What is PJ Smyth’s Advance Movement? An Overview of its Doctrine, Hubs, Mission, Leadership and Finances; Also its Global Presence

This is an overview of PJ Smyth’s Advance Movement from South Africa. This post looks at its doctrine, belief about church planting and hubs, how it defines mission, leadership and what is expected financially. This also looks at the history of the movement in differing continents. There remains a lot of questions that need to be asked and a lot of gaps in information. This is a follow up to a prior post about PJ Smyth. Continue reading

From CJ Mahaney to PJ Smyth at Covenant Life Church? Some Thoughts from an Outsider

An overview of PJ Smyth’s sermon to Covenant Life Church. PJ is allegedly the lead pastoral candidate and this post looks at the history of PJ and touches on GodFirst Church in Johannesburg. While at CLC Eagle noticed that Covenant Life Church is in pain and that the ghosts of Sovereign Grace are alive and well and need to be dealt with in order for the church to become healthy. Continue reading