Practicing Discernment: Considering The Counseling Program at Ambassador Bible Fellowship in Meridian, Idaho

This is a discernment exercise that deals with an EFCA church in Meridian, Idaho. Look at the description of the first homework assignment as well as the personal data inventory. Study and think about this and ask yourself. Would you fill out this paperwork and turn it into this EFCA church? Why or why not? What would you feel comfortable? What concerns do you have? This is designed to be a critical thinking exercise. Continue reading

Practicing Discernment: Membership Packet for Bob Jennerich’s Grace Redeemer Church in Garland, Texas

This is another discernment exercise. The goal of these posts is to get people to avoid harmful and dangerous religious entities; and to allow people to think for themself and analyze a church. This post contains the membership packet for an EFCA church in Garland, Texas. How would you assess Grace Redeemer Church’s membership process? Healthy or solid? Or is it dangerous and cult like? Continue reading

In Rebuking Jesus Its Clear the National Prayer Breakfast Needs to Come to an End

The National Prayer Breakfast was held in Washington, D.C. on February 6, 2020. Arthur Brooks gave a strong talk pleading for contempt and polarization to end. President Trump meanwhile followed Brooks talk and used it to settle scores and attack his perceived “enemies.” While pastors and staff laughed it became quite clear that the National Prayer Breakfast was never about prayer or bringing people to recognize the Lord. Instead, it is about the naked pursuit of power and trying to influence the executive and legislative branch. This blog is calling for the National Prayer Breakfast to be canceled and for Christians to do a lot of hard thinking about what they perpetuated and enabled. They don’t have the moral authority to lecture me about faith when they silently laugh and allow God to be mocked.  Continue reading