Guest Post: Matt Boedy Refutes Christian Nationalist Jeff Dornik on Disinformation

Jeff Dornik is a fringe Christian nationalist who this blog has written about in the past. He recently tweeted a defense of disinformation and against crack downs on disinformation. Matt Boedy who fact checks Charlie Kirk wrote a response to Jeff Dornik and refuted what he said about disinformation. What Christian nationalists like Jeff Dornik are doing is out right dangerous.  Continue reading

Who Would Jesus Block? The Aggressive Behavior of Evangelist Tim Lee Leaves Me to Ask the Following Question. Who Would Tim Fear More? Save 71 or the Viet Cong?

Recently this blog learned is was blocked by Tim Lee who now chairs of the Board of Trustees of Liberty University. Tim has earned a nasty reputation of being an autocrat who has gone on campaigns to block Liberty students and alumni on social media. Liberty deeply digressed when he replaced Allen McFarland. This blog looks at Tim Lee and asks some questions about the evangelist and raises concerns about him.  Continue reading

#HoldTheLine Is Sean Feucht the Biggest Snowflake of Bethel Church? How the Ranter of Cancel Culture Blocked The Wondering Eagle on Twitter

This blog is effective. I get feedback all the time. Recently I learned how Bethel’s Sean Feucht reacted to me on Twitter and blocked me in an aggressive manner. Sean Feucht is now the official snowflake of Bethel Church. That narcissistic ego is so fragile it can’t handle a Franklin Graham meme. This blog finds it ironic that the person who rants about cancel culture online then tries to cancel others. Either way this blog is going to be writing about Bethel long term.  Continue reading

Recommended Read in The Boston Globe: A Baptist Pastor’s Battle to Get Evangelicals and Skeptics to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine in North Carolina

A disturbing article is published in The Boston Globe about a Baptist pastors’ struggles to get evangelicals to take the COVID-19 vaccine in a rural town in North Carolina. Will white evangelical’s deny the greater United States herd immunity and gift the country with a permanent forever pandemic?  Continue reading

Twitter Thread: Being Disappointed With Evangelical Christians in the Trump Era

Last night there was a Twitter thread that asked who disappointed you the most in the Trump era? While some people named specific politicians others talked about evangelicals they once knew, their pastor, people like Franklin Graham and Eric Metexas. For me the thread hit home in that as I feel devastated by how much was lost these past few years, many other people are also dealing with the same emotions. In the view of this blog American evangelicalism needs to disappear as if stands for nothing and has no character. Continue reading

Eric Metaxas Who is Supposed to Represent Intellectual Evangelicalism Has Gone Anti-Vax

Eric Metaxas has now gone anti-vax. On both Twitter and his radio show he has pushed conspiracy theories related to vaccines and COVID-19. This post looks at Eric Metaxas descent into becoming an anti-vax and finds it ironic that the Bonhoeffer author would most likely be challenged by Bonhoeffer himself. Bonhoeffer with how he viewed community and sacrifice would most likely encourage Christians to take the vaccine.  Its irresponsible for someone like Eric Metaxas to spread conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 vaccine. Continue reading

Christian Nationalism is Becoming a Barrier to Mass Vaccination Against COVID-19

This morning I read a column in the Religion News Service that looked at how Christian nationalism is becoming a greater barrier to mass vaccination against COVID-19. As a former evangelical it astounds me that so many can be ignorant or care less about their neighbor. Even more astounding for me is when I think of all the Bible studies I have done over the years and how ignorant white evangelicals are toward the God they claim to serve and follow.  Continue reading