Evangelicals and Art: Franz Schubert

I’m been waiting to feature some material from Franz Schubert for a while. Schubert is an Austrian composer who was incredibly prolific. Before his death at 31 he composed over 600 secular works, seven complete symphonies,  sacred music, operas, chamber and piano music. If you want to read more about Franz Schubert you can do so here. Enjoy this, I put it a couple of differing versions of Ava Maria that is just gorgeous. Have a good weekend guys!

Assortment of Franz Schubert

Josh Groban – Ave Maria

Piano Trio in E Flat Major Op 148, D. 897


Cuarteto No 14 – La Muerte y la Doncella

Symphony No 8 in b Minor

Piano Trio in E Flat Op 100

Symphony No 4 in C Minor

Andrea Bocelli – Ava Maria

Libera – Ava Maria