Senior Pastor Paul Van Noy of Candlelight Christian Fellowship in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Did Not Believe in Face Masks. He Then Contracted COVID-19 and Ended Up in the ICU

This is the story of Paul Van Noy and Candlelight Christian Fellowship. Its the story of a pastor who didn’t believe in face masks who then contracted COVID-19 and ended up in the ICU. While he was in the ICU he still called for his church to meet in person, and his wife shared Q Anon postings on Facebook during the medical crisis. Pastors like Paul Van Noy should be prosecuted in this blog’s opinion. And it begs the question who is the actual virus? Is it COVID-19 or is it places like Candlelight Christian Fellowship?  Continue reading

A Significant Number of Liberty University Students and Staff are in or Scheduled to Quarantine Due to COVID-19. Will Liberty be Transparent About COVID Data in 2020?

Liberty University launched a COVID-19 dashboard that revealed that over 1,000 students and staff are in or scheduled to quarantine due to the coronavirus. There are gaps and questions that remain however. For example what is the COVID-19 rates prior to this COVID dashboard? What are the COVID-19 infection numbers in the spring of 2020? If anyone has that information please contact this blog so it can be explored and analyzed.  Continue reading

Is an Internet Troll Farm in Phoenix, Arizona That Engages in Psychological Information Warfare Consistent With Liberty University’s Christian Values?

Turning Point Action had a controversial internet troll farm in Phoenix, Arizona that is designed to send out disinformation. Even while this action has been kicked off Facebook and Twitter Charlie Kirk has defended this as activism. What Kirk’s organization is actually doing is called psychological information warfare. Its similar to what foreign governments and militaries are doing in campaigns. What is of concern is that due to the Falkirk Center at Liberty Charlie Kirk has influence. To this disturbing story in the Washington Post Liberty University has remained silent about Charlie Kirks’ actions. This blog would like to ask Liberty a question. Is it the Gospel to engage in psychological operations like the Chinese military as part of the culture war? Is that what the Christian faith is about? Is that what Jesus preached in the Sermon of the Mount?  Continue reading

When Church is Dangerous to Your Health: Kevin Byrum’s Uplink in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin Discourages Face Masks During a Pandemic

Uplink was a break off of Wooded Hills Bible Church and planted in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin by Kevin Byrum. Kevin preaches at Uplink. In a recent social media posting Kevin stressed that face masks are not required and thus discourages them from being used. What do you do when church is hazardous to your health?  Or when it poses a threat to the community is serves? That is the subject of this post at The Wondering Eagle.  Continue reading

The Washington Post Tells the Story of the Graveson Family and How Two Teenagers Infected With COVID-19 End Up on Ventilators For a Month

The Washington Post told the story of the Graveson family in Alexandria, Virginia. While most of the family was not affected by COVID-19 it put two teenagers in the hospital for a month on a ventilator. This is a story about a family during a pandemic and the odds the family beat during a medical crisis.  Continue reading

Jakob Topper in Baptist News Global on the Challenges of Pastoring During a Pandemic and How Congregations Need to be Patient

A Baptist pastor in Oklahoma writes a level headed article about the stress pastors are under in leading a church in a pandemic. He also encourages congregations to be patient and understanding. This blog wants to add this recommended read to the collection of articles acquired about evangelicalism and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Continue reading

The EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City and Kansas Area Announce Financial Gifts to Other Ministries During the COVID-19 Pandemic. This Blog Would Like to Ask, What About Those Outside the Evangelical Church Walls?

Recently during the COVID-19 pandemic the EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City and Kansas area announced financial gifts that were being given to a number of ministries. While the giving is encouraging this blog would like to raise the question…what about to those suffering outside of evangelicalism? Is it possible for Christ Community Church to reach beyond the church walls? Continue reading

Outside Milwaukee Elmbrook School District Plans Re-Opening While Some White Evangelicals State that Face Masks Are Satanic. Will Face Masks be the Next Satanic Panic?

A school district in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin decides to re-open but mandates face masks. In a contentious public hearing a white evangelical stands up and proclaims how face masks and social distancing are from Satan. For white evangelicals are face masks going to be the next Satanic panic? This situation also comes as overwhelming majority in Wisconsin’s largest mega church are upset about mandatory face mask requirements.  Continue reading