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    • I’ve had some people in the past that know who I am. They recognized my comments and situations described on other blogs. I learned this while reconciling with people. I’ve given a lot of information for people to know me…especially with prior churchs and ministries listed.


      • I’ve read your vicious expose’ on what you “think you know is best”. Helen of Troy thought she was “right” but she destroyed many lives. Hiding behind a the screen of digital media to spread more gossip and perhaps lies is NOT the Way of The Master- Jesus Christ. God knows the truth and the answer is being in a right relationship with God and praying for believers and unbelievers, NOT spreading your “grinding ax” to others.

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      • Why thank you for the reply. I actually write this in my real name, and when I drove up to Elverson to meet with CEFC leaders they refused to talk (like Al Kimball did) and the others
        fled. Your IP address is from Phoenixville so I am guessing you are one of the family members of Stoltzfus or Estes clans. Truth is truth and that is just what it is.


  1. I find your comments on the sexual abuse issue a little odd… You happen to see a woman cussing and saying “they knew”, and you and your pastor come to the conclusion that it must be a family member of one of the victims. The incident happened three years or so years earlier and you determine that the church must be guilty of hiding something just by witnessing this? Who even knows who “they” is referring to. She could have found out her husband was having an affair or a boatload of other possible answers. You and your pastor are guilty of rushing to judge something you couldn’t know from that experience. It seems like you used it to put yourself in a story that you otherwise wouldn’t have any first-hand experience. Very negligent. I came upon your story when searching about sexual abuse in church. Your blog now has lost credibility as far as I’m concerned. There are all kinds of abuse…you are abusing the facts to create a better story…


    • Lisa, the sexual abuse scandal at Elmbrook Church in Milwaukee was known and huge. The number of people sexually assaulted was a lot. People in the Milwaukee church community felt it in nearby congregations. I did not know it happened because I moved to Milwaukee from California in 2000. The church I was a member of took in a couple of families from the incident.

      Other than that I forgive you for rushing to judgment about me. I was relaying an experience that is what I was doing. In regards to credibility its clear to me that you came here with an axe to grind. And for that claim as well I forgive you. You are free to comment as you wish I just ask that you do not go after anyone, and play nicely.


      • It seems to me that “not going after people” only applies to others going after the Eagle. You certainly have positioned yourself as the keeper of the moral code and not subject to the same criticism as those you attack. It also seems to me that you are guilty of the same rush to judgement that you accuse Lisa of but have benevolently forgiven her. How truly big of you. It is not about doing God’s work, or a man on a humble journey, it is about the Eagle making a name for himself.


  2. Hey Eagle… glad to hear about your journey back to the cross of Christ… I’m absolutely convinced, when the Church does the right thing, exposing evil/abuse (all kinds, including spiritual, and abuse of power) and bringing justice on behalf of those harmed, that many more who have walked away from their Christian faith will take another look at it… we, the Church have failed in so many ways and have far too often covered up by operating in damage control instead of doing the right thing…

    I pray, that the Church will do what is right on behalf of those who have been abused/harmed by the Church leadership! for His glory… I’m convinced that God intended for His Church to fight evil, and instead the Church has aided and abetted it in far too many ways. So together brother, we fight the enemy and his evil ways, and He asks us to start with His house… God wants us to do it, because it is eternal and meaningful, and He wired us for meaningful purpose! (and He will help us)

    I love the Warrior’s prayer…

    When it’s all said and done, and I’m standing before God, I want to be there bloodied and exhausted, worn from the fight, having given my all. I want to place at Christ’s feet a notched but still razor sharp sword, a battered shield with the Kingdom emblem faded and dull for years of use, a breastplate of righteousness scarred with deep marks from where the enemy’s attacks deflected, a shield of faith, black from the burn marks of the quenched fiery darts of the enemy, a helmet fitted snugly to keep out any doubts of salvation, any doubts that I am serving the Lord of lords, boots resoled many times with the message of peace, and a belt of truth that is as strong as when I received it. And I will turn in my battle armor for a crown of gold/beauty, and garments of praise, made with the fine linen, the righteous acts of His saints, linen worthy of His Bride, and a new name given to me by my King of kings! (author unknown)

