Some Thoughts on Paige Hilken, COVID-19 and Alternative Medicine

On Paige Hilken’s blog she wrote about her own COVID-19 diagnosis. In her post there was a lot of self diagnosis, leaning on YouTube videos and some alternative medicine. This is an issue that many evangelical’s struggle with as many eschew expertise. Its dangerous when people act like they know better than medical providers and doctors. Speaking of COVID-19 this blog has a question, was Paige Hilken vaccinated? Can someone answer that question below?  Continue reading

Is the Museum of the Bible Trafficking in Stolen and Fraudulent Antiquities ?

The Museum of the Bible is not far from the National Mall here in Washington, D.C. Its a museum created and mostly celebrated by American evangelicals. Yet the Museum of the Bible since opening in 2017 and even beforehand, has been drowning in scandal. The museum has obtained or acquired looted, illegal and often stolen artifacts either before it opened or afterward. The Museum of the Bible exists so Steve Green of Hobby Lobby can take a tax write off. When you think about it the United States government is paying Green to be corrupt. This is an overview of some of the scandal with defines the Museum of the Bible. Continue reading

To Contain the Pandemic This Blog is Advocating for Evangelicals to Show Proof of Vaccination Before Worship/Church Events. If Not Vaccinated They Should Produce a Negative COVID Test

It time to create vaccine passports that evangelicals need to produce if they want to attend worship or church functions. Its time for common sense, health and safety to take precedence so that the COVID-19 pandemic can be contained. Right now your ability to live is being infringed by those people, this blog will single out white evangelicals, who refuse to get vaccinated. Lets make this happen, and I hope this stirs up needed debate.  Continue reading

If You Call Yourself an Evangelical and You Won’t Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19; Don’t You Dare Tell Me You’re Pro-Life.

This post is a rant. Its a rant about white evangelicals who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19. I had to get this out of my system. Beware of bold thoughts, swear words and ranting about people who are dying who don’t have to die because of evangelical’s selfish behavior. If evangelicals are not going to get vaccinated I never want to hear them say they are Pro-Life again. Not when we have the worst medical crisis in over a century tearing apart communities. This is a post I needed to get off my chest. Continue reading

Adult XXX Actress Brandi Love is Thrown Out of Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA Event. Meanwhile Does Zondervan Publishers Have a Porn Fetish?

On Saturday July 17, 2021 a porn star was scheduled to attend a summit by Charlie Kirks’ Turning Point USA, in Tampa, Florida. Brandi Love who has written for The Federalist was scheduled to be involved as a VIP. It created a stir and she was kicked out. This is a post about her removal. One other point this blog wants to raise. Why is a powerhouse evangelical publisher following Brandi Love on Twitter? Is this more evangelical hypocrisy? Continue reading

Pastors James Varnell Cusick Jr and Casey Cusick. Preaching the Gospel, Saving the Lost and Allegedly Storming the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021

Two evangelical pastors, a father and son were allegedly involved in storming the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. This is the story of James Varnall Cusick Jr. and Casey Cusick of Global Outreach Ministries Church in Melbourne, Florida. Christian nationalism needs to be regarded as dangerous and in the view of this blog those who stormed the Capitol are no different than ISIL or Al Qaeda. The number of evangelicals who were into Christian nationalism who stormed the Capitol is profoundly disturbing. Continue reading

Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post Writes About Evangelicals and Authoritarianism

Recently in The Washington Post Jennifer Rubin wrote a solid column about white evangelical Christians. The op-ed asked why evangelicals were embracing more authoritarianism and thus rejecting democracy. Within the United States white evangelicals are a privileged culture. That is being lost as people walk away. Thus, many evangelicals are embracing authoritarians and their actions are affecting our society and culture.  Continue reading

When Evangelical Faith is About Fearing the Catholics

In a Michelle Goldberg column in the New York Times today there is a disturbing article about evangelicals practicing nihilism. Then in the comments an observation resonated with me. It is about how many white evangelicals had contempt and actually feared Catholics. They were a threat to the county, served a Pope and their patriotism was also called into question. In my lifetime I heard some stories and my Catholic family experienced this as well. For example my late father recalled living in North Carolina in the 1960’s and seeing how Baptists were grateful that John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Continue reading