Guest Post: Matt Boedy on Charlie Kirk Speaking at Wade Burleson’s Emmanuel Enid

Charlie Kirk who is linked to the late Falkirk Center at Liberty University is being hosted by Wade Burleson at Emmanuel Enid later this summer. Kirk usually makes an appearance art Calvary Chapels and Pentecostal churches but Burleson is turning his pulpit over to Christian Nationalism. This is a disturbing change and shows the problems and issues with Wade Burleson and Christian Nationalism.  Continue reading

Guest Post: Mark Driscoll is Allegedly Ranting About People Who Protest The Trinity Church. Dee Holmes Answers Driscoll Directly

Mark Driscoll behind the scenes became unglued over people protesting The Trinity Church. When I heard about that I reached out to Dee Holmes, who protests The Trinity Church and asked her if she wanted to write a post? Dee happily agreed and she wrote the following post down below which is directed toward Mark Driscoll.  Continue reading

Guest Post: Matt Boedy Refutes Christian Nationalist Jeff Dornik on Disinformation

Jeff Dornik is a fringe Christian nationalist who this blog has written about in the past. He recently tweeted a defense of disinformation and against crack downs on disinformation. Matt Boedy who fact checks Charlie Kirk wrote a response to Jeff Dornik and refuted what he said about disinformation. What Christian nationalists like Jeff Dornik are doing is out right dangerous.  Continue reading

Guest Post: Losing a Family Member to the Bethel Cult

This is a story about losing a family member to the Bethel Church cult in Redding, California. Its about someone who works in the medical profession who is skeptical about COVID because Bethel was first. This story in the view of this blog is about a strained relationship and how Bethel causes harm not only to the community of Redding but also to families as well. Continue reading

Ongoing Cult Like Behavior at Acts 29

A troubling story emerges from an undisclosed Acts 29 church in an urban Midwestern US city. When Denise got involved after dealing with a stalker the church acted very authoritarian even forcing her into a hospital. The Acts 29 church was so controlling that it prevented her from spending Thanksgiving with her family. Elder issues from an unnamed elder also became a factor as well. Some of the issues here are similar to what is happening in other Acts 29 churches in the United States. Continue reading

Another Warning About Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church in Cypress, Texas

In 2019 this blog published a warning about Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church when a person formerly involved shared her story. Another story comes forward from Lance Waldie’s church and reveals why another family rejected it and walked away. If there are other people who would like to tell their story with Lance Waldie’s church this blog will give them the platform to do so.  Continue reading