Recommended Read Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic: The My Pillow Guy Really Could Destroy Democracy

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Evangelical Christianity is Plagued by Demagogues and for Many Evangelicals the Authoritarian Demagogue is Their Drug

Demagogues are often discussed in the context of political systems. This blog believes that the issue of the demagogue also fits in the evangelical Christian model. Mike Signer who has written about demagogues has said some aspects of demagogues that this article is drawing from. And when it comes to demagogues many evangelicals in the United States act like a moth to the light. Its their drug. Continue reading

The New York Times Writes About Evangelical Culture Warrior and Homeschooling Advocate Michael Farris and His Efforts to Overturn an Election for the First Time in United States History

The New York Times recently wrote about Michael Farris’ efforts to overturn the last Presidential election. The Christian nationalist known for his ties to the homeschooling community and the evangelical culture wars worked to over turn the election so that more judges can be appointed and gays and abortion can be fought. The New York Times obtained the information through record requests. This is a shocking read to process.
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A Leaked Report to MIT Technology Review Reveals That in 2019 Nearly All Top Christian Groups on Facebook Were Controlled by Troll Farms in Eastern Europe

An internal Facebook report is leaked to the MIT Technology Review. Its learned that almost all of the top Christian Facebook pages are run by troll farms in Eastern Europe. Evangelicals are being targeted by foreign powers. Its frightening because you think of how evangelicalism is an emotional theology system and along comes news that up to 75 million in the United States can be influenced by foreign troll farms. Continue reading

Some Musings About Evangelicals and Abortion in 2021 With the Texas Abortion Law Center Stage

With the new Texas abortion law this blog decided to do a post reflecting on the issue of abortion and the evangelical culture wars. What does abortion mean today? In the end this blog would contend that while some evangelicals think they have won the battle, instead they have lost the war. In the end what was aborted most wasn’t a fetus, but instead the evangelical church and successive generations who walked away because of their exhaustion from the endless culture wars. Continue reading

Washington Post Op-Ed by Dr. Alan Braid on Why He Violated Texas’ Strict Abortion Law is a Must Read

The other day in the Washington Post there was an op-ed from a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in Texas. In his article he addressed the new abortion law in Texas and why he has already violated it. It is a piece that has generated a lot of attention. This blog is going to work on a post about evangelicals and abortion shortly, but in the meantime I wanted to add this op-ed to the blog. Continue reading

David French Writes on the Harm Donald Trump Did to American Evangelicalism

Over the weekend David French released an essay that is garnering some attention. The article looks at the effect on Trumpism on American evangelicalism. While evangelicalism has grown in some ways the bigger question is what kind of evangelicalism? Is it an evangelicalism that would welcome the likes of Beth Moore and Russell Moore? This blog post is encouraging you to read David French’s article.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Liberty University Freshman Landon Nesbitt (On Rights, Responsibilities and Contempt for your Neighbor)

Landon Nesbitt organized a petition at Liberty University calling for in person classes, and rejection of all COVID-19 safety measures. This is an open letter to Landon on his efforts to challenge COVID-19 safety protocols. This letter while blunt is necessary given the threat that COVID-19 poses to Lynchburg and greater Virginia.  Continue reading

Wade Burleson and the Whoring of the Southern Baptist Pulpit

As Wade Burleson goes more and more off the deep end, this blog believes he is pivoting for a run for political office in Oklahoma. The pastor from Enid is showing us why the Southern Baptist Convention is deeply corrupt. And as he whores out the Baptist pulpit his behavior helps one understand why Jesus liked to hang out with prostitutes and not the religious. In the end a prostitute has far more character and integrity than Wade Burleson. Continue reading