The 104th Reconciliation with Dan Glenn, Andrew White’s Friend from Redeemer Arlington

In this post I explore the 104 reconciliation out of a list of 140 individuals. This is with a member from Redeemer Arlington. I recount a harsh conversation in a coffee shop, and my desire to seek forgiveness for being extremely difficult long after the fact. This was a reconciliation that helped bring about some peace, and it was one of the more amazing ones in the sense that I had no idea how to do this as I was managing a false accusation simultaneously. Continue reading

Why Do I Write The Wondering Eagle?

Today’s post is about why I am writing this blog. For those at Fairfax Community Church and others, this will explain what motivates me. I want to explain my reasoning and basis for writing these posts. I want you the reader, or the Pastor in the DC area to understand why I pour my time and heart into this project. My motivations are going to be laid out on the table and there should be no question as to why I am doing what I am doing. Continue reading