2015 The Wondering Eagle in Review: The Top Posts, Statistics and Feedback; In the End All I Wanted is Peace with Andrew White

An overview of The Wondering Eagle for 2015. The end results…181 posts and 54,000 people who have read. The role that this blog played in The Village Church scandal and what is happening behind the scenes. Also a review of the top posts and my favorite articles that I want to highlight. Eagle is ready for 2016 and it is shaping to be a very busy year. This blog arose out of pain from a false accusation from a Care Group Leader at Eric Simmon’s Redeemer Arlington in the Washington, D.C. area. If individuals have concerns over it, they can approach Redeemer and Andrew White ultimately….in the end all I wanted is peace. Continue reading

Joey Martin Feek Faces her Death that was Foreshadowed in her Single, “When I’m Gone”; Exploring the Issue of Death and Dying in Evangelical Christianity

Country Music singer Joey Martin Feek went home to Alexandria, Indiana to die, three years after recording a haunting single called, “When I’m Gone.” The cancer she has is not responding to treatment. This is a post about how Joey and her husband Rory are facing this situation. This also considers issues in evangelicalism when it comes to death and dying. Continue reading

Why C.J. Mahaney and the Evangelical Christian Church Need to see Spotlight

My take on the movie Spotlight. Why the evangelical Christian church needs to see it and the lessons the church can glean from the movie. The chief lesson I believe is the following…you cannot conceal or hide illicit activity as it always comes to the surface eventually. My belief and my call that CJ Mahaney needs to be held accountable for all alleged child sex abuse cover up in the SGM/SGC denomination. Continue reading

A Post for Veterans Day: A Story out of Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan; and Evangelical Christians and Friendship

A post written for Veterans Day, November 11, 2015. The story of Operation Red Wings in the Afghanistan war. An unlikely friendship between a Navy SEAL and an Afghan villager. Some thoughts on shunning, evangelicals and friendship, with the problems that exist. There is a homework assignment for each reader since its Veterans Day. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Molly Fitch (Formerly of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia)

This is an open letter to Molly Fitch in New York. Molly is the mother of Jonathan, Joshua, Sarah and Christina Fitch. Molly was involved in Star Scott’s Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia in the D.C. area. Star Scott turned her flesh and blood – her 4 children – against her and they have cut her off. Its the modus operandi of Calvary Temple and one of the many devastating stories coming out of that entity. This is my letter, and my commitment to Molly to stand with her until her family is united, and she is with her children again. Continue reading

Should 501(c)(3) Status End for Churches? If Evangelical Christianity Can Not Police Itself Against Criminal Activity, Fraud, and Waste…then Yes 501(c)(3) Status Should End

Eagle explores the issue of ending 501(c)(3) status for churches. He explains the ways a church can currently have its 501(c)(3) status revoked. He also explores a proposal from the Secular Coalition for America that came during the 2013 budget battles in Washington, D.C. Eagle then writes about why this Christian believes that 501(c)(3) status should end for churches and under what conditions. Eagle is not an accountant and encourages more people in the know to weigh in on the discussion. The days of corruption, abuse and waste in evangelical Christianity need to come to an end. Continue reading