Is Jeremy Morris the Clark W. Griswold or Cousin Eddie of North Idaho? A Look at the Culture Wars Colliding at Christmas

Is Jeremy Morris the Clark W. Griswold of Hayden, Idaho? This is a story of the evangelical culture wars clashing on Christmas. When the warped perspective of white Christian persecution runs amuck. This is the story of Jeremy Morris, a cultural warrior graduate from Liberty University engages in a legal battle with the West Hayden Estates Homeowners Association over a massive Christmas display. Continue reading

The Allegations of Violence by James MacDonald, The 2018 Southern Baptist Pastors Conference in Birmingham, Alabama and David Platt

The allegations of violence by James MacDonald that were written about in World magazine are troubling. Also disturbing is that James MacDonald is scheduled to speak at a Southern Baptist Pastor’s Conference in Birmingham, Alabama in June of 2019. The theme of the conference is “Kingdom Character.” How people like David Platt will respond is crucial. Remember David Platt was head of the International Missions Board when the Mark Aderholt, and Anne Marie Miller situation came out. Will David Platt be against the James MacDonald allegations of abuse? What will his stand mean for McLean Bible? And will the Southern Baptists ignore the allegations of violence and what does that mean for Harvest Bible Chapel?
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An Intern With Cru at the University of Illinois Explains Why He Serves With Cru

An intern for Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) writes a blog post for the Cru chapter at the University of Illinois. In the blog post he writes about why he serves in Cru. For me its basically a blog post on why he wanted to quit his secular job and crawl back into the bubble. In the process he forgets all the other people who could use the Gospel. Articles like this give us insight into the issues with modern evangelicalism. 
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Open Letter to Gary Nomura (Cru Employee on Using Crawford Loritts in Video)

An employee in Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) uses Crawford Loritts in a Cru video. This is a post informing Gary Nomura and Cru staff on the dark scandal of voyeurism, child pornography and spiritual abuse at Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Church in Memphis, Tennessee. The Loritts – both Bryan and Crawford were involved in the cover up of Rick Trotter’s voyeurism.  
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John Allen Chau is No Jim Elliot. The Story of John Chau Illustrates the Dangers of Indoctrination in Evangelical Culture and Being Naïve

John Allen Chau a missionary from Washington state tried to share Christ with the most isolated hunter-gather tribe on the earth on North Sentinel Island off India. It was his effort to break “Satan’s last stronghold on earth.” Not only was John naïve but he broke a number of Indian laws in the process. This looks at what happens when people are indoctrinated by the Jim Elliot story in Ecuador. This post also considers how evangelical Christians can be very naïve when it comes to missionary work. The evangelical culture can be brutal to those who have high hopes with performing missionary work. John wasn’t a “fool for Christ” as 1 Corinthians 4:10 suggests. Instead he was a naïve individual who would threaten the existence of a tribe who and put many people at risk. When you think of evangelical theology wouldn’t it be ironic if members of the Indian Coast Guard or military are slain while trying to recover his body? And as a result of that theology end up in hell because of Chau’s efforts? Yes that and many other scenarios need to be considered.
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