Publishing a Comment that was Not Approved on Greg Strand’s EFCA Post on the “Significance of Silence”

The Wondering Eagle is writing about an EFCA church hijacking by Neo-Calvinists outside Minneapolis in the North Central District. Linda left a comment on Greg Strand’s blog post about the “Significance of Silence” and the comment never saw the light of day. I honestly hope this is an accident or that the comment went into the spam folder. Linda tried to reach out of the EFCA regarding her situation for some time. And most of the time the EFCA has mostly ignored her communications.  Continue reading

Why Brick Lane Community Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania Will be Far More Dangerous than Community Evangelical Free Church

Brick Lane Community Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania has broken away from the EFCA. This church has a problem and I believe its now far more dangerous than Community Evangelical Free. What makes this church more dangerous? It is accountable to no one and the next time there is an inappropriate  church discipline situation nothing can be done.  Continue reading

How Should the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) be Viewed? Well it’s Complicated

Someone from the western United States emailed me and asked what are the problems in the EFCA? They are new to the organization and are trying to figure it out. I decided to tackle their question and give an overview of my thoughts about the EFCA from the 10,000 foot level. The EFCA has some great people, churches and leaders. However, it also has serious challenges inside the organization. This post from The Wondering Eagle looks at the EFCA from a broad perspective and offers analysis on the organization. 

Continue reading

A Sample Statement for Greg Strand and Eddie Cole on Steve Estes Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania

This is a follow up post to what was written previously at The Wondering Eagle. This post is a sample statement of what the EFCA could possibly issue in regards to Steve Estes Community Evangelical Free Church. This post is written for Greg Strand and Eddie Cole. I sincerely hope a statement by the EFCA can be issued for the peace of Elverson, Pennsylvania.  Continue reading

Why the EFCA Should Plant a Church in Morgantown, Pennsylvania and Issue a Public Statement on Steve Estes Community Evangelical Free Church Situation in Elverson

As it appears that Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson has exited the EFCA, the denomination should respond by planting a church in Morgantown, Pennsylvania for a multitude of reasons. Also its now time for Greg Strand, Eddie Cole and the EFCA to issue a statement and go on the record of what happened and how the denomination tried to work with Steve Estes and church leadership. In a post-truth era a solid statement will help the EFCA assert authority in a healthy and respectful way. Any statement needs to be a rebuke of what Community Evangelical Free Church did.   Continue reading

Steve Estes, Merle and David Stoltzfus Should Read Colbie Holderness’s Article in the Washington Post About Domestic Abuse

Colbie Holderness writes an article in the Washington Post about enduring abuse in her marriage to Rob Porter. After writing about Community Evangelical Free in Elverson for two years I just believe that Steve Estes as well as Merle and David Stoltzfus need to read about domestic abuse from the perspective of someone who survived.  Continue reading

Brick Lane Community Church Changes its Name to Community Evangelical Free Church of Elverson; Votes to Rejoin the EFCA for a Month, and Plans to Separate Again from the EFCA

Am update on the situation with CEFC in Elverson, Pennsylvania. Brick Lane Community Church is announced in January. Yet even though CEFC voted to separate from the EFCA and change their name, Brick Lane is going to rejoin the EFCA for a month, and then plans to separate again from the EFCA. Its my belief that this rogue EFCA church is experiencing incredible financial difficulty. That said I still have many questions and some gaps. Perhaps those from the Elverson area can fill in the gaps and flush out what is happening.  Continue reading