An Explosive Politico Article Raises Questions About Financial and Other Misconduct at Liberty University. In Response Jerry Falwell Jr Attacks and Claims There is a Coup Against Him

Politico broke a groundbreaking article about Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty University. Politico raised the issue of financial misconduct and Liberty’s 501(c)(3) being violated. Jerry Falwell Jr is alleged to have used Liberty for his own personal financial benefit. Falwell also denied going to a Miami nightclub until a photographer released more pictures of Jerry Falwell Jr partying with his son. The leader of Liberty claimed that he was the subject of a coup and that he was bringing in the FBI to investigate. After Reuters published emails of Falwell mocking people Liberty students as led by Elizabeth Brooks organized a protest and are calling for an independent investigation into the schools finances.   Continue reading and What is Wrong with the Website? Plus When Catholic Fundamentalism is Similar to Evangelical Protestant Fundamentalism

Catholic fundamentalism is growing today because of the internet allowing radical fringe groups. The other day I learned of a far right Catholic website that allows people to report on church leadership while pushing for the Catholic culture wars, Biblical manhood, Latin mass, and denying communion to those who are divorced. This post looks at the this website and shows how Catholic fundamentalists are similar to evangelical Protestant fundamentalists.  Continue reading

Recommended Read: Michael Gerson in the Washington Post on Why White Evangelicals Should Panic

Michael Gerson wrote a column at the Washington Post the other day which created a lot of attention on social media. The post dealt with why white evangelicals should be afraid. Their embrace of politics and Trump has come with a large trade off: Many people in the 18 to 29 age bracket are rejecting evangelicalism and walking away. Continue reading

The Democratic Party Formally Acknowledges the Nones and is The Only Political Party in the United States to Do So

As the United States culture is shifting and the Democratic Party formally acknowledged the growth of the nones. Currently this is the only major political party in the country that has taken such action. As the culture becomes more secular the nones which stand at 23% will continue to grow. Where will the United States be in 2039? Continue reading

Mother Angelica, The Catholic Culture Wars as Waged by Traditionalists and an Expose by National Catholic Reporter on EWTN

The National Catholic Reporter did an expose on the large Catholic Network called EWTN. EWTN is a conservative Catholic network that was founded by Mother Angelica. She was inspired by Pat Robertson and wanted to create a Catholic version. After World Youth Day in Denver in the 1990’s she waged war on “liberals” and gave traditional Catholics who believe in the Latin Mass and who disagree with Vatican II a home to engage in the culture wars. EWTN has been involved in criticism of Pope Francis. There is criticism that EWTN is trying to become like Fox News especially as it has become more political.  Continue reading