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  3. Greetings Wondering Eagle,

    I applaud your efforts in seeking to give voice to those who have been disenfranchized (actually, worse, “abused” and “excommunicated”) by authoritarian leaders. Having spent a number of years in the Reformed Baptist world (Montville, NJ) and – after that – in other Presbyterian and Reformed circles, including the CREC (Douglas Wilson’s makeshift federation created in the 1990’s). I’ve come to see that not only are these abuse cases egregious examples of pastoral misconduct, but – in many cases – they are actually matters which grow directly out of the THEOLOGY ITSELF maintained in these settings.

    A recent example would be the cases of sexual abuse/statutory rape of a minor and pedophilia occurring at Doug Wilson’s “Christ Church” in Moscow, Idaho. In both instances, while the specific issue was not cover-up, what occurred involved the “leadership” of the church siding with abusers at the expense of both present and future victims. And of course, I commend your highlighting the grievous case of pastoral misconduct in the Elverson EV Free situation.

    Intrinsic to many of these sad cases are at least the following interrelated issues:

    1. Poor theology which conveys a distorted, authoritarian/controlling image of God (fatalistic, impersonalistic, more Zeus-like, than Christ-like, as it is only IN CHRIST that we see the true character of the Father, who dwells in an eternal communion of love and fellowship, with the Son, and the Spirit.

    2. Pastors/elders who reflect this in their own life and character, which is another way of saying, “men serving as elders who lack basic, elder maturity, and should therefore NOT be pastors/elders.

    3. The requiring of implicit faith or trust in the decision of elders, which conveys to congregants that they sustain a relationship to their elders similar to that of an infant or young child to his parents.

    4. Abuse – Abuse all around, faced by the most obvious victims, and then, on a corporate scale, as entire congregations (if they do not stand against it) become directly complicit in evil.

    5. Independency – No one is pastoring the pastors, who spuriously reason that “we are accountable to Christ, you are accountable to us.”

    Keep up the vital work you are doing brother.

    In Christ,


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  4. Eagle, I respect your openness to criticism and ability to accept correction. I enjoyed reading your articles and found your opinions and points of views interesting and well explained. Keep it up!

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  5. Hello, Wondering Eagle!

    Google led me to your blog while running this query “john+piper+donald+trump”. From what I gather, you aren’t a big fan of Piper. You wrote about drinking his Kool-aid. What I don’t understand is why you are SO angry at him? First and foremost, I truly apologize for my bluntness but political correctness isn’t one of my strong suits.

    I’ve been wondering how old you were when you decided to join (or follow) John Piper’s church or put him on a pedestal because this is what you did. You took a mere flawed human being just like the rest of us and decided to blindly believe everything he said without questioning it. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a critic of John Piper, actually I like the guy. However, having left the Roman Catholic church because of human interpretations or so-called truths imposed on believers as dogma, I must admit I’m very cautious when it comes to absorbing like a sponge everything a “man of God” would say.

    Regarding John Piper’s views about cancer (, I agree with your late mother: cancer (or any sickness) isn’t a gift. Sometimes, after going through a season of trials, we can reflect on what happened to us and if our faith has grown in the meantime, then say in hindsight that our ailment was a gift. However, very often, we aren’t gonna say that at the beginning of the painful journey and we might even never come to that conclusion. We don’t all go through life experiences in the same way and we are definitely not gonna draw the same spiritual conclusions from the (seemingly) same hardships.

    Regardless of the truth or baloney contained in John Piper’s spiritual reading of being diagnosed with cancer, I still don’t know why you seem still angry with him. When you’re Christian, you’re supposed to follow Jesus-Christ and HIS teachings, not anyone else: the Pope, Luther, Calvin, Apollon and so forth. Have you ever read somewhere in the Bible, Jesus or the Apostles telling people that getting sick was a gift from God? So, what exactly, AT THAT period of your life, prevented you from questioning the common sense or the biblical, theological or godly meaning of what you were taught? I’m really trying to understand.

