Take a Moment and Let’s Remember September 11, 2001. Today’s Post Features a Blog From Someone Who Once Worked in the World Trade Center

Today is the anniversary of September 11, 2001 attacks. Let’s take some time and reflect on the lives that were lost and all the families who tragically impacted. Today I am pushing a blog by someone who one worked in the World Trade Center who lived through that dark day in history. Finally I am asking if we as a country can go back to the days when we were united in spirit. Continue reading

The New York Times 1619 Project on Slavery and how Some Baptists Reacted to J.D. Greear on Twitter. Also the 1619 Project Needs to Comprehend the History of Slavery in the Convention

The New York Times is changing the discussion on slavery in the United States with their 1619 Project. This academic project is looking at the history of slavery and how it influenced society and the country.  Southern Baptist President J.D. Greear Tweeted about the 1619 Project and took a lot of heat from Baptists and white evangelicals. Its this blog’s hope that the Southern Baptists search their own soul in regards to slavery and racism and finally address the topic. Its time…May of 1845 needs to be remembered as much as August of 1619. Continue reading

A Visit to Gettysburg National Military Park

Recently I spent the weekend in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and took in the National Military Park. For two days I immersed myself in history and walked part of the battlefield and read primary source accounts. Gettysburg is very sacred ground. In three days in July of 1863 a nation was saved and those who wanted to break away had their fate sealed. My hope is that each person who reads this can travel to Gettysburg one day and process what it means to the national culture and our history. Continue reading

The El Paso Shooting, Christian Nationalism and Racism and the Moral Failure of Evangelicals and Historical Lessons from Germany

This past Saturday a horrific terrorist attack occurred at a WalMart in El Paso, Texas. 22 were killed. This post looks at the issues with Christian Nationalism and racism as well as evangelical support of Trump who may have inspired a domestic terrorist attack. This post is coming from someone who is in the 17% minority. Also explored is how many evangelicals have morally failed. Plus its time for other Christian bloggers to address the issue of Christian Nationalism. Continue reading

In the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal – Garrett Higbee, Kent Shaw, Rick Donald, and Jeff Donaldson Need to be Held Accountable

In the Watergate scandal after Nixon resigned those who supported the corruption still faced consequences for their actions. That included people like John Ehrlichman,H.R. Haldeman and John Mitchell. In the case of the Harvest Bible Chapel, this blog is calling for Garrett Higbee, Kent Shaw, Rick Donald, and Jeff Donaldson to be held accountable. Plus this blog would like to find out did Kent Shaw or Garrett Higbee receive a payout to buy their silence. If so what was the amount. People who gave their money to Harvest Bible Chapel have a right now know how it was used.   Continue reading