off the cliff and became crazy? Between the years 2005 and 2020 when did evangelicals go over the top on vaccine conspiracy theories? Continue reading

#HoldTheLine Is Sean Feucht the Biggest Snowflake of Bethel Church? How the Ranter of Cancel Culture Blocked The Wondering Eagle on Twitter

This blog is effective. I get feedback all the time. Recently I learned how Bethel’s Sean Feucht reacted to me on Twitter and blocked me in an aggressive manner. Sean Feucht is now the official snowflake of Bethel Church. That narcissistic ego is so fragile it can’t handle a Franklin Graham meme. This blog finds it ironic that the person who rants about cancel culture online then tries to cancel others. Either way this blog is going to be writing about Bethel long term.  Continue reading

Showing his Narcissism Eric Metaxas Preaches at Bethel Church After his Mother-in-Law’s Death and Appears to be Excited. Is Bethel Under Beni Johnson Going to Raise Joan Schiavone From the Dead?

Two peas in a pod. Bethel Church in Redding, California and Eric Metaxas who preached their last Sunday on April 18, 2021. Eric revealed from the stage that his mother-in-law died and almost appeared to celebrate, with at one point calling people to high five each other. Metaxas behavior in the case of his mother-in-law’s death reveals his narcissism and his desire for attention. Meanwhile this blog would like to ask Beni Johnson, any plans to try and raise Joan Schiavone from the dead?  Continue reading