Why Are Evangelical Christians Terrible at Conflict Resolution? Thoughts about Redeemer Arlington and Fairfax Community Church

From Redeemer Arlington to Fairfax Community Church Eagle wants to know….why are evangelical churches horrific about conflict resolution? After all in the Sermon of the Mount didn’t Jesus say ‘blessed are the peacemakers?’ Why are the peacemakers absent in evangelical Christianity? Why do churches refuse to solve problems and let them linger and fester? The bulk of today’s post is aimed at Fairfax Community Church. Continue reading

Why Do I Write The Wondering Eagle?

Today’s post is about why I am writing this blog. For those at Fairfax Community Church and others, this will explain what motivates me. I want to explain my reasoning and basis for writing these posts. I want you the reader, or the Pastor in the DC area to understand why I pour my time and heart into this project. My motivations are going to be laid out on the table and there should be no question as to why I am doing what I am doing. Continue reading