Coleman Rafferty on Millennials and the Truth. This Blog Would Like to Point Out That in Evangelicalism, “It’s the Corruption, Stupid…”

At the website for EFCA East a former student from Messiah College, Coleman Rafferty writes about truth and the millennial generation. This post while older was retweeted by EFCA East a couple of days ago. This blog writes a response to Coleman on what he says about truth and looks at the issue of truth and evangelicalism. Continue reading

How Two Different EFCA Churches in the Washington, D.C. Area Have Responded to the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

This post is a look at how two different EFCA churches in the Washington, D.C. area are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. I selected one Arminian, Crossway Fellowship of Manassas and one Calvinist, Cornerstone Church in Annandale and look at how each is responding the ongoing pandemic. And once again, this blog also learns that writing about some of these churches are deeply intimate, as this blog learns that someone he knows from a previous evangelical church is in a leadership position. Continue reading

EFCA Pastors: If You Want to Write a High Impact Blog to Reach People You Should Consider Benjamin Vrbicek’s Fan and Flame as a Model. Here’s Why

This blog wants to ask the question what makes a high impact blog inside the EFCA? For pastors who want to set out and write a blog inside the EFCA, how should they do it? I’ve noticed this issue in seeing blogs start and then die. So this blog wanted to take a step back and as an independent observer write about what makes a solid blog. Benjamin Vrbicek who writes Fan and Flame pastors Community Evangelical Free Church Harrisburg. This blog wanted to do a post to show how meaningful and rich his blog is and what a gift it is to the larger EFCA. If you are a EFCA pastor and you want to write a blog that is solid, Benjamin’s blog is the model that you should study. Continue reading

Community Evangelical Free Church Harrisburg Lead Pastor Writes About COVID-19 and His Congregation at The Gospel Coalition

EFCA Pastor Benjamin Vrbicek from Community Evangelical Free Church Harrisburg in Pennsylvania composes a reflective post at The Gospel Coalition. Benjamin writes about the past year of COVID-19 on his congregation and laments the effects of the pandemic on his church. In the process re considers Job and how God is his abundance and how God is in the ashes. Continue reading