Considering James Dobson’s Irresponsible Comments About the Civil War and Other Topics Reveals How He Missed His True Calling. Dobson Should Have Been a Fluffer on a Porn Set

This post is a response to James Dobson’s comments about the Civil War and his urging evangelicals to vote in November saying there will be another one unless Christians act. This looks at his warped view of fear. Plus in his discussion on his sanctity of life this blog would like to point out that James Dobson has said nothing about the COVID-19 pandemic and the incredible loss of life. Dobson is about political power but he missed his true calling in life. Instead of founding Focus on the Family he should have been a fluffer in a porn studio in Southern California. Continue reading

James Dobson Invokes the Threat of Another Civil War in the United States Unless American Evangelicals Support Donald Trump

James Dobson sent another letter to his followers and invoked the prospect of a second American Civil War unless evangelicals supported Donald Trump. This post is preserving Dobson’s letter. This blog will write a response analyzing this letter and point out the problems and concerns with James Dobson’s letter.  Continue reading

How Some Evangelicals View Stonewall Jackson and Analysis by Jeff Sharlot

Here in Virginia the other day the statute of Stonewall Jackson was removed in Richmond. Jeff Sharlot on social media discussed the theological implications of that for fundamentalist. A comment he said about Campus Crusade for Christ in a section from his book “The Family” hit me hard and reminded me of a situation in Milwaukee years ago where I saw Crusade staff almost worship Stonewall Jackson. The coding for this post is going to have issues, so please forgive that issue.  Continue reading

Do You Recall When You Realized the Problems in Evangelicalism? Despite Our Longing We Can’t Go Back to How Life was Before

Do you remember what your life was like before you realized that evangelicalism is broken? Do you recall what it was like before you dealt with spiritual abuse or authoritarianism? In what seems like an eternity many people do. In the classic work Ragtime by E.L. Doctrow in a time of change and upheaval it was also realized that you can’t go back to how life was before. When you come out of the dark side of evangelicalism the only way ahead is to go forward. You may crave or desire to go back for a number of personal reasons. But there is no turning back. These journeys are for the brave. Continue reading

Eric Metaxas Comment on Twitter Using Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Criticize Black Lives Matter is Owned By Charles Marsh of the Project of Lived Theology at the University of Virginia

Recently on Twitter Eric Metaxas attempted to use Dietrich Bonhoeffer to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement. In response University of Virginia Religious Studies Professor Charles Marsh put Metaxas through a wood chipper. Its good to see disinformation confronted and challenged. This is yet another blog post with a long Twitter thread about the issues with Eric Metaxas.   Continue reading

The Underground Railroad is Active Again in the Old Dominion. This Time Its Saving African-Americans Trapped at Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University

Once romanticized in the South the Underground Railroad is now back in Virginia. The goal is not to save African-Americans from plantations, but instead to save them from Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University. This post is a brief history of the Underground Railroad and current efforts to help African-Americans escape Liberty University. Continue reading