Christian Nationalist Doug Mastriano Could Have Dressed as Anyone at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 2014. Instead, He Choose a Confederate Soldier

Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Douglas Mastriano is the darling of charismatic and Christian nationalist evangelicals in the 2022 race. Mastriano who allegedly has affection for the Confederacy was found to have dressed up as a Confederate solider in 2014. There are some evangelicals who have a deep affection for the Confederacy and hostility to Lincoln and the north. This blogger has seen it first hand. Continue reading

Through Fake Executions in Patmos Calvary Chapel is Allegedly Performing the Same Activity That Iran Did to the Tehran Hostages After Seizing the Embassy in 1979

There is an aspect to Patmos that this blog wanted to write about. Allegedly Chew Lowe’s program conducted fake executions on people to test their faith in Jesus. This blog realized that what Chet Lowe’s program actually does is similar to what happened in the basement of the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979, when American hostages were subjected to fake executions by the Iranians. This blog posts looks at the similarities while stating that Calvary Chapel is a cult. Continue reading

The Gospel Coalition on Five Fake Stories About Christianity

The Gospel Coalition the other day pushed an older article that this blog found interesting. Its looks at the issue of disinformation and points out how its always been an issue in Christianity. It proceeded to look at several issues of disinformation. Now for the record I don’t know if I agree with what they say. But I found it interesting in considering the disinformation issue from another angle. Continue reading

The Civil War Some Charismatic Evangelicals Longed for is Here. But it’s Not What Evangelicals Thought it Would Be

There are some charismatic American evangelicals who believe that there is going to be another civil war in the United States. After reading Tim Alberta’s article in The Atlantic, this blog believes that the second civil war is here. But it will be very different than the war evangelicals longed for. In the end expect battles like the battle of First Baptist of Omaha or the split of the First Assembly of God in Phoenix. And this blog predicts some incidents of violence happening inside some evangelical churches during this period. Continue reading

Franklin Graham Has Praised Vladimir Putin for How Russia has Defended the Family and Responded to Gays. Does This Include Policies That Led to Gays Being Abducted, Executed and Placed in Concentration Camps in Chechnya?

A few weeks back I stumbled into an article that opened the door to something incredibly dark. In Chechnya gays have been thrown into concentration camps, abducted and killed. Meanwhile some have just disappeared. As Russia is still waging war in the Ukraine many gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered have joined the Ukranian military and the Territorial Defense Force to defend the Ukraine. Part of the reason is patriotism. But many gays also know that if Russia is successful in their Ukraine invasion they will be killed or end up in concentration camps just like Chechnya. As Franklin Graham has admired Vladimir Putin and defended him, is part of the reason why because of how in Chechnya gays are being placed into concentration camps? For Franklin Graham and his culture wars is this the “Final Solution” for the gay problem? Continue reading

An Irish History Lesson in United States History from the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State sent out a reminder for St. Patrick’s Day as to how the Irish in the United States resisted school prayer in Philadelphia. Protestants targeted the Catholic faith and it led to resistance and shows why the walls of church and state need to remain and stand tall. This post contains a lot of Irish history.  Continue reading

Franklin Graham is Vladimir Putin’s Lapdog. Churches and Evangelical Ministries That Work with Samaritan’s Purse Are Enabling Russian Genocide in the Ukraine Crisis

For almost eight years Franklin Graham has groveled, boasted and praised Russian President Vladimir Putin. Even today after Russia engages in a devastating invasion of the Ukraine, which is the most serious foreign policy crisis in Europe since World War II, Franklin Graham will stay silent and not criticize Vladimir Putin. Graham who became the useful idiot of Russia in contrast is still criticizing and rebuking Joe Biden. Franklin Graham has Ukrainian blood on his hands. And Samaritans Purse has a massive problem in that their CEO and leader still admires Putin in many ways. Franklin’s fixation with homosexuality has led him off the rails. This blog will state that due to Franklin Graham’s behavior that any church or evangelical ministry that supports Samaritan’s Purse is enabling Russian genocide in the Ukraine. Continue reading

A Historical Reflection on the Ukraine Crisis and Some Predictions

This is an essay, a reflection on the Ukraine war and what it means historically. In the last week the last 75 years of European history have been upended. It’s time for people to realize what has transpired. and to realize the enormous consequences of what is playing out today in Europe. As always, this blog stands with the Ukrainians during this dark time. Continue reading