    When I read your 2015 post about giving the pamphlet to your mother and your 2017 commentary of Piper’s text about Trump being unqualified, I just have the feeling that it’s easier for you to be mad at Piper than to be SOLELY mad at yourself. Piper never told you to give the pamphlet to your mother nor to put him on a pedestal. You almost picture him as this guru no one can resist to and you being indoctrinated in a cult. Seriously, what number did he run on your mind at a personal level? Was it all about being young and easily impressionable? Seriously, who said everything John Piper say or does should be treated as gospel?


  6. I wrote about my own experience with the EFCA here:

    And yes, our troubles began when Neo-Calvinism came to the church. I just looked at the website for the church now; it looks like the leadership has completely changed, and now it’s gone totally off the rails. They use terms like “Passover” instead of “Good Friday” and “Firstfruits” instead of “Easter” and have draconian rules for who can be married in the church.

    Meanwhile, another EFCA plant, years after this particular church had been planted, came into town and appears to be thriving. It also seems more “normal.”

    I’m so glad we got out of that church when we did.

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  7. I’ve not read everything, yet, but am wondering in your quest for seeking forgiveness , where are you? and have you forgiven ypurself, in other words, fully captured that Jesus took our guilt on the cross.


  8. I just read this comment you made on a post from earlier this year:

    “I have to be honest, in the course of time as I keep finding and dealing with corruption wherever I go in evangelicalism, the truth of the matter is that I will probably pass out of it and be a nothing or an atheist in the course of time.”

    Bear in mind 1 Peter 4:17 — “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”

    Don’t let the failings of the domestic church and its increasingly autocratic and unaccountable ways move you away from the faith. Look at the history in Scripture and see how men consistently serve personal agendas including accruing levels of power.

    I totally understand the frustration; look at the laments of the prophets to confirm there is nothing new under the sun. But take heart that God still hears and cares:

    Lamentations 3:21-24 — “This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.”


  9. I read the your comments, CT articles and Mr Muller’s article in the daily herald. I don’t live in Chicago but I have enjoyed pastor James’ radio program. It is and always will be one of my three favorite programs. I was not aware of any of the financial allegations against Harvest Bible Church and they are troublesome, HOWEVER I have YET to find a report that states that pastor James DEFINITELY and WITHOUT a shadow of a doubt actually said those despicable things. Since when is somebody declared guilty before he had a fair trial (I always thought you are innocent until you are PROVEN guilty). And since when do reporters ONLY report truth !!!
    And what happened to Romans chapter 13:

    Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

    This verse is not just for worldly rulers. Why is it so hard to let God sort it out in His timing.


  10. Regarding the Blairstown church article…if you wanted to visit the church, I think leaving people’s names and photos out of it would have been better? It’s like.. they sound like they were really welcoming. They trusted that you were there to join their worship, not to take pictures that would be published and write a public blog using their full names or snap a photo of them in worship. Even though nothing bad was said about them, their names are still in a story about a church with big problems. Just sayin….people should be free to worship without worrying that their photo or name could end up in a blog, or how many notes they were taking during church. Maybe they’ve been hurt too by the pastor and elders… and now they’re part of a blog with their pictures in it and nobody asked them if that was okay. whatever the problems are with the pastor and elders, the names of congregants and what they were doing during worship (and also the lack of coffee…that’s hardly part of a church’s leadership integrity)


  11. Hello Eagle, I don’t know if you are still looking for EFCA stories, but I am writing about Calvinism taking over our church recently, after we got a new dogmatic pastor. I write at and Look for the post “Letter to our elders regarding Calvinism growing in our church” and “Predestination Manipulation” to see the kinds of stuff this new pastor says. I would provide links, but can’t do it on my tablet. God bless!


    • No l am not Eddie Cole. I am an independent researcher who writes about atheism, doubt, Neo-Calvinism and the EFCA. You can email Eddie Cole at the Eastern District website. Thanks for the comment.


  12. you should check out the church behind regal cinema in sterling and articles in the loudoun times, washington post, and channel 9 news clip.


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